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 \"Based on your analogy.... What do you think was the reason for why I decided to use that new Scanning Machine on the patient.\"



Yes... Landon had developed a medical scanning machine ever since he had arrived in June.

And the reason was simple!


When he had first received all 10 surgical procedures as his reward from the system's last mission..... he had realized that these surgeries all treated Internal injuries.

Now one should know that because his first 5 surgical rewards were external.... the staff could easily identify and treat their patients.

Like sewing wounds and so on.

But these ones were all internal.


Would he have to open up every patient during checkup just to know if they needed these surgeries or not?

He'd be like yeah:

[let me cut you up, and check if you have Appendicitis or not.

And if you don't have it in the end, then l'll sew you up neatly okay?]

Yeah... No!

That would just be too ridiculous.


As for those previous examinations.... Apart from the kidney and urinary tract, those tests only indicated possible infections within the body.

But they couldn't pinpoint the infection's exact position.


It could be the beasts, arms or even the spleen..... the doctors wouldn't be able to tell from those tests.... as sometimes, some injuries were well hidden under tissue fibres, muscle and so on.

So all the test would show, was that:

[Yes, Mr. X has an severe infection somewhere around a particular region within his body.]

But within that region, where exactly was the problem coming from?


Again... the there were all sort of tests carried out which could also prove that the patients condition is severe.... but to realize all this early... one needed better technology.

Take for example:

Before those medical technology machines came out back in the days.... One would never truly know if they had a brain tumor, until had had grown quite a bit.

And at that stage, it could be critical 4 the patient's health.


But with modern machines, one coud even see several week old cancerous cell... and get rid of it A.S.A.P.

One should know that patients can live for 20 to 30 years without knowing that they have cancer.... depending on the type of cancer.

But if they had gone for checkup regularly, the doctor would've probably seen it in its early stage.


For Landon, when dealing with anyone's life, forget about how expensive the machines were... or how doctors did things before technology came about.

It was best to prevent the worst, so as to save the future.

Should he wait until the tumor grows before saving the patient?


That's why these CT scans were essential.


Of course like how it was done on earth... only if the tests indicated that one needed a CT scan, would they get one done.

CT scans had X-ray systems on them.... so they couldn't just go about X-raying everyone here and there.

Usually doctors stay if examinations show that the patient needed one.... as well as if the patient couldn't walk, has swelling that can't reduce after ordinary treatment and so on.


Ordinary X-ray devices could only show bone, but when combined with with a medical scanning system.... it could show bones, as well as soft tissues and organs too.

Hence CT scanners were definitely the better option here.


[**P.S, explaining it  in detail within the next 8 paragraphs.... for all those readers who often complain when I leave out info.

If you want to continue to story, without seeing the creation of CT scanners, then jump to the 9th paragraph after this

Sigh..... Can't please everyone.]



Now, on the matter of these CT scanners.... Landon liked to think of them as Scanners that are attached to an X-ray machine, which could also print as well.

Hence, they had a few computerized functions too.

But unlike a 'School Calculator' that could compute several things at once..... these machines would just have very few main settings.

In short, they had almost the same settings as the photocopying machine that he had previously made.


And again, making the X-ray machine part was pretty easy as well.

It all worked on the function of light emission and electricity.

One needed a cathode, tungsten anode, filter, motor, light source and a special oil.

In essence, the science behind it was the change of an ordinary light source to an X-ray beam down the spectrum.

And if one looked very fatally... the entire thing had to do with electrons.



Anyway, at the start of the procedure.... the patient would be asked to drink a special edible non-poisonous dye.

This dye would basically block any x-ray radiations from penetrating one's bones.

And of course after drinking... the patient would lie down on a conveyor belt that was attached to the CT machine.


Of course from there, the conveyor belt would move forward.....  as it passes the patient through a tunnel-like hole on the CT scanning machine.

And as they pass through the hole.....  the machine would shoot out several narrow X-ray beams at once.

These beams would rotate around the patient in different angles, until the entire procedure ended.


Also, as the cray beams pass through the patient, the X-ray detectors directly opposite the X-ray source....  pick up and transmit these signals to the medical computerized scanners, kinda like radio wave frequencies.

Well, Landon had modified the scanner to handle imaging.


One should know that back on earth, computers would be in charge of converting signals to images.

So to adapt this sphere, Landon had tweaked some things here and there, and made a 'medical scanner for dummies' kind of system here.

Like he had said, it worked like a regular photocopying machine.


All the doctor had to do, was press the ON button, OFF button, choose scanning between any resolution (which was between 0.5-0.62 mm), print images... as well as punch in the number of printed copies he/she wanted.

No more, no less.


And since the CT scans also had X-ray machines embedded within them..... Landon had also decided to create separate X-ray machines that would just look at fractured bones and so on.

He had no choice!

For completing this mission and healing all internal injuries, that was the only way those were the only ways to go.



3:27 P.M


Adrian felt very funny while wearing this blue patient gown.

Firstly, he was a man.... and wearing a gown had never ever crossed his mind, not even once.

But yet, here he was....  butt naked wearing one.

And what was up with the back?

Why was it so exposed?

Its style of clothing was definitely weird.


But apart from the awkwardness of the matter... he was also somewhat pleased that he could finally cure himself for good.

No one knew better, of all the pains that he had experienced these past few years.

At first... it started with very mild pains around his belly button.

Then as the years progressed, that pain transferred towards his lower belly.


And on top of that, he had also lost appetite... as well as had numerous sleepless nights due to his high fevers.

As a royal, he couldn't show fear or any sign of weakness.... so the only people who knew of these things, were his sons.

But now, he could finally treat himself.


\"Mr. Adrian.... please lie on this bed, and we'll take you to the operating theater immediately.\" Said one of the nurses, who swiftly rushed over to help Adrian onto the bed.

Adrian layed down and listened to the nurses around him, who were currently seeing to all his needs.

And as he was rolled away on the magnificent rolling bed that seemed to be pushing him towards an unknown location..... he couldn't help but wonder why other healing homes couldn't be like this.

This was the height of customer service!



The doors were burst open, and in came Adrain.

He looked around the white walled theater... and immediately spotted 2 doctors and 4 nurses within the room.

They were all covered up from head to toe in their medical attires.... and when they began to speak, Adrian couldn't help but look up.

\"Brat!.. is that you?\"



After talking for a minute with Landon, Adrian's heart finally went to rest.

One had to know that deep down, he was still very nervous and scared as well.

This was his first time going through surgery.... so he was a little bit assured by seeing Landon here.

And just like that, the surgery finally commenced.


They put several tubes around his face, and very soon... he became very sleepy.

But the surprising thing was that when he had woken up, they had told him that the surgery was over.


Didn't he just close his eyes for 5 minutes at most?

what the hell did they mean by it was over?

Where was the jaw clenching pain?

He almost didn't believe it for a moment.


But when he felt a light pain from struggling to up, he slowly lowered his head..... and his mind completely went in disarray.

How did they manage to cut him open without him feeling a thing?

This didn't make any sense!



The system's robotic voice rang out.

'Side-mission 2 completed!

Would you like to receive your rewards now?'



A few seconds later, Landon began looking at his stats.

With this mission done, he could finally leave Baymard.


Now, it was time for Action!


But of course, Landon wasn't the only one preparing for action.


--WhiteWood City, Arcadina--



The sounds of whip lashes could be heard violently hitting against its victims body.

'Whish! Whish! Whish!'


The screams of a man who was half beaten to death, whisperily resonated throughout a tiny dark room..... as his frail voice carried a hint of helplessness.



Cough cough... Don't kill me... i'll confess.\" The man said in a whispery tone, as he looked at the men around him.

The leader looked at the man, as if he were looking at a fool.... and commanded for his men to keep torturing him to day break.



A few hours later, the leader went to his chambers, followed by his trusted knight.

\"Your highness, do you think the rat will come?\"