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Once they arrived at their destination, the workers slowly offloaded the ships from several Lowboys... with the help of other heavy machines.

The location they were at, was the side branch for the Newly established Fishing Industry, which had just been completed a few days ago.

In essence, the main headquarter was within the Lower region... but the branch sector was at the Coastal region.

The headquarters was where the accountants, secretaries and other other business workers met.

Also, within the headquarters... there were several industrial buildings meant for packaging and cleaning up fish or other captured goods.

As well as warehouses for storing packaged goods too.

3 hours later, everything was finally offloaded.


This side branch was very far away from all other harbor activities.... and could only be accessible to workers within the Fishing industry.

The region was well fenced and had its own private harbor at its front as well.

And of course within the branch, and around its perimeter.... there were also several regular guards and Coastal guards there too.... Just in case someone tried to sneak into Baymard from this end.

Other than the private harbor and security buildings, there were also 2 warehouse buildings, and 2 main employee buildings that have a food court, locker room, clinic and So on.

Border line, this industry was just a few days old... and now, Landon was ready to teach a few of them on how to operate the fishing ships.

"Have the workers been selected and briefed?"

"Yes your majesty!" Replied Mikael, one of the newly appointed Supervisors within the branch.

"Good!!!!!... let's go!"


Standing in front of him, were 12 selected workers from the Food industry.

Initially, these workers used to cast their nets around the harbor alongside others.... and wait for the fishes to fall into their traps.

The issue with this was that, if one wanted a large 'Catch'... then they would have to go further away from the shores or even the harbor.

And since they didn't have fishing boats, their yield for the day was typically too low.

Right now, fish was indeed expensive in Baymard.... this was because it was seen as a hot commodity.

The amount of fish caught had never been able to accommodate Baymard's growing population.

But with the creation of these ships, Landon was sure that the price of fish would eventually go down with time.

Of course pricing could also fluctuate depending on several reasons... like the increase or decrease in the ship's oil price, and so on.

One could never know tomorrow's economy.


For 4 days now, these 12 fishermen and women had been briefed on safety measures that they need to take on the ships, just in case something went wrong.

They had also been chosen, because they knew how to swim... as well as how to do several basic net knots.

Anyway, before they would be allowed to man a boat unsupervised... they would need to undergo a month of training, before they were good to go.

And who better to train them, than Landon and a few of those who built the ship?

Yup!... he had called out those 'engineers', to come out and assist him in properly explaining how to run these ships.

Of course, they didn't need to know every mechanical part of the ship... just the basics, and what to do if they were in a bind.

The situation was similar to those who drove cars.

Like knowing that overheating could mean that there's no water in the radiator... and so on.

Just driving and knowing these simple details, was enough.


For Landon's plan.... he first wanted to train these 12 people first... and from there, they would be in charge of training hundreds of others.

With these 12, each day... he would have everyone of them rotate jobs with each other.

So that by the end of their training, they would all be proficient at doing all jobs on the boat.

Today, the trainees would be divided into 2 groups.

6 would board one fishing ship with 4 other supervisors.... and the other half would board with 2 other supervisors and Landon.

Once everyone had boarded on the ships, they immediately set sail towards the open waters.


Kobe, who was one of the 12 selected fishermen.... was thoroughly amazed at the ship's design.

This was his first time on a ship, or even a canoe... so how could he not be intoxicated with excitement?

Standing on the ship and hearing the noisy vibrating engines rattle and churn... he couldn't help but grin widely, as he thought of how he would be charging these bad boys in the nearest future.


"And that's how the the mechanism works!" His majesty said, while pointing at a lever.

He had been attentively listening to his majesty, as well as reading the printed instructions about running the ship.... and controlling all the levers and buttons at the ship's control room.

Everything was labelled, and some of the buttons were even colored, green and so on.


His majesty had requested for the ship to stop, and the nets to be casted.

Several machines began to work, and very quickly.... the nets were immediately casted.

And after waiting for the net to sink, they continued on with their lecture again.

His majesty also talked about something poisonous called 'Jellyfish', and other weird names that he had never heard of.

But luckily, his majesty had given them sketches of what these creatures looked like.

So if he ever found one, he would be sure to never touch them no matter what.


Time flew by, and at the end of the lecture... his majesty had immediately requested for the net to be brought back up.

"Tessa... do you see the yellow lever with the label net on it?"

"Yes your majesty!"

"Pull it downwards until I tell you to stop!"

"Yes your majesty!" Replied Tessa, as she hurriedly made her way towards the switch.


The net slowly resurfaced, and to Kobe's shock... it was completely full.

Heck!.... he was sure that more than a 1000 fishes had been caught just from this round alone.

This was the biggest catch that he had ever seen in his entire life!

He couldn't help but smile bitterly, as he remembered how he used to catch 10 to 12 fishes a day.

The difference was truly too great.


--Riverdale City, The empire of Arcadina--



The massive golden colored door opened, and a 30 something year old knight walked in.

"You called my lord!"

"Yes.....any news?"

"My lord... no one has gone or come from there yet." Answered the knight, as he knelt before his master.

"Ohhhh... It seems like it's time!

"First thing tomorrow morning, go over to Baymard... and find out what exactly is going on there!"

"Yes my lord!"