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 All through the journey, the Captains within the carriage had been cursing at those 2 shameless riders.

The reason why they didn't attack them, was because they were afraid that they were bandits.... who had several gang members around the roads.

Within this journey alone... they had stopped more than 4 times, just to figure out what was the deal with these shameless riders.

Surprisingly, it seemed like the riders were just regular people who were heading to Baymard.

If they had known, they would've killed these damn bastards a long time ago.

Just remembering how annoying these riders were, instantly made their blood boil a thousand times over.

How hateful!


Once everyone arrived, they were somewhat taken aback by the unique High walls before them.

It was the tallest that they had ever seen... and the sturdiest by the looks of it.

Yves and Shylock couldn't help but smile bitterly as they looked at the magnificent towering figures before them.

If they had known, they would've talked their master into owning Baymard ages ago.

So what if they were lacking more knights?

Just passing through the City gates, they were indeed in awe at how thick the gate doors were.

(*they were as thick as regular bank vaults.. and designed with such vault lock mechanisms)

And what surprised them the most, was the fact that the gate tunnel had 2 of these giant metal doors.

One at the front, and one at the end of the tunnel.

And not just that... they could see several regular metal bars... all stationed at different points within the tunnel.

With this sort of security, one didn't need to worry about the enemies breaking in anytime soon.

It wasn't just them who had these sort of thoughts... The other Captains and guard knights, were also in awe at the City's lockdown gates.

One should know that most cities just had 1 or 2 measly iron bars, and that was it.

So how could they not be in awe?


Coming out of the tunnel, their jaws instantly dropped.

What sort of buildings were these?

Why were the roads so black and clean?

And what were those black massive containers (garbage bins) around the place?

Was this still the barren land that the knew of?

As they stepped in, they immediately say a towering sign above them that read:

[--'Welcome to Baymard!

---Sector name: King's Landing']

'King's Landing, What a majestic name', they thought.

Very quickly, they had spotted several people standing and walking about in weird but cool looking clothes.

Why were they all dressed in better attire than them?

Was everyone here a noble?

Series of questions popped into their heads, as they spotted someone coming over towards them.

"Hello, welcome to Baymard!"



Straight away, they were promptly directed towards the LandPort.

And on their way, they had asked out of curiosity... and had found out that these people were just regular people.

Some of them had even been slaves once.

Immediately, disgust and envy filled their hearts and minds.

Weren't these people too stuck-up?

How dare they act like nobles, if they were just peasants?


They were just clowns, who were trying to be something that they weren't.


"Sir.... please, we need you to consent to the rules that have been provided." Said a front desk officer.

Before any Visa process began, the main laws had to be read and approved by the visitors.

That way if they violate any of them, then they only have theirselves to blame.

"I don't agree!!" One of the Captains yelled out in displeasure.

What a joke!

Who the hell would sign such a document?

For him, the thing that really pissed him off was the equality thing!

I mean... were they crazy?

There was no slavery here.... hence everyone had equal rights.

And for heaven's sake, why was having sex with a 14 year old a crime?

It was clearly stated that they couldn't touch any one without the person's approval.

Even if they raped a 30 year old woman... they could still be locked up.

Wasn't such a woman, old cargo?

Why would they punish them for using old goods?


The more he read the rules, the more he had realized that this place was truly uninhabitable.

Without all these activities... how else were they supposed to have their fun?

One should know that in this era, all they had were bars, prostitution centers, fighting rings and so on.

Of course for fun, people would throw banquets, pilgrimage villages, kidnap people, burn down towns, and even defile both women and men.... as these were everyday occurances.

But for a city to remove all these factors, was really something unheard of.

So that begs the question.... what did they actually do in here for fun?


"I want to see your city lord!" The Captain yelled.

"Sir, we dont have one.

We have a king."

Yves and Shylock who were sitting at the waiting area at some seats around the waiting area a... were immediately taken aback by what they heard.

Well, the Captain was screaming so loud that they were sure that everyone else could hear what was said as well.

Previously, the Captain was the only one to start Visa applications... because he had wanted to see what it was all about, before sending his men over.

There were over 10 front desks for processing Visas... but, everyone else chose to wait for the Captain to finish up first.

Anyway, for those who could read.... they passed their time looking at the ridiculous rules that were written on several brochures around the waiting area.

"And who is this King?" The Captain asked curiously.

"It's his majesty Landon Barn!"



The bastard shrimp survived?

How the hell did he manage to take care of all those enemy knights?'

Yves and Shylock were thoroughly confused.

How could a dying man, who left with only 300 knights and a few spare change.... be the owner of this glorious city?

And how the hell did the city transform in the first place.

They had visited this place just before Landon had arrived ... and the grass was not that green.

No.... literally, the grass, the land and everything else was dried up, sprownly... and baren.

So how did they go from that, to a healthy luscious place?

Did that bastard really break the land's curse?


"So... the bastard is the one in charge of making such ridiculous laws?

Well, I won't sign it no matter what!"

"Then I'm sorry sir, we have to decline your Visa application." The front desk agent said politely.



Do you know who I am?" The Captain yelled arrogantly.

As a proud knight Captain, when had he ever been belittled so much?

This was the height of disrespect.

"I'm asking you!!!

Do you know who I am?

How dare a puny peasant like you, deny my access!

Look at this... I'm an official knight Captain of Arcadina.

I command over hundreds of men under my unit... and if I want to crush this puny place of yours, then I would do so just like that!

So what if killing is a crime here?

With only 300 knights within this place, what can you all do to me?

And if you even dare to touch me, then I can assure you all that my master would send reinforcements to come and get me in a heartbeat.

When that happens.... I want you to have it in the back of your mind that, you see the one responsible for killing everyone here.

Now.... be a good dog, and give me the Visa thing... or else!!"


The front desk worker still kept her smile in place.


It all happened in a flash.

Very swiftly, several black uniformed people ran inwards the Captain and tried to restrain him.

But once the Captain's men saw this, they quickly pulled out their swords and ran towards the 'battlefield'.

Yves and Shylock also got up as well and stepped back, as they didn't want everyone to conclude that they were together with these morons.


"Please... drop your weapons, stay back and put your hands behind your heads now!" The security guards said calmly, as they pointed black metal objects at them.


The knights had quickly drawn their swords.

At this moment, thhe air was filled with tension, as numerous emotions completely engulfed the men.

"Put our hands behind our heads?


"Why are we even talking with them?

Let's just kill them now!"


"Please... this is your last chance.

Drop your weapons or face the consequences!" The guards reminded.

"What bloody consequences?

Brothers, let's attack altogether



Instantly, the guards shot their tasers at the knights... and their bodies immediately began to shake... like a fresh fish out of water.


The men shook, as their bodies turned limp fron the electric current.

Their muscles clenched so much, that even blinking.... seemed like a near impossible task for them to accomplish.

A painful vibrational wave, washed all over their entire bodies.... and every fiber within their body, felt like it was haphazardly speeding nonstop.

It felt like their bodies would rip apart from these deadly vibrations.

Some of them had even peed themselves throughout the entire ordeal.



The more Yves and Shylock continued to watched on, the more paler faces became from fear.

It was truly a jaw-dropping scene to watch.

Their legs trembled, and their bodies turned soft from the horror before them.

What im heaven's name was going on here?

They only had one thought now: Run!!!

They had to get out of this mad place no matter what.

Screw the mission!

This was definitely sorcery.


They fled nonstop, as they were eager to warn their master about these creatures who call themselves Baymardians.

They didn't even wait to see how those other people had turned out.... as they were scared silly by those shriveling men.

This Baymard was a HELL HOLE.

And no matter what, they couldn't afford to offend these monsters.


'Master... save us!'