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 Over these past few days, Landon had been jumping from one place to another... as well as entertaining Santa and his gang.

With the coronation ceremony just a few days away, of course he would be as busy as a bee.

Today, he was heading over to the Ship Manufacturing industry..... to assist in transferring out the finished products to the newly established fishing industry.


Ever since the industry's completion at the beginning of March, the workers had been busy working on 4 main projects within the industry: Commercial fishing ships, Marine warships, Coastal guard ships and Cargo ships.

So far, they had been working on these ships for 5 months now.... and only 2 categories out of 4 had been completed.

All these ships were being built within massive ship building warehouses, just like how it was done back on earth.

The workers would control large electrically powered machines, to attach the ship's metal frames and outer plates across its massive body.

Of course workers would also paint the walls, install the ships control systems, doors, windows and so on.


For fishing ships, they were typically small in size... and only had 2 decks in total.

So with the help of these machines, the workers were able to build one fishing ship in 3 weeks time.

Those working under this department... were divided up into 2 main teams consisting of 100 workers each, were all dedicated to producing as many fishing ships as they could.

And during these 5 months, Baymard had successfully built 10 fishing ships.

It could've been 13... but at the start of construction, the workers did some mistakes here and there.... which was practically fine.

It was all in the learning process.

After inspecting the products, Landon immediately headed for the Cargo Ship department.


For Cargo ships, of course there were different sizes for them.... so only the smallest size had been completed yet.

Even though there were several types of Cargo ships that existed back on earth.... Landon only chose to produce the ones that required cargo to be placed indoors.

Cargo ships that exposed large containers in the open, was of definitely a No No.

In essence, Landon had come up with 3 main sizes for indoor Cargo ships:

•2 decks below ground floor

•5 decks below ground floor

Of course above ground floor, each of these options would have several 2- 3 floor building structures at the back and the front of the main deck.

These ship layouts were all standard cargo ship designs that were used back on earth

In fact, some Cargo ships could have 8 to 9 floors below deck level... as they needed to transport cars, and other massive goods.

Right now, Landon felt like 8-9 floors below deck would be too much... hence he chose to stock to the max being 5 for now.

Of course even though these floors would be below deck... that didn't mean that they would be below sea level.

Just like cruise ships, or even the ship used in the titanic.... the deck was way up from the sea level.


Anyway, right now... the workers had only been able to complete one type of cargo ship.

And that was the one that had 2 decks below the main deck floor.

As for the workers within this department, Landon had divided them up into groups of 3... and this time, each group consisted of 350 workers in total.

They had used a total of 4 and a half months in completing this Cargo ship.

Hence Baymard now had 3 of these cargo ships in total.

As for the other type, Landon had placed groups of 600 to work on those ones... which should be completed sometime in December.

He looked at the half completed ships, and knew that he couldn't rush their progress rates.

Establishing Baymard's first Exportation sailors would have to wait.


Moving on to Coastal Guard ships, one first needed to access the duties of the coastal guards.

•Firstly they did search and rescues around the waters.

Be it looking for corpses or even identifying abandoned ships around Baymard's shores... they had to do all of that.

•Secondly, they were in charge of enforcing Baymard's Ocean laws.

Whether the laws were Environmental or even political, every law had to be followed to the latter.

•Thirdly, they were there to lookout for any enemy threats approaching by water, and inform the Marines... as well as do political negotiations if necessary.

•And lastly, they were the main people who assisted in pulling stranded ships towards the shores.

So with all these in mind, the coastal guards needed 3 types of boats:

•Tug boats

•Rescue boats

•Coastal Guard Weapon Ship


For tug boats, they were somewhat smaller than fishing ships.

And in their case, 2/3 of the boat is made up of massive mechanical engine systems..... that could even pull a stranded cruise ship all on their own.

Seeing it always amazed people.

How could a tiny boat pull a gigantic ship?

Anyway.. Baymard had a total of 9 tug boats in total.

Now with Rescue boats, these ones were somewhat smaller than Tug boats.

When rescuing someone, time was of the essence.... hence their small sizes were more suitable for the speeds at which they would travel at.


In total, Baymard had 24 of those boats.

With the tug and rescue boats, Landon felt like they had enough for now.... hence he allowed everyone within this department to focus on making weapon ships for the coastal guards.

Typically, Coastal guards had their own separate war ships.

As the ones who were always on the lookout, or always involved in negotiations... they needed to be secured and guarded.

Hence, their weapon ship had to be the same size as Marine War ships.

Looking at how far they had gone, Landon had immediately estimated that it would take another 3 months time, before the first set of Coastal guard ships would be built.

As for the Marine War ships, they too... would be completed around that same time frame.


Now that he was done with the inspection, it was finally time to transport these ships to the new Fishing Industry.


"Take it away boys."