"No! No! No! No!!!!

Why are you here?"


Standing before James, was his second brother.... Connor Barn.

Connor had been standing by his table like a boss.... while his subordinates all guarded around him like a president.

Before James had broke down the door, all of Conor's men within the room had regrouped and formed a shield around him.

They had also placed several items around the door so as to keep their enemies out.... but of course, that they were all pushed aside by their enemies.

As the 'bangs' from outside the door grew louder, Connor and his men had unsheathed their swords in preparation for a bloody battle.

Soon, he would be facing his greatest nemesis.

Those were his thoughts, before James finally burst the door wide open, and walked in like a proud peacock.

Connor first looked at James in confusion..... which later developed into anger.

A while ago, he had made a deal with Mr. Death.


Mr. Death had told him that Eli's camp was somewhere around the outskirts of this city.

Hence 4 days ago, he had arrived within this estate, as per Mr. Death's request.

His plan was to wait here for Mr. Death, before they March towards Eli's camp together.

Now fast track back to this evening... when his men reported that they were under attack, he had thought that Eli had discovered his plan... and was here to deal with him permanently.

But who would've thought that it would be his stupid little Brother, James instead?

"I should be asking you the same question, instead.

James... why the hell are you trying to kill me?" Connor said in an intimidating tone.

He couldn't accept this outcome.

In fact, he would've been willing to die under Eli or any other knight.

But to die under James' hands, would be the most disgraceful thing that he could ever face.

It was a serious stain to his reputation... and even if he died, he was sure that his soul would never rest in piece.

In his opinion, it was better for him to commit suicide on the spot, than to have James end his life.


"No no no no elder bro....I think this is all a misunderstanding.

How can I try to kill you?

I.. I thought you were elder brother Eli, that's why I barged in." James anxiously, as he tried his best to avoid Connor's glare.

He was still cowardly after all... and whenever Connor yelled at him, he would subconsciously shriek from fear.

His voice became as low as a mouse, as he tried his best to coax this elder bro of his.

Sure... he wanted to kill Connor too.

But now, he realized that he couldn't.

Before coming in, Mr.Death had said that Eli always had about 50 people with him in the room.

But now, the situation was different.

Firstly, this was Connor and not Eli.

Secondly, Connor was currently surrounded by about the same number of guards as he had.

And thirdly, he wasn't sure if Mr.Death would aid him in taking Connor down as well.

Plus... this brother of his was a hot headed person who loved to fight restlessly.

Any wrong moves could result in a punch to his face.

Hence, he chose to act docile for the time being.

But he couldn't help but wonder about the mix up.

What was going on?

How could Mr. Death confuse Eli with Connor?

Connor was thinking the same too.

Even though he felt like roasting his brother's head on a stick, he still wanted to get down to the bottom of this.

So that in the end, he would know who else he had to roast as well.

Sure he loved fighting... but even though he was not as smart as Eli, his brain was still better than most people's.

Something about the situation didnt sit right with him.

This whole thing was too strange to be a coincidence.


"Wait!... You said that you were here to kill elder brother Eli?" Connor asked curiously.

"Yes.. yes big bro.

I asked an assassin to kill him... and we made a plan to do it tonight." James answered anxiously, as his eyes met Connor's cold glare.

'Assassin... Assassin' Connor mumbled while deep in thought.

"Who was this assassin?"

"That.... That.... I can't say elder bro" James replied, while awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

What a joke, he still wanted Mr.Death to kill Connor, so how could he say anything now?

He was afraid that if he confessed, Mr. Death would just leave him out here for good.

Connor squinted his eyes, coldly looked at this ungrateful brother... and sneered.

"James.... I'll give you one last chance.

Say it now, or you'll die by my hands!!"


He quickly removed his sheath belt from his waist, and placed it down neatly on his table.

Most men liked fighting and running with their swords on their hands and their sheaths on their waists.... but Connor found the sheath to be a burden.

Hence whenever he seriously wanted to fight, he would throw his sheath away before engaging into battle.

James' face completely lost color, as he immediately understood what his barbaric elder brother was about to do.

For heaven's sake, he was still heavily injured... and even though he could walk and run for a while, his wounds would immediately tear open if he did any strenuous activities.

Right now, he could only spectate or run... fighting was definitely not an option!!


"We... we can talk this through elder bro... so please calm down.

I know you're only joking about killing me, right?" James said anxiously, while backing away from Connor and his men... who were moving closer to him.

"You've known me for so long little bro.

So tell me, when have you ever seen me joke around?

Tell me the name of the assassin, and I promise to let you leave."

James remained tight lipped, as he nervously looked at Connor.

"It seems like you really want to die.

Well then, I won't disappoint you on granting your death wish."

James legs went soft, as he watched Connor run towards him in full speed.

This psycho brother of his would really kill him if he didn't say anything.

He had thought that Mr. Death would pop out any moment from now and kill Connor.

In fact, he was almost confident that Mr. Death would save him.

But the closer Connor got, the more his confidence diminished.

Why had Mr. Death not made a move on Connor yet?

Did he truly abandon him?



"Stop! Stop! Stop!

I'll talk... I'll talk.

It was... it was Mr. Death!"