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 "You pieces of trash deserve to die."


"Kill them!"




Very quickly, the guards who were leading the men in... immediately removed their blindfolds, and untied their hands for the show.

They had been brought to what seemed like a training courtyard, with several audience seats above it.

So in essence, it looked like a mini-colosseum.

Connor opened his eyes, and was amazed at how many people were present for these so-called games.

He was sure that not less than 2,500 people, had gathered to watch the show.

Looking up, he immediately spotted Mr. Death seated way up... at what seemed to be a VIP stand, which had a canopy, and various tables and lavish chairs as well.


As the guards took off their blindfolds, they continued to hear several boo's from the audience.


Mr. Death smiled, and rose up from his seat.... making the audience instantly go mute.


"Well, i don't have much to say.... except begin the damn games!!" He said excitedly, as he looked at his new toys below.

"Yeah!!" The audience exclaimed.



Back on the courtyard, James, Connor and the men.... were quickly placed in several massive large cages at the sides of the field.

For the games, they would go out in tiny groups or individually.

So when battles were conducted on the fields, the rest of the men would have to be locked up in the cages... until it was their turn to go out.

Of course there were cages for those who hadn't participated yet, and cages for those who won as well.

As for all the losers, they were to be shot and killed A.S.A.P.

Who asked them to be weak?

Also, if any of the men held back because they were under the same camp... then both of them would be shot dead, Period!

Mr. Death had placed over 200 archers around the fields, to kill those who ended up violating the rules of the game.

Kill or be killed.

This was his world, and here... he had the final say!


On the fields.... DEATH had also placed several deadly objects all around the courtyard, as an act of 'charity'.

There were 3 feet tall iron stakes, that were strategically placed around the field.... as well as small holes, the size of bathtubs all filled with sewing needles.

There were also 7 feet tall pillars, that had several sharp iron rods pointing out from it in all directions.

If one were to accidentally run up to the pillar, for sure... they would get pierced by at least 3 of those pointy rods at once.

In short, the entire field was set up to be a death trap for the men.

Watching people die gruesomely, was one of the things that DEATH loved to do the most.


"Hey you, you, you, you..... get out of there now.

Today is your lucky day.

You 35 get to open the show for us, now isn't that exciting?" The guard said playfully.

From the 35 that were chosen, Connor was amongst them.... as well as 18 other people from James' side, and the 16 from his side as well.

Once he stepped out of the cage, the guard immediately gave him a spoon.

He looked at it in confusion.

Did they expect him to fight using such a thing?

"Move out, you piece of shit!"


The guard had just kicked his back, immediately propelling him towards the field.

He balled up his fist up in anger.... as he was outraged at the notion that someone would dare to kick a 'Barn'.

He turned around and looked at the guard, as if marking up the guard's looks.

Sooner or later, he would have his revenge.

At the end, it was he... who would get the final laugh.


Looking at his brother who was currently walking towards his doom, James couldn't help but sneer.

In his mind, he was sure that during this battle... this arrogant brother of his would surely die.

After all, there were more of his men out there than Connor.

So how could this brother of his possibly win?

James smiled, as he fantasized about Connor's death.


"The rules for this round are simple.

At the end of this game, we expect just 10 winners to emerge victorious.

Your goal is to gorge out both of your target's eyes carefully.

Of course if any of the eyes have a problem, then you will be shot.

Again, if you're only able to take one out from your target, you will still be shot.

Know this, you all are expected to complete this task within 5 minutes.

As for how we select the first 10 winners... only the first ones to report their victory would survive.

Now.... let the games begin!" One of the guards yelled.

Immediately, the men rushed towards the center, and quickly began to determine who their target would be.

They were 35 of them.... and only 10 were expected to advance.

Hence no matter how he looked at it, 25 extra people had to die at the end, no matter what.

And from what they said, even though they would allow 10 people to pass this round.... if only 4 people had succeeded in gorging out both eyeballs within the time limit, then only those 4 would proceed out of the entire 35.


Out on the field, everyone immediately locked down their targets.

On Connor's side, there were 17 of them.... so the other 18, were all James' men.

Hence they were the enemy.

Some even planned to gang up on several individuals.... while others planned to playdead, and wait for the opportune moment to strike.

Straight way, Connor targeted one of the burly men on the enemy's side.

In truth, he wanted to pick the weakest looking one.

But if he did so, he would immediately loose respect from his men.... if he or they ever survived.

As their leader, he was expected to pick the strongest person there... so as to lessen the burden for his subordinates.

But how was that fair for him?

He couldn't help but grumble slightly, as he looked at the iron giant before him.