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 Very quickly, music filled the air.... as the people watched the colorful bluish white floats make their way past them.

The floats were decorated to look like winter.

One could see massive fake-snowflakes on the floats... as well, as several snowman figures on it, to signify the winter season.

The festive drums immediately lifted the spirits of the people.... and very quickly, everyone began to dance and jump around merrily.

Their bodies trembled slightly, as excitement thundered throughout their entire beings.

As they watched the parade.... their expressions became similar to that of little children, who had just received their Christmas gifts.


The procession continued, and when it was time for the royal family to pass by.... everyone immediately turned crazy with excitement.

"Your majesty... we love you!"

"Ahh... Army General Lucius is so cool."

"Look! Look!.... his  majesty waved at me!


"What waved at you?.... He was clearly waving at me.

You just happened to be standing close, that's all!"

"So you what to take that wave as yours, no way bro!...his majesty clearly saw me first."



Listening to the conversation from the crowd, Santa and his gang, couldn't help but respect Landon even more.

Ever since they had stood here, they hadn't even heard one single negative thing from the people about Landon.

In these people's eyes, their king... along with the rest of the royal family, could do no wrong.

It was clear that they thoroughly loved and respected their king..

Such deep emotions could only be gotten from people who were satisfied with their treatment under Landon's reign.

Hence right at this moment, whatever doubts Carmelo and Adrian had.... was all dispelled by the people's emotions.

Listening to the people's conversation, they couldn't help but feel completely helpless.

Even they had begun to wonder if their own people were as enthusiastic and ridiculous as the ones here.

For heaven's sake, these people were fighting over a 'wave' from Landon.


"I'm telling you, his majesty waved at me alright?"

"You're clearly blind!... it was my wave, not yours."

The two 40 year old men went on and on about the wave thing... until someone else finally spoke up.

"You all are fighting over nothing!"

'Finally... someone with some sense', Santa and his gang thought, as they nodded to what was said.

"His majesty was clearly waving at me, so why would you both fight over my wave?"


In truth.... the children had also wanted to claim the wave as theirs, as they too fully idolized Landon as a God.

If they should ever hear anyone ever insult him... even in Carona, they were sure that they would probably kick the person down.

How dare they insult an immortal?

Standing along the highway, Santa and his gang couldn't help but look at Landon in reverence.

Right now, he was glowing like the sun.... and his warmth could be felt by his people.

He was their  beloved protector and provider.

He had saved them from starvation and even death... as well as given them hope for the future.

He was the true definition of what a ruler should be like!


Time passed by quickly, and just like that..... the parade had finally arrived at the royal palace.

Now, it was time for the actual coronation ceremony.

Everyone had quickly gathered below the palaces grand terrace... as they waited for his majesty to emerge.

On the terrace, Linda, Beri, Mother Winnie, Mark, Gary, Trey and Josh... were already standing present in wait, as well as 3 new official Priests.

Of course Lucius wasn't there with them, as he had to come out with Mother Kim... since they got engaged during Winter.


After a while, trumpets were played... and a royal announcer made his way forward.

"Presenting Prince Momo, Princess Grace, Princess Lucy, Duke Lucius, Queen Mother Kim and His Majesty Landon Barn."

'Tap! Tap! Tap!'

Several guards came out, followed by the royals... in the order at which they had been called out.

As esteemed guests, Santa and his gang had been given the privilege of standing on the terrace alongside Mother winnie and the others.

In Landon's mind, soon.... they would all be one big family after the treaty was signed.

So what was wrong in letting them get V.I.P seats?


Watching from the terrace, Carmelo, Adrian and Baron Hamilton were taken aback by Landon's attire.

Especially the magnificent long reddish robe, that required a butler to hold its ends... as if it were a long wedding gown.

'Beautiful!', they thought.

On the terrace, there were several high chairs and tables with several objects on them.

The chairs were very high, so that when the guests sit, they would still be able to see those below... hence it would look like they were still standing.

There were several wooden stairs for the visitors to climb up to the chairs.

The steps, were similar to those 2 or 3-step stairs one could use in climbing a truck.

In essence, Landon had set the entire terrace up like a church.

Only, everything would be done facing the crowd.



The people were silent because of the presence of the priests.

They had been going to church regularly, so completely understood and respected these priests.

Even Santa and his gang could totally relate with them.

They had attended 2 sermons already... and sometimes, the women would cry due to some of the moral stories and lessons being told in the church.

In their eyes, these priests were very spiritual people.


The ceremony proceeded, with it being a mixture of Asian, British, Eyptian and several other coronation cultures that existed back on earth.

Landon wanted to create a unique ceremony for Baymard, as it was no longer part of Arcadina.

"Your majesty, Please, step onto the stage and kneel." Said one of the priests who was already standing on the stage.

They had brought out a high stage, so that when he was kneeling, all those below would be able to see it.

Landon removed his lavish robe, quickly climbed up calmly, and knelt down.


Very quickly, all 3 priests gathered around him....holding 2 towels, a bucket of water and a bucket of a reddish mixture.

One of the priests read out something on a paper, while the other 2 performed several actions on Landon.

From there, they started bombarding Landon with series of questions.


"Your majesty, please look at your people!

Look at each and everyone of them well.

These are your people, and your family.

Do you swear to protect them all through your reign as king?"

"I swear!"

"Do you swear to give your all, and never turn corrupt?"

"I swear!!"


"Good!.... your majesty, please lower your head."

'Shwa! Shwa!'

"This reddish water used to wash your face, is a symbol of your people's blood and cries throughout the years."

After the washing was done, they quickly used the clear water to rinse his face clean and wiped it dry with a towel.


They continued to do several other significant rituals on him, and when they were done, Landon continued kneeling... until the priests brought his crown, staff and robe over.

For this ceremony, Landon had decided to keep the name Landon Barn for now.

Because if he changed his name to Landon Obley, Nopline might find him sooner than he anticipated.

Anyway, once these items had been worn on him, Landon rose up as per the instructions of the priests.... and stood there majestically, with his massive crown on his head.

"From this day forward, Baymard officially has a new king.

His name, is Landon Barn!"

The people looked at him in reverence, as their hearts became connected as one.

This was their king.

"All Hail The King!"

"All Hail The King!"