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 \"Hahahaha!!!..... Good! Good! Good!

Kid, you're really the best!!\" Carmelo said, while patting Landon's shoulders happily.

Carmelo was in such a good mood, that even if someone punched him for no reason.... he was sure that he would turn the other cheek at them.

Why didn't the heaven's allow Landon to be born sooner?

Bloody Hell!!

If he met Landon when he was in his teens, do you know how much they would've changed by now?

He could only curse his luck, for being born too early.

Truly, life wasn't fair at all.


Landon looked at Carmelo helplessly.

\"Isn't it too early to get excited?

I've told you that only when Queen Penelope signs as well.... will this transaction be officially completed.

And besides.....What if she doesn't agree to these conditions?\"


How could she not agree?

A Hangol can only give birth to a Hangol..... so we definitely think alike.\"



Presently, the treaty was placed in ring binders.... because one person's signature was still needed.

But when Penelope added her own, Landon would join all the single pages from the ring binders.... and create a book with them.

For documents as important as this, it was important for it to be properly binded... with hard book covers, and so on.

In fact, it had to be binded like how parliament books, and even Vatican bibles were created.

But he couldn't do this yet, until all signatures were present.


The system had required for both Santa and Penelope to sign this treaty

Hence he needed her signature God Dammit!!

How the system knew that Santa had gotten together with Penelope, was beyond his imagination.

Was this what it meant to be all powerful beings?

Did they also watch santa as well?

Anyway for the signature part, he wasn't worried at all..... as he had learnt that Santa alone, would be leaving in 3 days time.

Penelope had given Santa a time frame to be back, so he had to leave A.S.A.P

Hence he would send the treaty to Penelope using santa.


\"Kid, Leaving that matter alone... are you sure that Baymard can operate a transport route for the citizens of Carona?

It would be great if it could happen... but wouldn't that be too much for you all to handle?\" Baron Hamilton asked curiously.

This feat alone would be difficult for Carona to do.... so Hamilton was somewhat inquisitive, about how Landon would magically accomplish such a task.

Landon smiled and shook his head.

\"Really, it's nothing at all... our ships would be ready by next year's winter season.

So we'll officially start during spring.... specifically May.\" Landon replied.


In truth, it was the system that had placed it in the treaty, so Landon had no choice but to go along with it too.

In essence..... the system wanted him to form a Water Transport Route, from Baymard to Carona.

For this, Landon already had a well detailed plan in mind.

Firstly, he needed at least 8 transport ships to be built before spring next year.

Of course construction of such ship types were already in progress... and would definitely be done before then.


Anyway, as for ship schedules..... Landon had to adjust them according to the ships.

Now, one had to know that ships in this era....  had hundreds of people below deck, who were constantly rowing their lives away all through their journey.

Of course sometimes, if the currents were pushing the ships towards their ddstination... then they would stop rowing, and the Captains would continue to stir the ships instead.

Typically..... using these ships, took the passengers a month's time to travel from Baymard to Carona.

But now, things were a little bit different.


Back in the days, sailing across the Atlantic, could take sailors... at least 9 months to a year to accomplish.

But with the invention of motorized engines, people could sail in cruises... as well as transport bananas and other food items, within 3 weeks to 2 month's time.

Now picture that for a place that only needed a month journey by using old fashioned sailing ships.


Again, one could cruise from Hamburg (Germany) to New york within 15 days.

But old sailing ships could've done that in 6-7 month's time.

Hence for a place that only needed one to sail for a month... Landon had estimated that at most 2 days would do for the schedule.

In truth, with motorized engines.... they could arrive within a day's time.

But Landon added another day, just in case any foreseen incidents occurred.


For the schedules... Landon had decided that ships would arrive in Carona, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

And on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.... the ships would leave instead.

Of course the vice versa of these schedules, would be planned for Baymard as well.

These 8 ships would be going back and forth on the water route.... hence they needed protection of their own.

That's why they would have guards on them... as well as missile and Cannon launching systems on them.


So for how the citizens could register for these trips from Carona..... Landon had planned to let Santa set up an office there.

Of course, he had decided to use only one coastal shore within Carona.

And that was the one that had one of Santa's largest estates on it.

If anybody wanted to ride on these cruisers, then they would have to come to that Coastal city and do so.

There, they could register or book their Sleeping Cabinets for their journey.

To make bookings easier on the staff, Landon would give a layout of these sleeping cabinets.... ranging from economy to first class..

In this way, the workers would know whether sleeping cabinets were available or not at all times.

All in all, next year May.... the Baymard-Carona Transport System would be officially open for business.



I truly want to see if a ship could actually travel that distance in such a short period of time.

Kid.... book the first ticket for me when the time comes.\" Baron Hamilton said excitedly.

\"Me too!\" Santa added.

As a merchant, how could he not want such a ship?

But he knew that this brother of his wouldn't bulge anytime soon.

So he could only cry out silently, and try the ship out for himself when the time came.


\"Brat..... I'm more interested in this 'United Nations' thing.

So you're saying that we will join in after the treaty gets signed?\" Adrian asked.

\"Yup!... that's how it'll be.

For now, it's just Baymard and Carona.... but in future, I plan to unite the entire Pyno continent as well.\"

Within the treaty, they had also spoken about forming a U.N here in Hertfilia.

And yes... it would have the same format as the one back on earth.


It would have a board, with parliament members and so on.

It would exist to aid other nations in times of need.... like an outbreak of plagues, national disasters and so on.

As well as aid empires who were struggling to rise as well.

Of course, this board could never be used for stealing people's territories, taking slaves and so on.

It was here for peace and unity.... as well as to fight corruption and things that stood against human rights.


\"Kid, not bad!\"

\"Bro, I like the way you think!\"

\"Brat!..... can't you be more like him?\" Baron Hamilton said, while playfully hitting Santa's head.


As they conversed, the system's notification immediately rang out in Landon's mind.

'Host, you have 3 new missions.'