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 A few days had passed since the gang had arrived at Baymard.

And so far... their stay here had been completely magical.

They felt like even if they spent over a year here, they would never be able to fully enjoy all the facilities that Baymard had to offer.

Today, the children were going to meet up with Little Momo, Linda and their friends.

Previously, they had heard that little Momo would be resuming school on August 3rd.

And since this was the last week of July, they immediately decided to have as much fun as they could with them.

The 4 juniors: Hermon (age 9), Bridget (age 9), Tobias (age 7) and Rebecca (age 6)....were all going out with little Momo today for a fun filled day.


"Mom, Dad... can we go now?" Hermon said, while fidgeting on his seat.

"Yeah! Yeah!... can we go now?" Rebecca added, while jumping up and down on the couch.

"Yeah!" Tobias and Bridget added

Normally, 9 year old Hermon was cool and collected.

But after staying in Baymard for just 3 days.... he immediately lost his cool, and acted his age.

As a noble, he was never allowed to just let loose... especially because he was a boy.

He had been training as a Knight page for 2 years now.. and it was essential for him to seem tough and manly at all times.

But yesterday, after he tried bike riding.... he threw his damn 'acting-tough' lifestyle out the window, and had fun for the first time in his life.

F*** it!.. it felt too good.

Tobias felt the same damn! way.


As for the girls, they was just 6 and 9 years old... so they were both fine.

Typically, women within the Pyno continent had to take posture classes at the age of 5, etiquette classes, knitting and so on.

A woman was trained to be obedient, perfect in house chores and speak less.... so as to not add more troubles onto her husband.

Apparently, the men hete loved submissive poppet-like women.

For nobles around the Pyno continent, they were also supposed to know poetry, and learn how to run and govern the man's estate, haram and businesses while he was at war or away.

No running about... except in their courtyards, no loud laughters in public and so on.

But for the women in Carona, they were exempt from all that crap!

They did what they wanted, and got the same jobless that men did.

So both of them weren't really restricted like other women within the Pyno continent.

But even so, they still coudnt stop themselves from feeling overly excited.

They had eaten and seen things that made their minds freeze from shock.... so how could they not be fidgety as well?


"Please... can we go now?"

Duchess Mina and Duke Samuel shook their heads helplessly, as they watched their adorable children jump up and down eagerly.

After having their own fun yesterday, they had also forgotten their ages as well.

So how could they not understand their children's emotions?

"You'll go... but after your lunch.

Now eat!" Duke Samuel said.

Time flew by... and very quickly, Little Momo, Linda and their friends, had arrived at the hotel lobby.

Of course once they came, the lobby receptionist took down Momo's name... and sent someone to confirm if the guests at the rooms were waiting for anyone or not.

Even if it was Landon himself who had arrived, they would still do the same thing again... unless it was a criminal investigation.

A while later, the children came running down hurriedly.. with 2 guards as their companions.

"Where are we going today?" They asked excitedly.

"Wait and see..."

"It's my favorite place of all"

"(Giggle giggle).... You'll know when we get there."


As they left, Little Momo and the other children teased them endlessly.


On their way, they took a train to reach their final destination.

Their luxurious hotel was at District D, and even though the place that they were going to was on the same district, it was still somewhat far.

It was kinda like the downtown of the Upper region.

Their hotel was close to the main highway, but the place they were going to, was further in... within the district.

They could've taken a bus to their location.... but today, the little Momo decided to teach them how to use the train.

They had been using the bus ever since they got here, and today would be their first time stepping in.

They walked to the train station, and little Momo and his friends quickly showed where they were on the map... and where they were going to next.

The guards played extra attention, so that next time... they could also make their own trips alone as well.

"This is platform 4, and since the time now is 1:08 P.M.... so we've got to take the 104-Gringott train, which will be arriving any moment from now."

"Ohh....and if you ever get lost, take the 101-Potter Train or the 109-Weasly train back."

"And if you lost your Map and need to check the train's time schedule.... Don't fret, just find any train station and you'll be good to go.

All train stations and train stops have large maps posted on the walls."



The train had arrived.


The children and their guards were all in marvel, at these things called 'trains'

They were bigger than those 'bus' carriages, and the seats were more spread apart as well.

There was also a voice that would remind people what stop it was... and several poles and hanging ropes within it, for people to hold onto if they didn't have seats.

In short, they felt that it was very well made.

The journey was short.... and very quickly, they had finally arrived at their destination.


"Now stopping at Jonathan street!" Said a loud voice.

"It's here let's go.... hold hands!!" Linda said, while holding her little Momo's hands.

One should know that the trains weren't the buses.

With buses, the driver would wait for you to even take your time and head out... but with trains, one only has a limited amount of time to head out.

She had once missed her slowness due to her slowness.

At that time, she had taken her time in placing her book in her zipped bag, before standing and walking unhurriedly towards one of the train's doors.

But when she got there, the door closed up right in front of her... forcing her to head back to her seat and jump off at the next stop.

Well.... never again!

"Com'on Com'on!

Hold hands quick and let's go!"