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 Only a day had passed since Santa's dramatic exit from Baymard.

The dude was crying and waving a blue handkerchief towards them, as he set sail into open waters.

What a strange guy!


Today, Landon had decided to start prepping for his missions A.S.A.P.

First, he wanted to see Lucius and plan out his attacks on those camps.

And after that, he had a hospital appointment with Adrian.... he had to treat Adrian's Appendicitis.


Landon quickly made his way towards the Police headquarters, and into Lucius' office.

Yes.. Lucius was also the Chief-of-Police of the whole station, so one could imagine how busy the dude was.

After speaking for a while, Lucius had gotten the full gist about these missions.


\"Hm... I think it's a good idea.

It'll be good for giving the men more field experience.

And if we do succeed, then we'll be able to add our military forces by a massive fold.\" Lucius said, while looking at all the maps.

From how detailed they were, he could see that the training estates were all in the same cities as the underground slave camps.

This was perfect!


In truth, Landon had planned to stop taking in more slaves.

But since these training camps were literally within the same cities as the slave camps..... Landon felt like it would be cruel to leave those slaves behind.

And from his last mission, he had gotten to know that most of these slaves... as well as trained knight slaves, had their families within both camps.

So in the end, he was sure that he would have to rescue them either way.


Well.... with more slaves, there would be more labourers to work at all the upcoming projects that he had in mind.

Some jobs needed him to hire jundreds of people on the spot, and almost everyone in Baymard had fixed jobs..... except for the graduates.

So more man power would always be a beneficial.


For example, if he wanted to start running an amusement park from scratch.... Hands down, he would need to hire at least 800 people on the spot for both working shifts.

They would be needed to check all the equipments daily and hourly, run the park and so on.

So where was he supposed to get so many at once, when most people already had fixed jobs?

New industrial ideas require a lot of people.


These were Baymards early development stages... hence they needed all the help that they could get.

And with more treaties signed.... that would mean that more empires, countries and continents would want their goods.

So in essence, Baymard would be supplying worldwide at a fast rate.

Hence labourers would always be needed.


But even if the entire world balanced off technologically, Jobs would always be created... as new ideas from youths and so on, would be invented as well.

So for the matter of taking in new slaves..... Landon was going to say Hell Yeah to that.


As for Lucius, his mind was literally glued at the possibility of doubling Baymard's protective forces.

One had to know that even if graduates apply.... it wouldn't really add up when compared with the number gotten from missions.

For example, by the end of last semester...  only 112 graduates applied to join the army.

But when Landon came back from those missions... he had brought back more than 7000 potential soldiers with him.

Forget it!

This mission was definitely an opportunity to strengthen the army, police force, security guards, Marines, Coast guards and all other forces.

So of course it was a great idea.


\"From the overall map, even though there are 5 camps residing within Arcadina.... we can easily reach them through these 3 Coastal cities here.\" Landon said, while drawing circles onto the map.

As they conversed, they began assessing their all regions around each camp.


Looking at the map.... one could see that these camps had been strategically positioned like tuning forks.

Picturing a tuning fork..... the handle end is were the coastal shores are... and each shore leads to 2 camps.

Well, from the first coastal city, one would ride on horseback for 2 and a half weeks before choosing to continue on straight (right path)..... or choosing the left road path.


If one continued on the right path, after 3 more cities and 2 towns... they would finally reach the city with the first training estate within it.

But if they choose to follow the left road, then they would also pass 4 more cities, 1 town and 1 village... before they could reach the second training camp.

And all this was if they got off at the 1st Coastal city that Landon had selected.


From the map, the 1st Coastal city and 2nd city selected... all led to the training camps in the same manner.

Hence these 2 Coastal cities would definitely lead them to 4 of the camps.

As for the last one, it was just direct... with no form of disguise to it.


\"What do you think?\"

\"Hmm... .. compared to the other Coastal cities around Arcadina's shores, those ones are indeed the closest to our targets.

So what's the plan from there?

Will you do these operations together?.... or will you all split up?\" Lucius asked curiously, as he continued to observe the map.

Looking at it clearly, going together in a group could take more than 7 months to complete these missions all together.

So splitting up would be best.


\"We'll split up!

And since there are 5 Camps, there would also be 5 main leaders as well.

So for this mission, my team and I will conquer 1 camp... and the soldiers will handle the rest.

Now.... 2 Coastal cities have 4 camps, so well send the men out in pairs.\"

\"I see where you're going with this.

This way... they could help each other if need be.\"


Since they're paired, 2 teams and sail together towards one Coastal city.

From there, they would follow the trail of the fork om the road..... and later, one team would split to the left, and the other to the right.

And even if one team finishes their mission early.... they still had to wait on their ships for the other team no matter what.\"

\"Ahhh..... that way, if they waited for too long, they could simply scout the region to find out what was going on.

And if rescue was needed, then they would know how to proceed from there.\"

\"That's the plan.\"

\"Ohhhh?... and I'm guessing you'll be heading towards the last Coastal city right?\"

\"Yup!... after all, it's the closest to Baymard's shores, and I need to be here before Santa gets back.\" Landon said.


In essence, it would take a month for the men to sail towards the 1st Coastal region around Baymard's shores.... which was basically Arcadina's Northern Zone.

Arcadina was 3 times larger than Carona... so of course, just moving across it took a massive amount of time.

Looking at the 2nd camp which was located at the within Arcadina's North-Western territory... it would take the men 3 weeks to sail there.

And for the 3rd camp which was actually within the Arcadina's Western perimeter..... one could literally reach there in a week's time from Baymard's shores.

Hence Landon had chosen to deal with this 3rd camp.


With how much time it took for one to arrive at these camps.... it was obviously better for them to split up and do the work more effectively.

For example looking at the 1st camp... one would have to sail for a month, ride on horseback for 2 and a half weeks... attack, conquer, and then head back towards Baymard.

Bottom line, one would spend at least 3 months out there if they wanted to head on towards the 1st Coastal shores.


One had to know that Landon also had to conquer the camps within the empires as well.

So if he was to personally do everything himself... time would definitely run out for him.

After all, the system had given him a deadline..... and failure to do so would lead to his death.


As for the ships that they would use for these missions..... it would be those same ones that they had used to head back to Baymard from their last mission.

Also those crewmen who come with them, had been training Baymard's sailors on how to use these old fashioned boats.

Hence Landon didn't really have to worry about anything at the moment, since for this trip... he would be taking those crewmen, as well as the newly trained ones.


\"The question now is, when are you leaving?\"

\"I think a week from now will do.\"

\"Hmmm... not bad, you need to prepare for this one.

After all, some of the men would be away for 3 months.

But not to worry... I'll have everything prepared immediately.\"


They spoke for a while more, before finally concluding everything for this upcoming mission.

\"Brat! ... I'm busy now so run along.\" Lucius teased.

\"Old man, who the hell wanted to stay here with you?

I'll have you know that I have a very important appointment to catch.\"

\"Hmmm?.... where?\"

\"At the hospital.\"