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'System.... can you at least tell me how that Ghostly Prince guy looks like?'

'Host, I cannot!..... So stop asking.'



Landon was thoroughly stumped with this stupid system.

He had just finished one of the side-missions (during Adrian)..... and soon the treaty signing one would also be completed as well.

Now that left him with the assimilation of Nopline's army, and that Ghostly prince one.


Every side mission was clear and straight to the point.... except the one about that Ghostly dude.

Like what's up with all the mystery?

He had no clue on how the guy actually looked like, as well as  no information on the dude at all?


Whether the dude was a peasant, a noble or a slave somewhere.....  how would he be able find him?

Oh God!!!... if he was a peasant, then Landon felt like he was doomed.

And that was because no one bothered to know about a peasant's last name.... so looking for him would be extremely hard to do.

Plus... do you know how many people actually live within the Pyno continent?

It was like finding a needle in a Haystack.


At least if it was a slave, Landon would have a higher chance finding him from doing all these missions.

As for Nobility..... sigh, Landon had paid for several teleportation trips to the Capital and 2 other major cities these past few nights.

And do you know what he found?

Absolutely nothing!

No one had heard of this Ghostly Prince guy.... Not even those from the Palace.

Landon felt like crying.


'Host should just give up on asking this system.

Like this system has said, the Ghostly prince will find you..... the system thinks.'

'You think?..... So what happens to me if you're wrong?'

'Then the host will die at the end, and this system will get a new host!'



As Landon thought about that Damn Ghostly prince, he quickly made his way towards one of the military's largest briefing halls.

Today, he was going to give them a detailed layout of their mission.


For these missions, since the men would be heading towards 5 different cities.... Landon had chosen all 3 of Major general's, alongside him and Captain Billy Vein to head these operations.

And each of them, will be leading teams of 800..... making a total of 4,003 soldiers leaving for this mission.

Of course Captian Trey was staying this time, as he would assist Lucius in protecting Baymard during their absence.


\"Are the men all seated?\"

\"Yes your majesty!\"

\"Good!... now, lead the way.\"

\"Yes your majesty!\"



As Landon walked into the room, and looked at the large crowd of people before him.

And immediately, the room which was previously filled with chatters, instantly quieted down.

And like in a flash, the soldiers quickly stood up from their seats and saluted Landon, Lucius, Captain Billy and the 3 Major Generals: Mark, Josh and Gary.


\"At ease soldiers!..... You may all sit.\"

'Bru! Bru! Bru!'

As the soldiers hurriedly sat, Landon swiftly wrote down a few things on the blackboard behind him.

The room was designed like a massive university hall.... so as to easily brief large crowds.


\"Today, we have gathered you all here for an important mission Briefing.

But before we continue this briefing, we'd like it if you all could sit according to your squads.

Before coming here, you all had been briefed on what teams you would be in.... so let's do it like so:

Codename Blue Eagle (team 1).....  you all should sit on the first column to my left.

Red Scorpio (team2), you all will sit on the next column.

White Fangs (team 3), Death Star (team 4) and Crimson Dragon (team 5)..... please sit on the next 3 columns in that same order.\"



5 minutes passed by, and once everyone was seated..... Landon, Lucius and the squad leaders, began calling out names and passing on envelopes that had information like maps, and so on.


Before this meeting, Landon had another private meeting with the men... and they had talked on strategy for close to 3 hours.

And in the end, they had come up with a plan that used ideas from all 3 Major Generals, Captain Billy, Lucius.... as well as Landon.


To put it simply, since Landon knew that he wouldn't be there with them, he had bought several well detailed maps from the system.

There were 5 maps in total, that looked at: the target city's entire layout, the training estates, the underground camps, the Coastal city maps... and even a general map from the coastal city to their designated cities.

Hence the men were well prepared and could easily make preparations for their movements.


Of course when they got there, they were to first scout the area and determine how many guards were there.... before they could make their move.

But irregardless, they had a general plan that would save both the slave knights at the training estates, and the women at the underground camp.

And if any plans needed to be tweaked, they would do so according to their leader's suggestion.


Right now, they had given them these things.... so that they could take study them before they left for their assignments.

Even back on earth, great military spies study their enemies for days.

Back in the days, British spies would study German activities for months before finally making their moves.

It was just essential for one to know how their enemy thought... as well as what roads to take and where all the enemy's camps were located.

Studying was a must!


But of course just before they left, the soldiers were to hand back most of the study materials given to them.... like the plan of action and so on.

That way if they ever got captured, their enemies wouldn't be able to know their plans..... unless they snitched.

Hence things like detailed documents on their individual assignments, needed to be left here in baymard.

And the only documents that they were allowed to take with them, were the maps.



Within each envelope.... each of you should have 8 documents within them.

▪5 Maps

▪A detailed description of the general mission.

What role you'll all play individually.... whether you'd be rescuing the slave knights or the women.

▪What specific roles you will play..... like guarding one of the entrances that leads to the women's underground camp.

▪And a detailed list of things that you all will have to look out for.

Please..... If you're missing any of the documents listed, then please notify us immediately.\"

As Landon spoke, the men quickly opened their envelopes to verify if everything was in order.... as they wanted to be fully prepared before they departed.


\"Now, if you all look at your maps... you'll quickly realise that some of the cities you're heading to, all share the same Coastal cities.

So..... Blue Eagle! Red Scorpio!

You both would sail together towards the first Coastal city.

As for the White Fangs and squad Death Star.... you both will sail alongside each other towards the second Coastal city.

And of course, the Crimson Dragons will head on towards the third Coastal city.\"


Landon briefed the men on the mission for an entire 1 and a half hour... as they also spoke about what they should do if they got caught, how they could leave trails, signals and modern messages for their comrades to find them and so on.


Before you all leave, I want everything except for the maps returned back.

You can do this by giving these items back to Army General Lucius' secretary.

And anyone who fails to do so, will not be permitted to leave Baymard.

The Dateline for returning these documents is on Thursday the 16th at 4.PM.\"



In essence, when the men gave back those documents.... their names would be ticked off a certain list.

And just before boarding for the trip, there would be roll call using only the list of names that had been ticked off.

In this way, only those who obeyed the rules would leave for the mission.


As the men listened on attentively, as they quickly scribbled down the dateline, so as to avoid any mistakes.

\"Now, some of you might be out for 3 to 4 months... so each team will be given a hefty sum, depending on how long your trip will be.

This money will cover your feeding and all other expenditures as well.... this also includes the purchase of extra ships.

Any questions?\"



The men asked questions for an hour more.... and finally the meeting was finally over.

\"Alright men, spend these last few days saying goodbye to your loved ones.

Because 4 days from now, we'll be setting sail!!\"


One should know that missions were truly unpredictable.

What if some of them died there?

It was better to say goodbye to their new family members, new loved ones, children, girlfriends and so on... before they embarked in on this dangerous trip.

The same could be said for Landon.

He had to spend time with Lucy, his mom and everyone else before leaving Baymard for the next month or so.

Plus.... how could he miss Baymard's first car show?