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 Apart from training knights from Carona..... there were also several other benefits as well.

For one, Carona citizens could get Visas ranging from 6 - 8 months time.... while regular people could only stay a maximum of 3 months instead.

And if they were the royals of Carona, then of course..... their time frames would be extended as well.

The royals could get 1.5 to 2 years time on their Visas when coming to Baymard.


Typically when the visitors came, they were given 'Visa I.Ds'..... that were enclosed in plastic coverings, just like regular I.D cards.

The idea was that once they got into Baymard.... they were expected to go to the 'Baymard PASSPORT' office at District C.

The office would measure their height, write down their eye, body, and hair colors.... as well as take note of any distinctive marks around their faces and so on.

Of course since people grew regularly, rather than focusing on things lime height... those at the Ports would look at their eye colors, hair color, facial marks and so on.


Without the internet or cameras, Landon had to think of a way to make the staff verify the identities of those who had passports.

What if someone killed the owners of those passports and tried to get in using them?

Security was very essential, hence they had to take down all distinctive features about these people.

Right now, only few people knew how to sketch professionally in Baymard.

And quite frankly, it would be nearly impossible for them to sketch hundreds and thousands of people quickly.

So picture sketching was definitely out of the question.


And In addition to taking down any distinctive features, the people would be asked to create a 5 letter/number code as well.

Usually, when one opens a passport..... the left page of the passport is empty, and the right page generally has the photo and Visa details.

For Baymard's passports, these codes would be on the left hand page....and the other Visa identification details like name and expiration date, would be on the right.


Anyway, for security purposes..... this code would be printed on the passport using 'INVISIBLE Ink'.

So when the visitors arrived at Baymard, during Check-in..... they just had to give the code to the staff there, and he/she would use a  'U.V light torch' to check if it was correct.

And apart from this code.... there would be 5 other questions written in invisible ink as well.

Those questions would be placed directly under the code.

These questions were very common ones back one earth:

[What's your mother's maiden name]

[Where did you live when you were 10]


In short for identification purposes, personal questions like the ones above.... would be asked during every single visitor Check-in.

Even if they had once once stayed at Baymard months ago.... if they were going in for the second time, they would be asked regardless.

Also..... out of all 5 questions written on the passport, those at the Ports only had to randomly ask 2 of them.

That was all.


Anyway, when the visitors came to make their passports and their code had been jotted down... they had to pick out 5 questions out of 200 existing questions, and give answers to them as well.

And once everything was noted down, the workers would write out their information on a form... and send it to the printing industry.

There, their passport booklets would be completed and sent back to the office between 4-8 days max.

The orders were first, come first serve.... no matter who had applied.

Of course before every visitor leaves the office....  they would be told to come back 10 days later, to pick up their new passport booklets.

As well as return the tiny Visa I.D card that was given to them at the ports.


For passport covers:

•Baymardians had 'RED' colored passport covers.

•Those from treaty-signed empires had 'BLUE' covers.

•& the rest just had 'GREEN' passport covers as well.

•As for the royals from both Baymard and all Treaty-signed nations... their own passport covers would be 'GOLD'.

Yes... Baymardians had to have passports if they were going out.

Like Landon had said, what if they were killed, and someone was trying to impersonate them here?

Though they had their I.D cards, those ones didn't go into detail like the passports.

Hence, they had to get it no matter what.


At any rate, with all these details and checks... Landon was hoping that no one would be able to sneak into Baymard so easily.

Also, with these passports, the workers could also see how many times a person had applied or requested for a Visa here.

The passports would have 30 pages in total, hence it would last them for a while before they had to get completely new passports.

The only thing that would change, would be the amount of Visas found within the passports.

So when next they came, they wouldn't need to pay the fees for creating passports.... just that for adding the visas onto their passports.

The price for that was like 15 Bays, so it wasn't really that expensive to do.


Now apart from the whole Visa thing... Baymard had also agreed to keep all dangerous prisoners from Carona, within their maximum security prison at district B.

District B had all protection academies like the military and police academy within Baymard.

So for sure, this prison would be guarded heavily 24 hours every single day.

Of course, the prison was very far from the main highways... and was a little bit hidden from the public's eyes.


Anyway, it's been almost half a year since construction for several prisons had begun.

There were 2 types:

•Ordinary crime types... which was at District C, just behind the police headquarters.

•& Maximum security type, which was at District B.

Of course, the ordinary crime type was completed a month ago.

But the max security one, still had a long way to go... from Landon's original plans.

And even though it was still under construction... the completed sections of the prisons could still be used.

So If dangerous prisoners were sent from Carona, Baymard would still be able to keep their end of the bargain as well.


All in all, this deal would continue to remain feasible.... until Carona could protect itself, as well as have their own maximum security prison too.

After all..... Baymard couldn't carry Carona for a thousand years, now could it?

In the future, once the entire Hertfilia is treaty bound.... technology would definitely be allowed to spread.

So by then, Carona could make their own damn prison!

And at that point, this clause would immediately become void.


But for now, Baymard was responsible for taking care of some of Carona's criminal baggage.