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 "Wooo.....Father, I won't allow it.

King Sirius... he.. he is mine!!



Everyone within the throne room momentarily froze, as they saw Eldora slowly approach them.

In truth, some of the ministers were extremely terrified of this little bringer of destruction.

But what surprised them the most, was her incredible acting skills.


They almost wanted to clap for her weak display towards his Majesty.

Looking at this unruly daughter of his.... King Julius was so angry, to the point that he almost coughed out blood.

"Get out!!"

How dare she embarrass him in front of his ministers?

Wasn't she just throwing his face here?


It looked like he had really spoiled her too much, for her to do such a thing.


As he looked at his ministers reactions to his daughter, he couldn't help but wonder... which one was the real her?

One should know that in front of her father, Eldora had always acted like a weak lamb.

But once her father left, she didn't care about showing her true colors to anyone else.

Julius had heard the reports from both his secret guards and even his ministers.

But everytime she appeared, she would act like a wounded rabbit... who was left in a den filled with wolves.

So he could never come to a conclusion, when it concerned her matters.

Who should he believe? His blood or outsiders.

As for Eldora... her father was obviously the man in charge, so why would she do anything that would make her loose her most powerful backer?

Showing her true colors was definitely not an option here!


"I said Get out!!" Julius bellowed.

And immediately, Eldora hurriedly ran over to her father's side, dropped onto the ground... and began to hug his feet 'helplessly'.

"Woo..... I'm sorry father, but if you don't solve this issue for me.... I might truly be threatened to commit suicide!" Eldora said, as she forced fake-tears out of her large melon eyes.

'Drip! Drip!'

Her tears continuously flowed out like the river Nile, as they immediately flooded part of Julius's Royal sandals and feet.

She sobbed intensively, as if her whole world had come crashing down... as the only time that she'd stop, was to fill up her lungs with fresh air

She truly looked pitiful, while hugging his Majesty's feet.


Julius looked at her weak appearance, and his heart instantly softened.

As he remembered the reports about her, he felt like they were probably misunderstandings or something.

It was really hard for him to picture her doing all those things.

How could this soft lump of clay ever willingly hurt anyone?

Julius looked at his ministers... and quickly ushered them away with his eyes.

"Your majesty, seeing the little princess so sad... has made me a little hesitant to continue this meeting, so I beg to take my leave now."

"Me too your majesty... seeing the princess like this, really breaks this old mans heart."


One by one, all the ministers left... after giving ther 'heartfelt' excuses to their king.


"They're gone now.

So tell me, who belied you?... why are you crying?"

The guards who were standing within the throne room, secretly rolled their eyes... as they listened to the father-daughter duo intensively.

'Bully her?

Who would dare?

Your majesty, don't you think that you're too easy to deceive?

It's your precious daughter who's doing the bullying.... not the other way around, alright?'


"Father... I want to marry King Sirius!" Eldora said pitifully.

"Why?.... didn't you reject the thought of being his bride years ago?"


One should know that several years ago... before Deiferus and Yodan bad finally buried their long standing enmity.

At the time, King Maclaine had sent several official envoys to Deiferus to negotiate for peace.

And at the end of their peace treaty, the empire had offered for the princess' from both empires to be wedded to each other.

Of course, since Maclaine only considered his first 5 sons as eligible for this.... Julius' first 5 daughters had to choose any of the princes as well.

Likewise, the princesses from Yodan had to choose the Princes from Deiferus as well.

Now at that time, all the princesses had shunned the 5th prince from Yodan.

All except for the 4th princess, who seems to pity him and chose to be with him instead.

His 4th daughter had always been the quiet type with a gentle heart..... so of course, she felt bad for this prince Sirius.


Throughout these years, all the princesses and princes had been visiting both empires... so as to know each other better.

Everyone else, except for this 5th prince... had shown themselves to their partners.

So nobody knew how the 5th prince actually looked like.

Some thought that he was filled with warts, and others thought that he was ugly.

But all in all, everyone had always laughed at the 4th princess of Deiferus, for being engaged to a ghost.

But what they didn't know, was that whenever Maclaine sent special envoys to Deiferus... Sirius was always amongst them.

He had wanted to know the true characters of these women... hence he had to go undercover, and see them for what they truly were.

And in truth, he had approved of the 4th princess silently.

He would often talk to her as friends whenever they were at they opportuned... but the lady didn't know that he was the 5th prince.

Surprisingly, when he had visited... he accidentally bumped into Eldora, and she immediately requested for his hands to be cut off completely.

Such a woman, was definitely not fit to be his queen.


"Didn't you say that the 5th prince was probably too ugly to marry?"

"Father.. father...  that day, we were all just joking around.

So how could I mean it?" Eldora said pitifully.

What a joke!

How could she be with anyone else other than a king?

Previously, she had thought that she would be joining the winning team.

But who would've known that her fiance, the crown prince at the time... was so useless?

What was so hard in convincing one's father?

She had lived her entire life, relying on subduing her father.

So what was so hard in that?

Anyway, she wouldn't allow this opportunity to slip through her fingers... No matter what!


"Woo.... please father!

I want him!"

Julius looked at his daughter and sighed.

"He should be arriving in a month's time to take his bride.

So if you can convince him that you are a better choice, then I see no problem with that!"

Hearing that, Eldora's eyes instantly lit up!

Fortunately, this King Sirius has never been here before

So it was simply impossible for him to have feelings for that worthless sister of hers.

This was good!

If she could seduce and convince him otherwise, then she would be the queen of Yodan.

Plus, in her mind... she was way good looking than her 4th sister.

So this mission was definitely a piece of cake!

As for Jilius, he thought that since his 4th daughter hadn't developed feelings with Sirius.... then it was definitely possible for them to switch.

Plus his 4th daughter was quiet, and seemed not to care about which partner she finally settled with... so he didn't see anything wrong with it.

Of course if it were the other way around and his 4th daughter had already developed feelings for Sirius... then he would never agree to such a request from Eldora.

He loved all his children after all, so he wouldn't intentionally hurt any of them no matter what.


Eldora quickly pecked her father's jaws in excitement.

"Thank you father...You won't regret it!!!"




Apart from the happy Eldora, who was drowned in her endless fantasies of being queen.... several other people were exhilarated as well.

The time had finally come.

Tomorrow was his Majesty, Landon Barn's Coronation Day.