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 'Host, you have 3 new missions.'


Landon was surprised.

He wasn't even done with this one yet..... but this slave running system still gave him more tasks to do heartlessly.

I mean.... was this how systems usually operated?

Why did it feel like his own system hated him to the core?

Other system's would remind their hosts about their pending tasks, and look out for them.

But nooooo!!..... his own system would look down from the heavens and chew popcorn, while watching his life like a movie.


His system could go into silent mode for several months.... and only ever spoke to him when he needed something, or if there was a new task at hand.

For example, if only 5 days were left before a task needed to be completed.... and Landon hadn't done so, the system wouldn't even bother to remind him at all.

After all, it wasn't the system's soul that would be obliterated... so why should it worry about him?

Landon felt like calling customer service everytime he was faced with the system's spicy attitude.

Who knows..... maybe after going through 200 or more worlds together, their relationship would finally improve?


Very quickly, Landon went to check out these so could be missions.


>Side-Mission 2:

Task: Assimilate at least 60% of Nopline's forces, into the host's own forces.

Rewards: 250 Bonus Points, 1200 Technology Points, and 650 Development Points.

Deadline: 18 months (1 year and 6 months)

>Side-Mission 3:

Task: Use your new medical and surgical rewards, to treat King Adrian's Appendicitis.

Rewards: 80 BP, 300 TP, and 190 DP.

Deadline: August 25th (7 days from now)

>Side-Mission 4:

Task: Help the Ghostly Prince Become King of Arcadina.... and sign a treaty with him.

Rewards: 130 BP, 800 TP, and 350 DP

Deadline: 3 years



Landon looked at these side-missions..... and instantly, his mind went to work.

Treating Adrain was something he could definitely..... but assimilating  60% of Nopline's army was a little too much.

Sigh.... what choice did he have?

'System... aren't you going to give me any information on where his Warrior slaves, troops and other soldiers are?'

'If host wants them, then host will have to buy it from the system.

The system is only here to tell you what your mission is, and nothing else.'


Landon felt like crying.

He knew it!!... this system was too black bellied.

For sure, it wanted him to buy maps and info from it.

Forget it... he might as well give up on asking for customer service.

He had a grumpy system, and that was that.


After buying several maps from the system, he realised that Nopline had: 9 bases in Terique, 5 in Arcadina, 7 in Deiferus, 4 in Yodan, & 3 in Carona.

Of course those training estates in Carona were non-existent.... as Landon had taken the warriors there, as well as destroyed the estate itself.

Apart from that, Landon had also bought maps that showed underground slave camps all over the Pyno continent.

This kind of mission.... was the system trying to kill him?


Looking at the maps, he decided that now would be the best time to strike.

Thinking about it now... even if Santa took goods back, it would be a while before news left Carona and traveled to the ends of the Pyno continent.

Information could took months and months to properly circulate around, before getting to the ears of most powerful people.

Like Landon had said, even if it reached the shores, travelling to the Capital city was a different matter on it's own.

So right now, no one really knew about them.


And even if they found out about Baymard's growth, they still wouldn't know about its military prowess yet.

Hence with all these analyses, striking earlier was the best mode of action.

Well he could only strike Arcadina for the time being..... as he had to wait for the treaty to be brought back first.

So he couldn't afford to go too far from Baymard for the time being.


For these missions, Landon had decided that most of the traveling would be done by ship.

Looking at the estates scattered around Arcadina.... Landon had realized that Nopline had placed his camps within cities that weren't too far from the ocean.

This was probably so that if he needed backup, they could quickly get on ships and come to his aid.

Don't get it twisted, some of these cities would take one 2 weeks to a month from their base to the shores.

But it was still close, compared to placing them in regions that required one to travel for 3 to 4 months before reaching the shores.

Also, traveling by ship was for sure the best... as traveling by horse towards some of these destinations, would take Landon 6 to 7 months to do.

Hence it was better to sail around the perimeter of Arcadina, and drop off at the nearest Coastal city.


Landon sighed and massaged his temples.

It looked like I'll have to set sail again soon.

But his mind couldn't help but wonder about his final side mission.

The system had asked him to help someone sit on the throne... as well as sign a treaty with him.

But in all honesty, Landon had no idea who the guy was.

After searching through his memory, he still had no clue about the guy.

Who the hell was this Ghostly Prince dude?

'System, can you give me his whereabouts?'

'Host shouldn't worry, as the threads of fate have woven both of you together.

He will find you on his own host.'



Landon looked up towards the ceiling, and felt like strangling the system.

What bullshit strings of fate?

Why make his work harder?

He had no picture or memory of this dude, supposed to know when the time came?

Tsk... he couldn't wait to reach the level where he would be able to know more and see these so called Gods.

By then..... he would take a Heavenly chain saw, and run it through their bodies..

Strings of fate my Ass!!!


--Secret Base, somewhere around the North-Western part of Arcadina--


The night sky was filled with stars, that shone as bright as a diamond... and glistening brightly, across the sky's dark canvas.

It came alive, as the sparkly dots twinkled shyly... as they stared back at Hertfilia.

Standing on a balcony, was a lone man... who seemed deep in thought.

He had been moving from one base to another, while carrying out numerous missions within Arcadina.

'Tap! Tap! Tap!'

Very quickly, he could hear footsteps making his way towards him.

\"Young Master.... I just received some interesting news from our men at Riverdale city.

It seems that during the month of May, something strange occurred within the western region.\" A 30 something year old knight said.


\"Young master.... it concerns one of your cousins.

It's about the famous bastard, Landon Barn.\"