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 Standing before the people, was their majestic King.

King Landon Barn!


'System, I'd like to enhance my voice as usual, so use my Technology points to do so."

'Yes host.'

Landon looked at his people, and raised his left hand up as a sign for silence.

This wasn't his first time addressing them, as he had been throwing several public events over the year.

Hence they immediately quieted down, and looked at their king in reverence.



"My beloved people, look at those around you.

Look at everyone around you, and please hold hands..... because, these people are your families as well.

Only by being united, can we truly find peace and happiness." Landon said, while holding Lucy's right hand.

And since he was holding his royal staff on his other hand... mother Kim quickly engulfed that hand with her own hand as well, while holding Lucius' hand with the other.

In fact, everyone on the terrace had quickly held hands with one another.... even the guards, Santa and his gang, were also included on this as well.

Of course, the announcer couldn't hold hands, as he had to hold up the megaphone towards Landon's mouth.

But even so, Mother Kim who had initially placed her hand on top of one of Landon's own... quickly took it off, and placed it on the announcer's hands, as he held onto the megaphone.

The announcer was shocked, and quickly smiled back at her emotionally.

'We are one!'

That was the message that he had subconsciously gotten from this.

Instantly, those below also held hands as well.... and subconsciously, they began to sway from side to side as they looked at each other tenderly.

They looked like the people in 'Whoville', who swayed while singing a Christmas song... when the Grinch stole their presents.

It was truly tear-dropping.


"Baymardians!!... please hold your heads up high.... because today is your day!

Today, is not meant for me.... but for you all!

Today symbolizes our freedom, our battles, our hope, our strengths... and most importantly, our love for one another.

18 months ago, we were seen as cursed people.

Our land was barren, our families were dying from immense hunger... and the entire Arcadina, had abandoned us for good.

But look at us now?

We are better, healthier and stronger than ever before!!!

We, the citizens of Baymard....  had all joined forces in great efforts, to rebuild our city from scratch.

And together, we will continue to face challenges and hardships.... as well as experience, peace, joy and unity as one."


As Landon spoke, the people's hearts began to hammer within their chests.

When they thought back to their former days, some people even cried... while others comforted each other, as they held hands in joy.

As they looked at his majesty, they couldn't help but subconsciously kneel while holding hands.

One by one, they dropped to the floor in tears.

Their ancestors had indeed sent them an angel.

Carmelo, Adrian, Baron Hamilton, Santa and the rest who were watching this.... immediately felt touched, by the sight before them.

The children and women began to silently cry, while the men made subconscious promises to build Carona into a peaceful and wonderful place, like Baymard.

All the spies and corrupted people had to go!!

Power existed to protect the weak, and that was that!

Looking at those below, everyone on the terrace.... including the guards, all felt like they had a sense of duty to fulfill for all eternity.

As his majesty Landon had always said: 'With great power, comes great responsibility.'


Landon looked at his people and felt moved as well.

"Baymardians!!...Because of our faith and hardwork, we've all been able to fight for a better tomorrow.

Not just for themselves, but for our children as well.

Hence today will also represent our official Independence day!

This day will set as a reminder of everything that has been accomplished in Baymard throughout this period of time.

That is why from this day forward, Baymard will no longer be a city.

It will be an empire instead!!"


As Landon spoke, the people began trembling from excitement.

Since Arcadina didn't want to associate themselves with them, then why should they bother with the place?

"My Baymardians!!

The things which I have sworn to and promised... will definitely be done, so long as I breathe.

So do not let anyone tell you that it cannot be done.

No challenge can match the heart and fighting spirit of Baymard.

Your voices, your hopes, and your dreams... will define tomorrow's Baymard.

We will create new allies, as well as become a beacon of peace and love within his dark cold world.

This is a new era, for which Baymard will shine as bright as the stars in the night skies.

As your king, I will fight for you with every breath within my body... and I will never, ever let you down.

So my Baymardians, please rise up and stand firm!

For I believe that we will not fail..... and our empire will thrive and prosper for all eternity!!" Landon said, as he spoke with great vigor and pride.

The people immediately rose up from the ground, and cheered passionately as well.

"Long live the king!"

"Long live the king!"

"Long live the king!"



Landon looked at them and nodded in satisfaction.

It seemed like they had gotten the message.

Of course he had jumbled up a lot of powerful speeches back on earth to create this one.

Sigh... being a king had to do with too much speech making.

Which was just too exhausting to do every single time.

What worried him the most, were the men from Carona.

Would they be convinced enough to accept his treaty deal later on?

But of course, he was obviously worrying for nothing.

Santa and his gang were looking at him with deep respect, as they too were utterly moved by his speech.

Such a man was indeed fit to be a king.

Carmelo and Adrian quickly looked at each other in understanding.

No matter what, they had to become allies with Baymard.


And while the people of Baymard were deeply immersed in festive activities, others also had their own 'special' activities as well.

But rather than being in a festive mood, their own situation was something comparable to being in purgatory.