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 The sun sat high up in the sky, as it ignited the world with its glorious radiance.

Like a symbol of joy, its warmth had quickly lighted up the hearts of those below it.

The streets were bustling, and the sounds of laughter could be heard from all around Baymard.

Everyone was jumping around excitedly, as they waited in anticipation for the main festivities to begin.

Today, their king would finally be crowned.

Today was their king's Coronation Day!!


On this glorious day..... no one was obligated to work, as it was considered to be a public holiday for all.

Of course the only ones who could work, were those at the hospitals..... as well as those who were those who were protecting the city walls and Coastal shores

Across Baymard, people could be seen reading numerous brochures around the highways.

To put it simply, the the coronation event would start with a parade.

This parade would leave the palace with Landon..... pass through the main highway along the upper region, and finally arrive at the central region.

Now within the central region, it would stop at District F (refugee/permanent resident sector).

For Landon's plan, it they reached district F.... it would pass through several other highways within the district and circle back towards the upper region.


Anyway... the brochures pin-pointed the exact time and place where the parade would be, throughout the procession.

It also showed when the parade would arrive at the palace as well.

One should know that when the parade ends, the crowning phase would officially begin.

So if one didn't want to watch or follow the parade, then they could just head on towards the palace when it was time for the official crowning ceremony.

With the brochures, everyone would know where to go and what to do during the whole event.

As for the people on the streets, they didn't have to wait too long... as their patience had finally paid off.

"Mummy, mummy, look!"


'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

"Make way... for prince Landon!!

Make way.....for Prince Landon..... (*singing)"


How could Landon miss this grand opportunity?

No entrance was better than Aladdin's entrance to Jasmine's palace.

Oh.. Disney, if they knew how he had used their ideas... they would probably puke out a tone of blood just from looking at him.

He was definitely a thief!

But so what?

Who would know?

He had edited out 80% of the lyrics to the song,  and had inserted words that would relate to the people's journey instead.


'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

Leading the parade, were 2 large parade floats, that had 30 drummers and 30 singers all stationed on them.

These parade floats had tires, and were extremely large as well.

To make sure that everything turned out smoothly... Landon had indeed fitted these drummers and singers into shifts

So every after 15 minutes, they would switch.

Since there were 2 floats, one float would carry the singers alone... and the other would carry the drummers.

And since they were 30 of each, then every 15 minutes.... half of them would stop, and the other half would immediately take over the shift.

In this way, the parade would go on smoothly with no errors.


After the floats, he parade would continue on with 30 skilled dancers..... who were supposed to dance energetically to the beat of the drums.

Amongst the group of dancers, some were acrobatic..... while others twirled around with ribbons in their hands.

Of course since the performers would definitely get tired quickly... there would be a van within the parade procession, with extra dancers in it.

Typically, when it was time to switch shifts, they would spray smoke around the area... and the dancers would quickly make the switch.

Even back on earth, it was highly unreasonable for one to expect dancers to perform for such long periods of time.

Why.....just something like the Rio Carnivals in Brazil, could take several hours to complete.

So it was impossible to not make any switches regularly.


Following the dancers, a large parade van on wheels with an opened roof, would slowly drive towards the procession.

The rooftop had rails, just like a balcony.... and while the car proceeded, a mascot qould be snacking and waving on it.

Every country or empire needed a mascot.

For the U.S.A, it was the bald eagle.... for some other countries, it was a lion, beaver and so on.

Of course in this world, they hadn't thought of that yet.

So Landon decided to be the first to do so.

Hence he decided that Baymard's mascot, would be the ferocious Snowy Saber-toothed tiger.

In truth, since the Saber-toothed tiger had the similar color as 'Barney', he decided that the costume should be somewhat adorable as well... lest it scares the children off.


The van that was carrying the mascot was also painted to look exactly like Baymard's national flag.

And flowing the van, were the several people who were wearing clothing that represented all the jobs in Baymard.

One could see cooks, holding either pots or spoons, construction workers and so on.

And from there, another 10 dancers were added to the mix again.

These dancers were all dressed like swans, and other magnificent birds, as they danced about beautifully.

One should know that throughout the entire procession, Landon had picked a total of 16 songs to be played.

A song only lasted for 3 to 4 minutes, so it would be ridiculously boring to have one song play for entire procession.

In this way, the parade would be more interesting.


After the swan dancers left, another group started throwing flowers around the place, while engaging with the audience at the roads.

Followed by 5 police cars, and 3 other open roof cars that were carrying the royal family members in them as well.

One could say that the cars were somewhat similar to the one's Popes usually used when doing parades.

It was open roofed, so that Landon and the royals could wave and smile at the people while the parade proceeded.

Also, on the side of the cars, were several military personnels in blazers, ties and shirts.... who were acting as Landon's personal bodyguards.

Of course following that, were 10 other police cars, and that completely ended the parade procession.


As the people heard the sounds of the drums coming from afar, they quickly made their way towards the highways in excitement.

They had never seen or heard about a 'parade' before, so they didn't know what to expect.

The only thing that they were sure of, was that his majesty had never disappointed them.

So they knew that this parade thing would definitely be phenomenal.


Santa and the gang had all left their hotel, and immediately stood close to the highway road.

"Are you sure that it would pass here?" Duke Samuel asked while looking left and right.

"For sure.. it says so in their brochure.

Besides, we can't be wrong... several others are also here as well." Santa said excitedly, while gesturing at the busy street that was filled with workers, children and so on.

"Wait... does anyone hear that?" Carmelo asked, as he could hear the faint sound of drums beating away.

'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

'Din! Dididin! Dididundundunnn!'

"I hear it! I hear it!

See, I told you I was right!

I think it'll turn on our streets next!"