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It was a fine day!

The air was warm, and the sky was blue.

It was the perfect beach weather, as it signified summer's vibrant splendour.

Today, Baymard seemed to be in a complete uproar.

The streets had been filled with people running up and down in a frenzy.... as they tried to get to the nearest stores.

O.M.G... It was launching today!


The people quickly stormed the stores, as they were hurrying to get these goods before they finally sold out.

Indeed, this wild crowd had a mind of its own.

Like swarming bees..... the people hustled and bustled, as they bumped into each other here and there.

Some accidently stepped on others toes, while others had been lined outside stores for several minutes now.

And what did they want to get?

What was so damn important for them to run around like mad people?

One word.... 'Radios'.


Well... radio communicative devices already existed in Baymard.

But they were only used by the Baymard's security forces.

Hence civilians didn't have access to them.

Radio frequency gadgets like Walkie-Talkies were already used by the army, police, security guards, and so on.

As well as Radio communications within official cars like police cars.

Bottom line, only protective forces used them.

But today, Baymard was officially launching its first Radio which would have channels and stations on them.


Now... ever since Landon had come back from that mission in June, he had been training some of the slaves to be on-air radio personals.

They had been training for 2 months now, and Landon felt like they were now truly ready.

One shouldn't forget that the Radio station and towers had already been constructed way back.

In fact, Landon would've launched these radios in spring.

But with the mission at hand, he chose to launch it today.


As for the radio stations, for now.... there would only be 5 stations, which offered numerous talks on them.

And since Baymard had the same first letter as 'Britain'.... then instead of British Broadcasting Corporation, Landon had switched it to Baymardian Broadcasting Corporation.

In short, it was still the 'BBC'.

Did he steal it from earth?... Yup!!

Was he sorry about doing so?..... Nope!!

It was too iconic, and quite frankly... very easy going on the eyes, or should he say tongue.


As for these stations, their names were like so.

1) BBC Radio 1 (88-91 FM):

▪Local News

▪International News (provided by Landon or spies)

* Of course that also includes war, policies, territories that signed treaties with Baymard, rules and so on.

2) BBC Radio 2 (90-93 FM):


▪Adult-oriented topics, with podcasts on love, Valentine's day, happiness and so on.

3) BBC Radio 3 (91-99 FM):

▪Everything Beauty, from how to take care of skin, teeth and so on... (of course, this station would definitely become popular with the ladies.)

▪Medical Health & Safety, and podcasts from some doctors that educate people on what they're doing wrong and so on.


4) BBC Radio 4 (92-95 FM):

▪Businesses, like Job opportunities, important concerts available, news on when public attractions like the Zoo get competed... and so on.

*important newspaper info would also be added to these segments.

5) BBC Station 5 (97-99 FM):

▪Historical, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Comedic Children's story times.

*here, children could listen to new stories anytime of the day.

Anyway, these were Baymard's current stations.


And within each individual station, certain time frames would be dedicated for each segment.

Take for example BBC Radio 5, which had 5 children's genres in total.


•Comedic stories~ from  9 - 9:45 A.M

•Dramatical stories~ 10 - 10:45 A.M

•Historical stories~ 11-11:45 A.M

•Sci-Fi or Sciencey ~ 1-1:45 P.M

•Fantasy stories~ 2 - 2:45 P.M


And since these stations would close by 9 P.M, then the exact stories would be repeated on that same order from 3 to 8:45 P.M.

One should know that Baymard didn't have any recording or playback devices right now.

Hence they had no choice but to repeat again the same things again and again.

In doing so, those children who missed it due to school and so on... could listen to them again later in the day.

The same went for the workers who would miss news, sports and so on.

In short, these Radio Stations had to cater for everyone's needs.


Within the busy stores..... the people squeezed and pushed their way in, as if they were in some sort of fight club.

And in a blink of an eye, these Radios had almost sold out.

Right now, in one of the stores.... only 4 Radios remained.


'Dun! Dun! Dun!'

All the customers who had just managed to get in.... quickly made their way towards the shelves.

As soon as they neared the shelves, their eyes immediately turned into predator mode.

The scene immediately turned into a battlefield for them.


One of the customers ran as fast as he could, but when he was closing in on  the shelf... someone literally dived on top of him, pushed him down, and rolled away.


He looked up and realised that it was a woman.

She was definitely cheating!

She looked back at him, and smirked....as if saying: Who told you not to use these moves?

Unfortunately for her, in that split second when she looked back.... someone else ran with a cart, and literally hit her from her side with it, accidentally allowing her to fall into the cart.


From there, the man pushed the cart towards the crowd behind him... as if trying to buy himself more time.

The woman glared at him hatefully.

'Can't you see that I'm a woman?\"

'Woman Shwomam.... this is equality!!'



Very different from the chaotic scenes within the stores.... those who had just gotten their own Radios, where excitedly listening to the news in amazement.

Santa and his gang were amongst them as well.

One had to know that they had gone undercover in disguise just to get their own as well.

And just from this experience, they had soon realized that they weren't above battling for them as well.


They had done all sorts of crazy stunts, just to get their Radios as well.

Was it crawling on the floors?.... they had done that!

Jumping over people?... Uhhhhh do you still need to ask?


At first they wanted to be civilized... but when they saw how crazy the crowd was, they quickly threw those idiotic thoughts out of the way.

F*** it!!

It was now or never!

They entered the jungle, and managed to come out victorious... with little claw marks here and there of course.


After reading the instructions that came with the Radio..... Carmelo plugged in the radio, and quickly pressed the tiny red dot on the device.

\"Wait!.... turn it to FM 88-91.... I think that's the BBC Station 1!\" Adrian said excitedly.

Carmelo turned the large extended disc on the device.... until he got to the first station.

And very quickly, they could hear someone's voice coming from the device.


\"In other local news, Baymard's first Car show would take place 5 days from now.

We have all been taking our driving exams since last year.... and now, everyone would get the chance to own their own cars.

As for what this car show is?

Well...  you'll just have to see won't you.

I'm Karen Wimblow... and this is the BBC Radio station 1.

Well take a short 15 minutes break now... and when we resume, we'll talk about the latest political development in Arcadina... as well as that from the empire of Terique.

So stay tuned with us, because later on... we will be looking at International news.\"


As they listened on, everyone's eyes almost dropped out of their sockets.

\"This is amazing!\"

\"Just how does that brat keep doing it?\"

\"Mummy, mummy, is there a person inside this tiny metal Radio?\"

\"I... I don't know.....\"



After a while, they switched to other stations, and were thoroughly drawn in... by what they were hearing.

The women wanted to know how to prevent wrinkles.... but the men wanted to either switch back to sports, business or news.

As for the children, they had gotten a glimpse of these stories... and had wanted to keep the channel there.

Looking at the radio, they couldn't help but feel like crying.

They had fought their way in, and had only managed to get one radio.

Now everyone was fighting for it.

The only question they had rightnow, was when the next set of radios would be placed back in stores.


\"Are you looking to die?... Keep it at station 3!\"

\"Let me die.... . we'll leave it at station 2!!\"

\"Pui!... what do you all know?.... it'll stay at station 1, didn't you hear that international news would soon start?\"

\"And so what?... I want to know about my beauty regimen.\"

\"Station 5...\"

\"Station 4...\"



And just like that, Radio madness had quickly swept over the entire Baymard like a storm.

Ah!... technology.