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 As they fought their way in.... some pesky archers on the walls, kept shooting a few of them down.

But so what?

No matter how many arrows they shot, it wasn't enough to stop a moving force of over a thousand men.

Some of the men saw several wooden ladders around the walls, and quickly went over to climb them.

'Ptho! Ptho! Ptho!'

The enemy knights on the walls shot several arrows at the men who were trying to climb up the wooden ladders.


The first men to climb were shot..... and just when they were about to fall, the second men on the ladders used their bodies as shields.

"Men... form a Larborge around the ladders" Commanded one of the men.

Immediately.... The men around the ladder had formed some sort of human support chain around the ladder.

With this chain, many other people climbed on each other, and supported the person ahead of them.

Then... the person who was holding the dead body, was steadily pushed up top.

And when the archers ran out of arrows and tried to get more, the men swiftly made their move and attacked them brutally.


Several swords had cut the heads and body parts of multiple archers, who were all surrounded by these pack of bloodthirsty men.

The entire scene was gruesome, with blood squirted out from several blood vessels from these unfortunate archers.

Of course some archers had brought their swords along... and were struggling to fight, even though they were surrounded with no way out.

'Cling! Cling! Cling!'

Those archers who tried their best to fight... were pinned down forcefully, and stabbed multiple times all over their bodies.

Their chest, arms, necks... and even their belly buttons were accidentally stabbed... as they were surrounded by a pack of men with swords from all directions.

For some, they were pinned down hard, and their eyes were plucked off... like marshmallows on a stick.

'Stab! Stab! Stab!'


The gut-wrenching pain was all that they could feel... for their life force was quickly ascending above the brutal Hertfilian world


As the battle continued, everyone suddenly heard a loud battle cry from ahead.

The enemies had finally regrouped as one unit, and were rapidly storming straight for them.

"Quickly!.. Formations!"

'Tip! Tip! Tip! Tip!'

The men swiftly formed very long lines across the estate.

And by the time they were done, they briskly charged forward like raging lions.

As they charged, James looked at his third in command and nodded.

Right now, they had to sneak into the main building using Mr.Death's map.

Like lightning, several men immediately formed a massive shield around James and 200 other knights.

'Cling! Cling! Cling!'

The shields fought off anyone around them, as they tried to move James and the 200, away from the battlefield... and closer to the main buildings back passageway.



As the battle went on, some of the enemies quickly surrounded Eli's human shield... and tried to kill them all.

"Your highness... let me lead the shield forward!" Said his third in command.

Hastily, he pushed his way from the center of the human shield... and tried his best to ward off the enemy knights.

His main goal was to fight, while nudging highness' group ahead.

And a while later, they had finally arrived at a massive ancient looking door.


The huge heavily carved ancient door, was studded with iron and had a golden cord doorknob on it.

The hundred year old marks on the door, did nothing to hide its ancient beauty.

The door handle was intertwined with several overgrown vines, that curled around it... giving a mysterious feel to it.

But who cares about the beauty of the place?

"Break it down Now!!!"

-A while later-


The men had successfully pried and kicked the damn door wide open.

Actually, they had all been struggling to open it this entire time.

At the other side of the door, several enemy guards had surrounded the door... and tried to push their weight against the door.

But unfortunately for them, James' team was ready for action... and they quickly pushed down the weak sissies.


Immediately, the enemy knights who had been pushed aside, tried their best to stop these intruders.

Of course some turned around and ran off... as they were going to report this matter to their master as well.

But how could James let them go far?

All 200 knights charged and quickly defeated the 30 who were guarding the door.

In fact, it was overkill.

'Stab! Stab!'

'Slash! Slash!'

'Poke! Poke!'

'Ahh!! Ahh!'

Well, now that they were done with this little hindrance.... like the flash, they speedily ran through the long curved-like hallway before them

As they ran proudly, James' heart rate accelerated steadily.... as it pounded excitedly from the thought of Eli's death.

Just a little bit more, and the Throne would finally be his.


Coming out of the tunnel, they were immediately greeted with several other guards who were currently standing around a massive bronze colored door.

Again, they fought their way through.... and passed through 3 other doors before arriving at a massive grand hall within the main building.

"Your highness.... I think they're inside!" Said his third in command.

James nodded, and the knights immediately tried to open the bronze colored door.


The door was pried open... and James walked in like a glorified King.

Finally!..... his dreams would become reality.

Ohhh... how he had waited for this day!

His smile was as broad as a Cheshire cat's, as he walked in... trying to loom all proud and domineering.

'Elder brother, weren't you always the smartest?

Didn't father give you all his love?

Weren't you untouchable?

Hahahahhaha... this day would be your last.

Today will be your end.... my dear elder brother Eli.'

James was on cloud 9, as he thought that nothing could possibly ruin this day.

But of course, life always had a way of nipping one in the butt.


James stepped into the room full of smiles, but just one look at the man before him and his lips quivered in anger.

"No! No! No! No!!!!

Why are you here?"