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 --The Royal Palace, The Empire of Deiferus--


'Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!'

The sounds of several footsteps, could be heard hurriedly making their way towards the throne room.

The sounds echoed sharply across the guarded hallways.... sounding overly loud, like the thundering heartbeat of a condemned criminal.

One thing was clear, these footsteps.... could only belong to light weighted people.

'Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!'

Within the palace, the people busily went about their day merrily....as they did their daily chores earnestly.

But when they saw the owners of these footsteps, straight away.... they quickly made several detours, as if they were avoiding some sort of fatal plague.

'Thum! Thum!'


Some dived into the garden bushes, while others speedily leaned on the walls... and immediately pretended to be statues, while holding their breaths in fear.

For some, they quickly picked up several decorative ornaments like vases, held them in front of their faces..... and quickly pretended to be pillars, as their faces hid behind the ornaments.

Sure, some of their facial features were peaking out, but so what?

They had to think fast..... because today, the local palace tyrant was on the move again.


Standing outside the throne room, were several guards... who had also heard these resounding footsteps creep in closer and closer towards them as well.

As a palace rule, only those who had urgent political information... or death reports, could run like so within the royal palace.

It was seen as disrespectful for anyone to run in someone else's home, talk less of the Royal palace.

So who would have the guts to do so if it wasn't urgent?

Of course, they didn't have to be curious for long.... as their question was naturally answered within a few minutes.

'P.... P.... Princess Eldora?'


Standing before them, was the unruly 2nd Princess of Deiferus.

The local palace tyrant, Princess Eldora.

Because her brother was the 1st prince... she had been acting spoiled, right from a young age.

If one didn't know her character, and just looked at her face... they would readily think that she was as pure as an angel.

But the truth was obviously far from that.

Throughout these years, she had killed innocent people openly... just because they touched her, or even spilled water or anything on her clothes.

She had executed 11 Royal tailors, just because they didn't get things right in their first try.

Normally, tailors would being the final sewn clothes to their clients.

And from there, the tailors wod have them wear them... so as to see if the customers were pleased with them.

9/10, in this era...adjustments were always made more than 3 times... just to get it right.

So in essence, the princess hated those adjustment phases the most.

It was either you sewed it perfectly within the first try, or you don't!

In fact, she killed whenever she pleased... and she wasn't sorry about it either.

Her resume was indeed a long one.

If she wasn't pleased with her meal, then she would kill the head chef....

If she wasn't pleased with the people who massaged her frequently, then they had to be executed without a doubt.

As a royal member, she was privileged to have hundreds of maids massage her body... just like they did for Cleopatra.

So she executed them, as frequently as they got hired.

And just like that, she had quickly become a tyrannical being within Deiferus.


"P..... P... Princess Eldora... please, we can't let you in.

His majesty is currently meeting some very important people right now.... so we can't!" Said one of the guards fearfully.

Eldora sneered, and walked ferociously, towards the men.

"Are you in any way stopping me from seeing my father?

Do you know what happens when someone ticks me off?

Hmmm... it seems like you're truly eager to die today!!!!"

As the men heard this, their heartbeats couldn't help but accelerate a little.... as they knew that this lunatic could really kill them if she wanted to.

Her ice cold-gaze was truly scary!


"For the last time, step aside!

A good dog does not block its owner's path.... Now MOVE!!!!"

Of course, whenever there was a shephard, there would always be sheep present as well.

In this case, these were the princesses loyal maids, who had been with her more years now.

With the protection of a powerful princess, these maids could do whatever they wanted... Hence they acted as mini-Tyrants.

They bullied and spoke rudely, to anyone who didn't bother to put them in his or her eyes.

Even when they went shopping, the store owners had to be extra polite... as they didn't want to offend the princess in any way possible.

Anyway, the princess's squad had immediately backed her up.... just like the loyal dogs that had they were.

"The princess wants to pass through, so let her go!"

"Who the hell do you all think you are to even stop our princess?"

"Why are you all even breathing in the same space as she is?"



As they spoke, Eldora inched in slowly..... as she calmly approached the guard who had first spoken to her

'Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!'

A series of clear crisps sounds, resounded across the hallway... as Eldora connected her palms, with the guard's cheeks.

The slaps were as loud as claps, as they left several reddish palm prints on the poor guard's face.


'Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!'

Eldorado kept slapping him on both checks for a full 2 minutes, without stopping or talking.

And the more she slapped, the more the guard's eyes burned with rage.


Due to his rage, he had bitten his tongue to the point where he could even taste his own blood.

In his mind, he had already visualized multiple scenes of her dying under his sword.... over and over again.

If only he was a royal member, then he would teach this arrogant brat the lesson of her life.

How Detestable!


Eldora looked at him and smiled.

"I know you hate me right now... but so what?

Like I said, you are just a weak, measly, and idiotic dog... who my royal family has tried to look after.

So who are you to stop me from going anywhere?



Immediately, everyone gave way for her to pass through.... even the guard who had been slapped, had no other choice but to do so.


Very quickly, the massive golden colored door had been forcefully pushed open.


Wooo.....Father... Father, I won't allow it.

King Sirius... he.. he is mine!!