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 --The Capital, Arcadina--


\"So you are sure that he's dead?\"



Alec sat on his throne, and looked at his knights inquisitively.

Was Shannon really dead?

(*Shannon: Dude, can you let my name rest in peace already?)


Alec looked at his knights, as if scanning them for any signs lying.

He had sent these knight Captains with Marder, during the last week of August last year.

And from their report, they had arrived sometime in December.... stayed there till March of this year, and had left immediately after.

And now, they had just arrived during August again.

So in essence, they had stayed out for an entire year for this mission.


But what surprised Alec, was that Shannon was truly dead!

So he had just been paranoid over nothing?


'_' everyone within the room.


Just like the laughter of a mad crazed lunatic, Alex's loud voice filled the room.....  as he joyfully slapped his thighs in sheer delight.

He laughed and shook..... like how power ranger Megazords shook, when they were finally combined together.

It was ridiculous!


Alec felt relived and refreshed, as he had heard that his long time nemesis was finally dead.

But later on, that joy slowly turned to confusion, anxiousness and rage... as he began to analyze the matter deeply.



If it wasn't Shannon, then which trickster had fooled him into believing that Shannon had killed his eldest daughter?

Shannon's shoulders shook from rage, as he struggled to calm himself down.

Just who was it?


Previously, he had thought his enemy was Shannon... but now finding out that there was an unknown enemy in the mix, his heart couldn't help but jump a little.

From experience, facing the unknown was always scarier.... as the enemy would know everything about him, but he would remain clueless about them.

How frustrating!


His mind kept spinning, as he tried to think of all the powerful men within the empire.

But sadly, he couldn't come up with anyone who would have the guys to go against him.

For all he knew, it could be someone from another empire as well.

Sigh..... Forget it.

There was no use thinking of it now.


\"What about the boy?\"

\"Your majesty, from our observation..... he wouldn't be any threat to you in the future.

The boy seems to lack courage... because no matter how we pushed him, he would always remain meek and docile.\"

\"Yes your majesty... He's as weak as a newborn lamb, that can't stand the weight of its own wool.\"


Alec listened and nodded, as he fell deep in thought.

Unlike his knights, he had another perspective to the matter.

And that was TIME.


The only reason why a Marder didn't stand up for himself, was because he was buying more time for himself.

The current Marder was weak, and needed more forces.

Hence he could only act humble for now.

But Alec wasn't a fool.

Wasn't that how Shannon acted as well?

Always sucking up to him here and there, as if he cared.


Truly, a snake could only spawn from another snake.


He decided to put Marder at the back of his mind for now.

After all, what could a wee little lad do to him?

Rather than thinking about the good-for-nothing, it was better to think about other important matters..... like his throne.


This morning, he was reminded by his council, that he had selected today to discuss the matter of stepping down from his throne.


Well... 3 years ago, he was supposed to pass the throne to Eli.

But every year, he ended up pushing his abdication date to the following year.

In short, he didn't want to leave his throne anytime soon.... as he liked having all the power.

Hence he planned to leave the throne when Eli turned 35 or something.


Right now, Eli had just turned 20 this year.

So in 15 more years, he'd be willing to give everything up.

And fortunately for him, Eli had thoroughly understood him and supported him all the way.

So Alex didn't feel guilty about keeping the throne to himself at all.


Anyway, he couldn't host push the date to 15 years later.... as that would make people look down on Eli instead.

Hence he had pushed his abdication date to 2 years later.

And when the time came for him to abdicate, he would do the same thing over and over again.


Anyway, right now.... he had to arrange a formal ceremony (again), and tell his people about his decision.

In short, with how many times that Alex had pushed the date back.... the people weren't shocked anymore.

In their eyes, this king of theirs truly loved power.


Alex smirked in glee, as he thought about how he would be ruling for several more years to come.

He looked around his massive throne room and began to massage the golden arms of this seat.

'Hahahaha..... it's all mine.

Arcadina is all mine...

And anyone who wants it, will have to take it over my dead body!!'



--Lipo City, Arcadina--


Connor was currently within his second base... which was 2 cities, 4 towns and 1 village away from where he had been held hostage by Mr. Death.

Right now, he had had to make his plans A.S.A.P.


He had lost too many men during those 'games'... and this had definitely lowered his chances of securing the throne.

Hence he had to live big moves swiftly.


\"O'Brain... I need you to get out there and recruit more men!!

And if not many want to sign up, then kidnap them!

And if it still isn't enough, take their families hostages as well.

We don't have much cash on us right now to buy thousands of slave boys... so kidnapping would be the best way to go.

And remember, your deadline is December of this year

Dont disappoint me!\"

\"Your highness.....Consider it done your!!!\"



As Connor watched O'Brain leave, he too couldn't help grinning widely.

Soon, he would be take his rightful place as king.

And no one, not even Eli.... would be able to stop him.

This time, he would get an army of 20,000... before he could make his move again.

'Just you wait brother!

Soon, I'll make you kneel before me!!!'


--Unknown Road, Arcadina--


Unlike his other brothers who had several bases... James just had one, and that was his official base.

Hence he was still stuck travelling on the road, ever since Mr. Death had freed him.


As he thought about how all the men that he had lost... he couldn't help but cry a little.

Because year again, unlike his brothers who had been hiring more knights in secret... he only had his official 10,000 knights that were given to Jim by his father.

And now, 3000 were dead.

What should he do?

If his father ever found out... he would probably deemed him unworthy of being king.

Thsk was bad!!


James pondered for a while, as he continued his journey on horseback.

And after a few more minutes, his eyes instantly lit up!

What if he got his uncle form his mother's side to give him all his knights in secret.

After all, he was a prince.

So shouldn't lowly nobles show him face by giving him their knights?

And if he could even get more than he desired... then wouldn't he be stronger than his other brothers as well?


As James continued to daydream about the number of knights he would receive..... his mind began to slowly linger on the throne.

Hehehe.... with so many knights, how could he not be king?

Even though his brothers usually called him stupid, wasn't he smart now?



Soon, I'll make you all regret looking down on me!!

'Soon... I'll show you who's boss!'