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 "It was... it was Mr. Death!"


The men who were about to engage in battle, stopped... as they saw that both of their leaders stopped as well.


"Dammit!!!" Connor exclaimed, immediately scaring the already frightened James.

"Wha...what's wrong big brother?"


Dear little foolish brother.... do you know why I've been asking you this question?" Connor asked playfully.

James shook his head exaggeratedly, as he was still scared silly.

A while ago, he could've sworn that he had seen his life flash before his eyes... as Connor was just a few seconds away from slicing off his head.

The shock and fear had rendered his brain to stop functioning momentarily.

"You know what?

I also hired Mr. Death to deal with Eli as well.

So tell me, what does this mean for us?"

Connor looked at James, who kept shaking his head like a lizard... and felt like beating him up.

How could such a stupid wimp, think of competing for the throne with him?

The heaven's were really blind!

'What a slow brainless person', Connor's men thought.


"It means that we have been set up" Connor said, while smacking the back of James' head.

And after a moment of silence, Jame' eyes finally lit up.

"Ahh!... We were set up!!" James exclaimed in shock.

"Oh for heaven's sake!!!

Of course you were set up!!!" Yelled an annoyed mysterious voice.


Immediately, everyone turned around to see who it was.

Connor and James' eyes lit up, as they immediately recognized who the owner of the voice was.

"It's you!!!" They yelled.

"Sorry I'm late... I hope I didn't miss the party yet." Said the mysterious Mr. Death, who was standing at the door with his men besides him.

Connor looked at Death coldly.... and tightly held in sword in anger.

"You.. you see us up!" James exclaimed in fear.

"Yes Yes Yes... we've established that already.

Honestly, are you always this slow?

Even I am getting annoyed in explaining this simple logic to you!"

"You!!..." James exclaimed in fear.

Yes, he was angry... but he was also fearful of Mr. Death and the men beside him.

"But why did you set us up?

Who are you working for?" Connor asked, while trying to mask his anger.

Death smiled underneath his mask, and walked slowly into the room alone... while his men stood at the door.

"Would you all like to play a game?"



The room fell silent, as the men were confused about what they had just heard.

Was it just them, or did this hooded assassin really ask them to play a game.

Death smiled, as he watched their faces distort and twist from confusion.

In truth, the missions that he always enjoyed... were those that were 'Interesting' to him.

This time, his employer had told him to have all the fun that he could get.... so why not play to his heart's content?

"Yes... a game.

Are you all interested?"

Hearing that, the knights didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Did this guy bring them all the way here, just so that they could play some stupid game with him?

I mean, how lonely did one have to be to resort to this?

As they thought the way that they almost lost their lives in the previous battle outside, they almost felt like ganging up on him now.

"Screw you!!"

"Who the hell would want to play your sick games?"

"Go to hell, and f*** your games."


The men replied emotionally, as they yelled out at the top of their lungs.

James looked at Mr. Death in annoyance.

Why the hell would he play any damn game?

Any moment from now, his men would burst through his building and rescue him.

Yes.... they would come for him.

"You all have no choice!

Right now, your men have killed each other during your previous battle.

And those that survived the ordeal, have already been captured by my own men.

Trust me... they were just a handful.

So to put it bluntly, you all make up 9/10 of today's survivors.

Isn't that exciting?"

Everyone was shocked by what they were hearing.

They had thought that maybe some of their men would come in and save them..... but sadly, their hopes had been crumbled down by this dastardly Mr. Death.

Silly.... since I was the one who brought you all here, then that means that I have a way to kill any of you anytime I want.

Like I said... You don't have a choice.

You either play my game, or you die.

The choice is yours to make!"


Everyone quickly quieted down, as they now knew that this man had their lives in his hands.

Connor who had been listening to the scumbag talk, was finally convinced about their survival chances.

"Hmmp!...You said it's a game right?

Then what do we get for winning this game?"

Death looked at Connor for a while before bursting out from laughter.


This is the first time that someone has ever asked me this question.

Although you're too hot headed, I still find you very interesting.

Yup.... I like you!!" Death said, while sizing Connor up.

"I wish I could say the same about you... I hate you!

Not only did you not help me in killing my target, but you also set me up to die!" Connor yelled.

"True... but everyone dies right?

So am I really to blame here?"


Everyone was truly baffled at Mr. Death's shamelessness.

Even Connor and James were shocked.

Was this still the same mysterious guy who instilled fear in them previously?

Who had switched personalities with him?

But what they didn't know was that Death was always cold and aloof... until he found something 'interesting' to do.

A man like him had all the money, power and influence around him.... so he got really bored being the number one assassin in Arcadina.

Everything was easy for him.

There were almost no challenges, and his life was seemingly meaningless.

Hence whenever he stumbled upon interesting missions, how could he not be happy?


"Alright.. alright... alright.

Enough chit-chat!

What do you want if you win?"

"I want to know who your employer is!"

As the knights heard Connor's suggestion, they couldn't help but nod.

Because if they ever survived this 'game', then they would definitely march up to the culprit and hack his body into multiple pieces.

"Well.... I can't tell you who my employer is.

But I can leave you a single clue at the end.

How does that sound?"

Connor thought for a while before accepting.

The ball was in Mr. Death's court, so he really didn't have a choice to begin with.


Death looked at him and grinned.

"That's more like it!!!

And just so you all know.... I'll be keeping you here for a week and a half, before letting the winners out.

It's not like you all have a choice here... so smile and loosen up.

Because soon, the games will finally begin!!"