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 \"So none of you are willing to go back with me?\"


3 days had gone by just like that..... and today, Santa was finally leaving Baymard.

But since he would be coming again once Penelope signed the treaty.... everyone chose to go later on, and not right now.

And since they were allowed to work, they immediately started thinking of going job hunting and so on.

Sure, they were royals..... but ever since they had stepped in here, they had seen other royals worke as well.

Mother Kim was a teacher, and even king Landon worked at the hospital and every other place one could imagine.


Yesterday when they looked at the newspaper, they saw several job ads in them.

One should know that at the end of every semester, students graduated and started looking for jobs.

Hence there were always people trying to get into the job market.


Even those who were on holidays still needed summer jobs... hence the newspapers were always filled with several jobs offered daily.

Of course, some jobs like junior electricians..... or any job that was deeply rooted with Baymard's secrets, were completely unavailable to Non-Baymardians.

On the newspapers, it would say things like: 'Must be a citizen of Baymard'... And so on.


Yesterday, they had spent their entire time preparing for some job interviews.

They had read articles on the newspaper about prepping for jobs... as well as what they should bring to these interviews.

The whole thing seemed so fascinating.... especially to the women.

One had to know that all they did all day.....  was sit at home, make sure that the maids had prepared their husband and children's meals, run the household, and so on.

They actually never touched anything, so this was a whole new experience for them.


As for the men, they couldn't leave as well.... as 4 days from now, they would begin a test trial on how Baymard was going to train their knights.

They would train until Santa came back.

And apart from that, they were also allowed to take up part time jobs if they wanted to.

Staying in Baymard for months, would definitely run their money dry.... whether they were nobles or not.

Hence getting a job was definitely for the best.


In respect to the children, they were all starting school in 2 days time.... so of course they would stay as well.

Yes.... Duchess Mina and Duke Samula had decided to allow their children stay in Baymard and study for both semesters.

And in summer, they would come back to Carona as well.

One had to look at the bigger picture here.

If they could get educated, then when they graduated.... they could help in making changes within Carona.

After all, like Landon had said: the future were the youths.


And so as to keep their sons sword fighting skills intact..... they had decided to leave 4 of their most trusted guards with them while they stayed.

One had to know that knight pages trained almost everyday..... hence they needed the guards to keep their sons on their toes.

At least once a day, ther sons should practice fiercely for an entire hour.... or more.


As for their daughters, they were more than pleased to elevate them... as they felt like the courses offered here, were way better than what was offered at Carona.

So far, their daughters had taken etiquette classes, Poetry, reading and writing classes.... as well as simple math classes (addition & subtraction)

But when they saw Linda and all the other children here.... they were completely stunned by how intellectually smart they all were.


Anyway... Today was August 10th, and school had already resumed on the 3rd of the month.

But even still, Landon had assured them that it wasn't too late for the children to join in the semester.

Presently, they had all signed up for:

•Math 1: Addition & subtraction

•Math 2 : Division & Multiplication

•Pyron 1: Nouns, adjectives, Reading, writing...etc


Of course those were just their main courses.... as they had other courses like Arts & Craft, History, Poetry, Gym, and so on.

So one could say that these children would have their hands full for the rest of the semester.

Bottom line, Santa was leaving with half of the royal guards..... and neveryone else was staying here until the treaty was brought back.


Looking at the goods that he had stocked up on his ship, Santa couldn't help but smile a bit.

For this first round, he had only chosen things that were a necessity for his people.

Things like Mattresses, beddings, books, pens, winter jackets, .... and so on, were his first line of action.


Before leaving, he had spoken to Landon about the price.

Landon wanted these items to be accessible to even peasants, so there was no way that he would allow anyone to sell them at a ridiculously price.

Hence he came up with a price range for various areas..... based on the exportation tax fees and so on.

For example, if 12 pencils cost 3 Copper coins.... then Carona could sell it between 3-8 Copper coins per pack.


Landon had added shipping rate, exportation tax, middleman fees and so on... to the that initial price.

But since Santa would usually buy in bulk/wholesale... the price should automatically become cheaper, when compared to shipping individually.

At the end, he had cost down on a lot of fees.

Time passed by swiftly.... and once everything was finally packed, Santa came back to say goodbye to everyone.


\"Woo... Bro, they're so mean.

Can't they at least pretend to miss me a little?\" Santa said while hugging Landon and pouting like a little kid.

Landon shook his head and smiled awkwardly.

This guy was truly shameless!

Everyone felt a headache coming along, as they looked at the giant sized child before them.

The children smacked their hands at their foreheads, as they too felt like this guy way too childish..... even for them.

And they should know, they were the ones who were kids.


\"Ermmm...Uncle, you know we'll miss you right?

So stop crying.\" Replied one of the children.

\"Yeah uncle.... we'll miss you for sure.\"

\"Uncle, haven't I told you that you're the best in the whole wide Hertfilia?\"

The children tried to coax this baby-like uncle of theirs until they saw signs of his 'mood' cheering up.


Santa raised his head and looked at them sadly, with a poppy dog look on his face.

\"Really?..... You'll miss me?\" Santa asked pitifully.

\"For sure uncle.\" They replied.

\"Okay... since you'll all miss me too much, then come back with me.\"


\"Uncle.... please get on the ship!\"

\"Farewell uncle!\"