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 \"Well since you're already busy, I won't take too much of your time.

Take a look at these... I need you to select some of the construction workers, to start building 2 new industries.\" Landon said, while passing on his architectural design plans to Tim.

Tim quickly took them, and read the names of each project.

•Project 1: Diaper & Sanitation Pad Manufacturing industry

•Oil Making Industry.

Yup!..... Landon wanted to make these ones as soon as possible.


At first, he had thoroughly forgotten about the first one... but after he accidentally saw Lucy's 'stains', he couldn't help but put this on the list.

No matter how technologically advanced they were... women would always need Sanitation pads, and babies would always need diapers.

In Landon's mind, these projects must be completed before the end of the year.


In this era.... women just used torn rags as pads, and would wash them up later or throw away.

The problem with those... was that they didn't absorb much, so women still ended up leaking very frequently.

Again, some would also cut the hair of animals like sheep... and stiff down there for better absorption.

But the problem was that it would always leave their Privates itchy.... and sometimes infected.


Again, one other reason why Landon had decided to make sanitary pads..... was because he had also gotten a very funny report from the hospital.

They had reported that several people had come to the hospital saying that they were sick..... just because they had started seeing their period every month.


One had to know that in ancient times, women saw their period once or twice a year... and also reached menopause around the ages of 25-30 (that's why they married early).

But the reasons for all of this, were just too many.

Firstly, they were too stressed.


Stress was a big one.

Even back on earth, some students or over working women.... would miss their 'periods' for a month or 2, just because of exams or project deadlines.

Now imagine these women who were constantly stressed till they died.

It was even a miracle that they even saw them periods at all.


And on top of that, their nutrition was trash.... and they worked like slaves and robots.

One should know that poor nutrition and too much hard work, meant that these women had extremely low body fat.

But that was the problem.

Women needed a certain amount of body fat to keep their reproductive system healthy... as well as slow down Menopause.


Back on earth, only girls with severe eating disorders .... coud ever suffer from such.

And that percentage was less that 1%, but here... almost every woman had this problem.

Even noble women were stressed.

You think scheming, plotting and so on was easy to do?

All of them suffered in their own little way.


When looking at everything..... it was no wonder that the women here would freak out about seeing their periods more than once or twice a year.

But this also showed that they had been eating better... and were less stressed compared to their previous state.

For the human body, even if it has suffered from deficiency for several years... that did not matter, it would still heal up fast regardless.


For example.... Just because one had a tumor for 3 years, doesn't mean that treatment had to take 3 years to do.

Likewise, even though these women had suffered for years... within this period of his reign, their cheeks had become more fuller and rosier, when compared to their previous skeleton zombie-like appearances.


At that time, their jaws, arms and bodies were so skinny and malnourished.... that Landon had sometimes felt like if he made them work for more than 3 hours a day, their bones would instantly snap into half.

But now, they looked like the regular people that Landon was used to seeing back on earth.


Their bodies had taken up enough nutrients, their stress levels had gone down drastically... and now, their Periods had come more frequently.

Even the nurses were shocked with their own bodies as well... as some of them had also thought that they too had reached menopause.


And that wasn't all!

Some women between the ages of 33 to 36..... had also become pregnant, and had called it a 'Baymard Miracle'.

They went to the church and sang their praises there in joy.... as they cried while holding their babies.

Landon didn't know whether to laugh or cry at their proclamations.

It was indeed a 'miracle'.


Bottom line... because of all this, Landon had no choice but to make sanitation pads A.S.A.P.

As for Diapers, babies here were just tied with cloth.

And how effective was this?

Ermm.... if you pee on yourself, will it still leak out?


So Diapers were also a must.


Well, that was it for the Diaper & Sanitation pad Manufacturing Industry.

As for the Oil Making industry.... there wasn't really much to elaborate on.


Oils already existed in Baymard... as he had requested for them to be made before his last mission.

They were used by the spas, and some of them were also sold at the stores as well.

Baymard had only produced 6 different body oils.... 2 were spa ones, and 4 were body lotions for men, women, children, and babies.


Right now, all Landon wanted.... was for an industry to be built for them, so that they could move out of the Alchemy industry as well.

And when looking at the construction time frame..... Landon expected the first industry to be done around November, and for this oil one to be done in October.


\"Your majesty, consider it done!

I will select at least 2 thousand workers, to start contrsuction on both industries promptly. \" Tim assured, as he escorted Landon out of the premises.

\"Hmhm.... That'll be for the best.\"


After finishing up with Tim.... Landon looked at his time and finally decided to head towards the hospital.

It was time to treat Adrian.