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 After leaving the train, the children walked for a while until they finally came across a 5-storey massive building.

"We're here!

This is my favorite spot in the entire Baymard!" Little Momo said excitedly.

"So what will we do here?" Bridget asked curiously.

"Go-Kart racing!"


As they stepped into the building, they saw several other children and adults here for go-kart racing as well.

"Ahh... I forgot!

Since you guys are new, you'd have to take a 'MJ liscense' before you can drive yet.

But don't worry, on this first floor... you can get these liscenses at anytime." Momo said.

For Go-kart racing, Landon had followed basic standard rules back on earth and applied it here.

•From ages 5-10, the children could go-kart.. but they needed to get a MJ license (Mini-Junior license)

Basically, they need to be briefed on their safety gear, how to operate the go-karts and so on.

And after they're done, the will get a 6 month MJ license for karting.

Also, for this age group... even though their go-karts are fast, they wouldn't be as fast as tthtthe adult ones.

The maximum speed of these mini-junior Karts, have been significantly lowered for safety reasons.

•From ages 11-14, the children were now considered as Juniors... rather than Mini-juniors.

And here, they would have to get their 'J licenses'... which would expire yearly.

•And finally, those from 15 and above.... would now be considered as adults.

So they would get their safety briefings, as well as an 'A-licence'... which would expire every 2 years.

For go-kart racing... the only thing that Landon had changed about it, was the addition of licenses.

For him, safety briefings were very important.

Hence, he wanted the guests to be constantly reminded about them... even if they have to keep renewing their expired licenses now and then.


As for the building's structure, the ground floor was for safety reviews, liscense tests, approvals and renewals.

Moving upwards, the 2nd floor had a massive indoor track for the Mini-juniors to kart on.

And following that, the 3rd floor had an indoor track for the Juniors... while the 4th floor focused on the adults.

As for the 5th floor, it had conference rooms, offices for workers, accountants and so on.

Also, each floor had a restroom and an equipment fitting area.... and for food and drinks, one could find it at the massive food court within the Ground floor.

Now, one should know that Landon had also thought of outdoor situations as well.

Hence he had allocated land, the size of 2 estates, for go-kart racing.

At the back of the massive building, one would find 3 main tracks that have all been divided... by 4 feet tall fences.

One section was for the Mini-juniors, another for the juniors.. and the last one for the adults.

Each track was ridiculously large... with enough space for the racers to take turns, go up and down small slopes... and so on.

Also, each track space had a very small 2-storey empty car park-like space... for the drivers to drive on.

They would drive, spiraling upwards to the 2nd floor... and would finally drive downwards on a sloped bridge.

Landon had used the Niagara falls amusement park style for this part.

With a land space meant to fit 2 entire estates into it... Landon chose to make the ride epic for all riders.

In conclusion.... With both indoors and outdoor go-karting options, the attraction sight was definitely going to be a huge success!

If the outdoor tracks were full, then people could play indoors... and vice versa.

And If it was raining or snowing, the racers could still have fun indoors as well.


The children.. as well as their guards, spent about 40 minutes in getting their licenses.

They had sat in training go-karts, and had been instructed on how to maneuver the karts.

They had also been asked if they had heart problems or other illnesses as well.

And just to be sure that the children didn't hide anything, the workers had also asked the guards about it too.

Very quickly, the workers wrote their names up with a typewriter... cropped it out, signed it, stamped it, binded it between plastic casings.. and finally handed it to them.

"This is part of your identity... keep it safe at all times...."

They all nodded profoundly, as this was their first holding any document with their names on it.

The guards also got theirs as well, and hurriedly placed them in their new wallets.... as if it were some sort of secret document.

Today, they had gotten the sweet taste of driving these bad boys during their tests.

Sure, they were on duty now.

But come tomorrow, someone else would take their shifts as well.

By then, they would definitely come back here no matter what!

As they followed the children towards the outdoor track for Mini-juniors, they kept subconsciously touching their pockets.... in fear that their licenses would somehow magically roll out of their wallets, and out of their pockets.

One could never know.

After all, Baymard was a magical place..... so anything was possible.


"You guys are finally here!

Quick! Quick! Hurry up!

This race is about to end... soon, it'll be time for the next." Yelled Linda, as she immediately spotted them coming in.

Like the flash, they dashed over hurriedly and swiftly waited for the race to end.

2 minutes more, they were strapped into their karts and ready to go.

Hermon looked at the red light in anticipation.

From his briefings, he was told that red meant 'STOP', yellow meant 'get ready'... and green meant 'GO!'.

As he sat in the reddish black kart... his heart started pounding loudly from anticipation.

Time seemed to have stopped completely, as all sounds around him seemed to drown out from within his mind.

He felt young and alive.

He felt..... He felt.... Oh heavens, what the heck was this feeling?

He clenched his steering wheel hard, and smiled brilliantly underneath his reddish helmet... as he watched the light turn to yellow.

'This is it!', he thought.



He was off!


Starting off, he quickly drove past several others who were besides him.


Damn!... someone kept dancing infront of him, to keep him behind.

Hmpp!, not today.

He looked at the neatly grass, and decided to take a chance, they could arrive at the next bend.


Oh no... the grass was too slippery, and felt completely different from the road.

He could feel his kart almost loosing control!!

But looking at the upcoming bend... he knew that if he didn't get back on the track, then he would hit a large pile of tire walls (tires), at the side.

He clenched his teeth, and turned his steering wheel to the right forcefully.


He had successfully landed back on track before the bend... and had even passed that annoying person that kept dancing in front of him.

But little did he know that it was his own sister, Bridget.

'Clap! Clap! Clap!'

As he made the bend, several other children who were waiting in line... as well as workers, clapped vigorously.

Previously, several of them were already at the edge of their seats just from watching him.



"Damn!... I need to be as good as that racer!"


As the spectators cheered, the person in the Kart kept smiling blissfully.

Not because he could hear them, but because he couldn't stop the explosive feeling from within his heart.

This feeling..... !

He wanted to safeguard it forever.

'I feel alive!!!', he thought.


At the end of the day, he was the only newbie amongst them...to get it right.

One of his sisters crashed on the tires, while the other came dead last.

As for his brother... he too crushed on the tires as well.

It was epic!!

They raced for a few more hours... and when they were tired, they headed for the food court to fill up their bellies.

They sat down excitedly..... and spoke about their experiences, like love-struck teenagers.

"I love this go-kart racing thing!"

"Me too!"

"Bro... you were awesome out there!"

"Yeah!... How the hell did you make that turn with that speed?"

"It was awesome!... but I'm sure that if I had tried it, I would've probably hit those black walls (tires)"

"Black walls?... in your case, you would've probably flown over the entire estate."



The children laughed merrily, as they chewed down on their food like hungry lions.

Indeed, today had been a fun filled day for all of them.