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 Landon looked at his watch and realized that he had time before Adrian's operation.

His appointment was at 4 P.M.... but it was currently just 11:15 A.M.

Well, that was good... he had planned to meet the government officials sometime within this week.

So he might as well do it now.


\"Nicolas..... how are the stats looking?\" Landon asked, while looking through the report before him.

\"Your majesty.... As of July 31st, 1025... Baymard's overall population was calculated to be 97, 863.

And of course, we had also taken into account the newly born babies within the month... and the few elderly deaths as well.\" Nicolas said excitedly.


Ever since he had been using this chart system, everything else seemed to be fairly easy to talk about.

He had never used this Pie-chart or Table-thing... as he was used to writing everything in paragraphs.

But his majesty hated that.

His majesty just wanted tables or pie-charts for numbers.... as well as straight to the point bullet points besides them.


Of course, he still needed to write detailed reports and properly store them away as well.

But when presenting to his majesty, it was all done in simple formats... As he found that he could easily remember and see which areas needed more attention, if they were on charts or tables, rather than paragraphs.

Be it how much food Baymard consumed, or how much supplies they needed.... everything was just simple to see in Chart form, and even in table form.


Looking at the total population, Landon was thoroughly pleased with the analysis.

One had to know that from May of last year to July of this year.... Landon had been bringing in at least 5000 slaves into Baymard monthly.

And even when he went out for this mission, he had still managed to bring over 17000 people back with him.

Coupled with the growing Birth-rate in Baymard, the population had quickly skyrocketed from its measly 1,500.

Now, they were a massive 97, 000.


But of course, like most cities that had large land spaces that could host over millions.... like Tokyo or Toronto, Baymard had the same capability as well.

In essence, thousands of years from now...  Baymard could also make room for more than 7 million people as well.

So this 97,000 was still nothing to the city's housing capacity.


Landon stayed for a while and spoke about more policies with Nicolas.... as well as what he wanted improved during his upcoming absence.

And an hour later, he decided to head towards the Lower Region.

He had a lot of plans to put in motion... so time was of the essence.


The Construction Industry!

Stepping into the industry, Landon couldn't help but smile a little.

70% of the buildings had been renovated, while the rest were still currently under renovation.

Those buildings had pipe water supply, heating, lighting, and sewage functions... and most of their building structures had also been changed as well.

In short, it was truly an upgrade..... when comparing it to those 'good old days'.


\"Welcome your majesty!\" Tim said while rushing towards Landon.

In truth, he had been aiding the construction workers to work on the other buildings that needed renovating.... so he had seen Landon come in a while ago.

So he quickly hot out of one of the heavy machines, washed up his hands, and ran towards Landon.


\"Ahh!... Tim, just the guy I was looking for!

Hehehe... I remember that renovations on your office building was just completed a few days ago.

So how's the change?\"

\"Ehh?.... your majesty, you still need to ask?

Of course it was great!

Best feeling ever!!\" Tim exclaimed happily.


One said know that even though he had previously had those essential utilities at home.... he still spent half of his day at work.

So when the place wasn't renovated yet ..... he had always felt like crying.

As even taking a dump was a problem with no indoor plumbing.

And in truth, his thinking had already begun to change.


After living for more than 7 months within a modern house, how could one get used to shitting in buckets again?

He felt it very weird to do.... and a little awkward.

But before, he wouldn't have minded to even do his business in front if everyone... as peasants generally didn't have a choice of these matters.

For them, plumbing was a distant dream.

Which meant that there was no runningwater, and no way to flush any poop away.


One should know that even in noble estates, as well as the palace..... there was no such thing as privacy.... except to the king or patriarch.

Apart from shitting in buckets and passing them along to the butlers... the royal also made several shit holes as well.

You know, just in case your bucket was full and you needed to go right now.

Bottom line, privacy wasn't really a thing.


Anyway, these shit holes were just benches with holes on them.

So one bench could have up to 12 holes on them.

The place was open to both male and female.... so when you do your business, you might be sitting close by to another woman or man... who's producing weird sounds from their ass as well.


These holes all lead to several buckets and basins within the shit rooms, where servants would go in and empty later.

They just had to pray that no one's poop would drop on them when they were taking out the load.

And worse, if someone accidentally dropped their keys within the hole.... the servants below would have to swim in shit just to get them.


Of course since most places had noble, peasant and slave benches.... everyone was used to doing their business in front of the world.

But now that Tim had started doing his business in private..... how could he feel comfortable pooping in front of others?

It was just weird okay!!!

Just thinking about how he had shown his ass here and there in the past, he couldn't help but blush a little from embarrassment.

Especially when he remembered that some of the women had seen it.

Ugh... kill him now!!!


Both men walked and talked, as they made their way towards Tim's office.