11 A.M

It was a Fine Summer Morning.

The vibrant sun's rays were shining glorious, as it warmed up the land... as well as its habitats.

'Gallop! Gallop! Gallop!'

The steady sounds of horses could be heard speedily making their way through the rocky roads.

On the horses were 2 burly looking men, who were currently out on a mission from their master.

These men were Yves and Shylock.

Their master, City lord Marder.... had asked them to check out the situation within Baymard.

"I say we get this done with, and leave immediately." Yves asked.

"I agree!" Shylock replied.


One should know that Baymard was a place that no one could go as they pleased.... lest they incurred Alec Barn's wrath.

Presently, they knew that Alec was still trying to destroy their master.

So if he should ever find out that they had ventured there, wouldn't he use that as an excuse to eliminate their master?

Sure... it might take months or even years before Alec found out.

But once he did, in Marder's case... the result would be death.

Other people might be thrown in jail or beaten up.... but as Shannon's nemesis, how could Alec let it go just like that?

As they rode ahead.... they immediately spotted a silver-looking carriage, steadily making its way towards Baymard as well.



Yesterday.... one of their subordinates had reported the arrival of some strange visitors, who were apparently headed towards Baymard.

The subordinate had been on his way to relieve himself, when he accidentally heard part of their conversation.

As soon as the matter was reported, Yves and Shylock had sent some of their men to find out more about these strangers.

And from what they knew... these people also had different agendas as well.

They claimed to be here in order to look for spies from the empire of Terique.

But why the hell were they sneaking around and asking after one Baron Rodgers?

Something was completely fishy about their story.

Sure... they had a royal parchment paper saying that they should hunt down enemy spies within Western Arcadina.

But since when did western Arcadina mean Baymard?

From what they had gathered, this Baron Rodgers had gone missing a while ago.

And ever since his disappearance, these people had been using that Royal parchment paper to search for the Baron throughout Western Arcadina.

Bottom line... because of the arrival of these people, they had decided to wait and follow behind these strangers, so as to see how those knights in Baymard would treat visitors.

In their minds, they had decided to treat these strangers as Guinea pigs.


Meanwhile in the parade ahead, 15 knights on horseback, were currently safeguarding the silver-looking carriage at its center.

In the carriage were 3 people: 2 Knight Captains, and one personal butler.

A while back, their master... who was the city lord of Prisdon City, had suddenly given them the quest of killing

One of the knight Captains lifted up the carriage's red curtains, and quickly peeked at the path behind them.


Those 2 dirty looking riders are still following us!"


They're still behind us?"

"What do you think that they want to do?"

"What else?

I think they plan to rub us!"

"Or... they might be afraid of bandits, and thus planned to stick close to us."

One of the Captains frowned while deep in  thought.

"What if they were part of some gang bandits?

Who knows..... their friends might be up ahead, with hopes of jumping us anytime soon."

"Then what do we do?"


"Stop the carriage!!!!!"



The horses huffed, as their reigns were pulled by their riders.

Yves and Shylock looked ahead and sneered.

They too stopped.


The carriage door was opened forcefully.

"I say, you 2 there!... Are you trying to pick a fight with us?

Last time I checked, you weren't part of our group... so why would you stop when we stop?" As the Captain spoke, he immediately pushed his blue colored cloak to the side, revealing his chest and rank to them.

It seemed like he wanted to brag about being a knight Captain, so as to scare them off.


Typically, each rank had particular a particular badge shape for their knights.

These badges could have different crests on them, based on their master's family crests.

Badges could come in different designs and patterns... but the shape was what really distinguished one's status within knighthood.

For knight Pages, their badges were rectangular shaped.

For Captain's, their badges were star shaped.. .. and so on.

Looking at the badge, Yves and Shylock smiled at the clown before them.

Weren't they knight Captain's as well?

It was just that they were undercover right now.

Hence, they dared not take out their own badges... lest they completely ruined their mission.



"Answer me now dammit!!

Why the hell did you all stop?"  The Captain said, while drawing his sword.

"We stopped to relieve ourselves." Yves said smilingly, as he pointed at this 'thing'.

"Yeah..... and why are you looking at our 'things'?

Do you all swing that way as well?" Shylock teased.


The other knights outside were speechless.

'Who are they all trying to fool?'

Didn't they say that you want to relieve yourselves?.... then why are you both still seating on your horses?

Are u going to pee on the horses?

And why the hell are you all smiling like fools?

Are you all stupid or something?'


The Captain glared at them angrily.

He was already pissed off when they didn't acknowledge his 'Captain' badge.

But now, how dare they treat say that he was 'bent'?

No matter how much he yelled back at them or tried to scare them, they would only smile, giggle or treat him like a 5 year old toddler who was still throwing tantrums here and there.

This feeling was truly frustrating!


"Since you all are relieving yourselves, then we would hurry up along... so as to not bother you all any longer." The Captain said angrily, as he banged the carriage's door loudly.


He was so pissed.

He then poked his head out of the window and yelled: 'Drive!!!'

The procession continued, and just when he was about to relax... one of the gurads outside, tapped the carriage's door.

"Captains.... they're still following us!"