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 "Kid.... we called you here to talk about forming an alliance with Baymard." Carmelo said.

After playing chess and spending time with Landon..... Carmelo, Adrian and Baron Hamilton had all gotten accustomed to calling Landon kid.

I'm public, they would call him your majesty Landon.... but in private, please!!!!

They felt very familiar with him, hence they treated him like his age... 16.


"We've written down this pact here, for you to look at." Carmelo said, as he passed on a single sheet of paper towards Landon.

Landon looked at it and smiled

From what he saw, the system's deal gave more benefits to Carona... than what they had just presented him.

This was great!

After reading it for a while, he placed the paper on the table and grinned.

"What a coincidence, I was thinking about the same thing too.... So I made a little treaty myself as well.

Secretary Kane, please pass the treaties around."


A minute later, Carmelo's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Not just him, but everyone else's mouth twitched as well.

Each of them had just been given ring binders.... that had more than 200 pages in them.

How was this little?

They had given him a single page, yet he had dumped an entire book at them.

'Kid... aren't you just asking for a beating?'

'If you were so prepared, then why didn't you tell us about this before?'

'Do you know how long we spent coming up with the contents of that single page?'


Of course with 200 pages, the meeting had gone on for 5 whole days, before they had finally signed it.

Santa and Landon signed as the main representatives for their individual empires.

Santa was going to be Carona's king, who would rule alongside Penelope.

So it was his signature that was required, and not Carmelo's or Adrian's.

Of course on the place for witnesses, everyone else signed over their printed names as well.

With that, the treaty had officially been signed.


As for Santa and the rest, they were extremely pleased with the treaty..... as what they previously asked for, was only 5% of what Landon had offered them now.

No matter how they looked at it, this was definitely a win-win for them.

Firstly, the treaty spoke about their main reasonfor forming an alliance.... learning more combat techniques.

But now, rather than having an inch as they requested..... Landon had gone a step further, and had given them a mile instead.


For training those from Carona, under section 12, Article 4:

[Baymard was obligated to train the men on 'physical hand-to-hand combat', and failure to do so will result in breach of contract.]

The article also went into detail about what services baymard would provide, punishment for contract breaching.... as well as the expectations Baymard had towards Carona.

There were also circumstances that made for exceptions, to when this particular rule could be broken.

In essence.... at certain time frames, Carona was expected to bring 300 men to train each semester.

He had decided to open up 3 semesters for them:

•January 1st - April 30th

•May 1st - August 31st

•& September 1st - December 31st.

Of course these people had their own empires to defend, so they couldn't stay here forever for more than 4 months time.

Hence Landon had decided to do things in a different manner.


Each person could only register for one semester out of the 3 per year.

After their registered semester, the men were required to go back to Carona..... and stay there for the rest of year (8 months).

And within those months, Landon would give them daily training routines and notes on combat, ethics and so on... that they had to study.

He would give them classified military fighting manuals... that would all be in Carmelo's care.

In Carona, Carmelo would open a new school with a military library within it.

There, only those who have been authorized to touch those manuals, could do so.

Landon had preferred to think of that library as those wuxia Pavilions.

Well, Baymard already had it's own 'Pavilion too... hence allowing Carona have it's own, wasn't a bad idea as well.


Apart from studying and training back at Carona.....  it was also their sworn duty to train their fellows knights as well, on what they had learnt so far.

Only by doing so, will more people have access to this training.

One had to know that Carona probably had over 100, 000 soldiers there.

So it was near impossible to have all of them come over here to train.

And taking large number of trainees, would not be good if a war actually broke out there.

The country needed its security in order.

Hence even 300 to 5000 soldiers every year... was an extremely safe number to work with.

For now, Landon would start small.... before increasing the number of soldiers that could come over each year.


Anyway, after those 8 months of constant training..... the men were expected to come back and attend next years 4 month semester as well.

But on the 1st week of their arrival, they would be given several exams to determine their ranks.

If they trained and studied hard, then they should be able to promote their ranks with ease.

If not, then they would have to repeatedly the semester again.

Now.... for the first year, Landon would train at least 900 soldiers throughout those 3 semesters.

And next year, that amount woud double to 1800 soldiers... as new knights would join in as well.


Essentially, Landon had agreed to train each soldier for 4 years straight.

And after that, Baymard wouldn't register them for semesters anymore.

By then, they would have their graduations and leave for good.

But of course, they would have graduated as ordinary 'Enlisted Sergeants..... which were still 22 places below the top position.

They were still in the enlisted category, and still had to reach the warrant officer category..... as well as the officer rank category.

Hence if they still wanted to increase their ranks.... Landon would still give them things to study when they got back to Carona.

Some of these ranks require constant service, training and studying for 1 to 2 years.

So after studying, they could come back to Baymard to request for an official ranking examination anytime.

If they passed, then they would be given their badges..... as well as several documents proving their promotion to the next rank.

Bottom line, each year... each student was only supposed to spend 4 months in Baymard.

And after 4 years, they were meant to graduate for good... and stay in Carona, training more men.


Now, as for their housing issue... Landon had decided to build an academy close to Baymard's own... and call it the Carona Military Academy.

And since he had decided to treat them as soldiers, then they would also be ranked as them as well.

They would take ethics, math, combat, rock climbing classes.... and other classes that had nothing to do with bullets or guns.

Baymard weaponary classes were completely off limits to them.... but everything else was fine

And out of these courses, they would have 3 shared courses with the Baymardian soldiers..... as well as the normal morning drill exercises too.

In truth he didn't want the men from Carona to think that they were being treated unfairly.

Hence he wanted them to do the drills with the Baymardians... and see that the drill sergeants yelled at everyone.

He didn't want them to think that they were discriminated against.

Hence sharing some activities like these, was the only way to do so.


As for their uniforms, the men from carona carona had said that they wanted it to be carmoflage yellow.... so Landon had decided to make them like so.

When building the academy itself, Baymard had to use their own money to construct it.

But for the running of the Academy, that was all Carona.

Be it sewing clothes, paying electrical bills or even paying military cooks, cleaners and so on..... Carona would foot the bill.

And while the knights were here, based on their schedules... they could also work as part timers as well.


Even though Carona was paying for lighting heating, military meals and so on, the knights still needed pocket money as well.

Be it for extra feeding or to hang out with their friends..... extra money was definitely a must.

And like it or not, some of the knights coming here might not be high ranking ones.... which meant that their pay would be less.

So if they stayed here for 4 months, wouldn't their money eventually run out?

Hence Landon wanted to give them more opportunities to live well while staying here.

They could work at any job that didn't include the industries or any workplaces that gave out Baymard's secrets.

So they could work at stores, the park, food courts.... and even militarty cooks within their academy, if they wanted to.

They had a lot of options to choose from.


All in all, the men from Carona were extremely pleased with this particular military deal.