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"Welcome esteemed guests.

His majesty has been expecting you all." Said Head Butler Nathan.


Santa, Adrian, Carmelo, Baron Hamilton, Duke Samuel and the 3 husbands of Santa's sisters.... were presently at the castle.

It had been 2 days since the coronation event.... and now, they were finally ready strike to a deal with Landon.

They felt like Landon was a loyal and trustworthy person to have as an ally..... hence they wanted to partner up with him A.S.A.P.

Plus, they felt like they would be able to gain a lot from their corporation with Baymard.

Very quickly, they had soon reached Landon's castle office.

Now, it was time for them to get down to business.


"Bro...we're finally here!!" Santa exclaimed, while running towards Landon.

The rest of the men looked at him and shook their heads wryly.

This guy would never change.

So they might as well get used to it now, rather than having heart attacks every time.

Apart from Landon.... Lucius, and Landon's new secretary..... Secretary Kane, were also present as well.

Yes... he had finally gotten himself a secretary.

Well actually, he had hired 50 secretaries for all palace affairs.

He couldn't emphasize enough..... on how important these secretaries were, in organizing his day to day activities as a king.


In essence, within the main government estate at District C..... there was an office there for submitting appointments to meet with any of the royal family members.

Be it Lucy, Himself, Mother Kim or Lucius.... appointments would need to be approved and booked before anyone was seeing anybody.

And after all the submissions had been received, the secretaries would run it through the royals involved... and a screening process would commence.


In future, there would probably be more than thousands of requests coming from all over the world.... hence only those that were deemed necessary and important, would be accepted.

Generally, all requests would be placed in 3 main categories:

•Those from the Baymardians

•Those from treaty-signed nations.

•And those from outsiders.

In truth, each of these categories would have several other subsections like: National security, children, selling goods and so on.

Hence Landon had hired a total of 50 people to get the work done faster.


Anyway, apart from appointments, these secretaries were in charge of scheduling the meetings based on the schedules of the royals.

As well as sending letters to inform those who made requests.... about their submission acceptance or denial.

And within the meetings, these secretaries had to take 'meeting minutes'..... and send them to each individual participant after the meeting was over.

They were also in charge of storing and recording all documents... whether the submissions had been denied or accepted.

That way, if someone was denied.... the records would be able to tell when and why.


For example: if a visitor had requested for more access to Baymard's military or lower region industries, and had gotten denied once... then he secretaries would record everything down immediately.

So if that same person came again with the same reason, but wanted to speak to another royal member.... then the secretaries were required to tell the next royal member about the first denial case.

In this way, no one would be able to cheat his way through anything.

Landon was well aware that even if he said No, some people would still try to go through Lucy or Mother Kim.

But the answer would always be a hard NO.


Also, based on all categories and subcategories..... all submissions would be processed by the secretaries based on government law.

And since they might be receiving hundreds of requests.... then the secretaries could just reject the ones that were in violation of Baymard's rules.

For example: if someone wanted to requested for rape to be allowed..... then for sure, the secretaries could just reject that A.S.A.P.

Of course they would still need to record everything, and present a weekly update of all rejected requests to Landon.


Now... apart from all these, some of these secretaries hired, would also be personal secretaries as well.

As royals, they had too much to do daily.

Hence they needed people to manage their day to day schedules for them.

Take for example Lucy and Mother Kim.

Sure, they were teachers... but apart from that, they had to visit the sick, the church, and aid in a lot of trivial issues within the empire.

They always had to be on the move, as their presence was seen as empowerment for a lot of people.

Hence every day, they had 2 or more things to accomplish before hitting the sack.

So when they went for these public events, they typically needed to go out with their personal secretaries... as well as guards.


But of course for their ordinary dealings, like teaching and so on.... the secretaries didn't need to be present during those periods.

At that point, the secretaries would act like parents, while the nobles would be their children.

They would be there early in the morning to pick Lucy and Mother Kim up... and quickly usher them to school.

And after school, they would rush back over and send them towards their next appointment or home.

These secretaries needed to work like Managers for K-pop artists.

Always on the move and looking out for their clients.


Back to the present, Secretary Kane was in charge of handling today's meeting minutes..... So that when he got back to the office, he would be able to type everything out with any of the typewriters there.

Of course from there, he would send the minutes to all participants by letter... through Baymard's Post Office.

After introductions were done, Kane looked at his notebook and immediately ticked off the names of those who had showed up for the meeting.

So far, no one was absent.

Before today, everyone who was attending had filled out their names and adresses on several forms.

Hence he had already prepared everything before hand.


He looked at his watch and nodded at Landon.

10 A.M

It was time for the meeting to officially begin.