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 --Cyline City, Arcadina--


'Trinkle!! Trinkle!! Trinkle!!'

The rain had been drizzling for 6 hours now.

In fact it was so light, that no one could feel any tiny droplets sprinkling onto their bodies.

The light shower quickly cooled the hot air from the summer night, instantly refreshing and calming all those around the vicinity.

And because it had been falling for several hours now, the earth had immediately soaked up the rain..... forming several puddles across the hard stony ground.

'Creek! Creek!'

Even in this weather, the night was filled with melody....  as a massive group of knights stealthily made their way towards a deserted looking estate.

Amongst these men, was James Barn.

Several months ago, he had met with Mr.Death.

And surprisingly, even though he didn't have enough money for the job.... Mr. Death had still agreed to aid him in taking care of Eli.

From Mr. Death's intel, Eli should already be in this estate at this moment.

Apparently, this estate was one of his secret bases.


"Your highness... can we really trust this Mr. Death?" Asked one of James' commanding Captains.

"His right your highness!!!

Should we really trust someone who has no honor?"

"Your highness... I think we should think this through a little bit more."

From his experience, assassins weren't all that loyal.

And this Mr.Death was too mysterious to be trusted.

"Of course we can!

He is known for always completing his jobs, no matter what request he takes.

So since he dared to take this task, then that means that he would do his best to accomplish it.

Now stop being such a baby." James answered with an irritated tone.

James had been waiting for this opportunity for months now... so how could he let it go just like that?

His men must be really crazy or too chicken, to demand such from him.

Besides, he still held a deep rooted grudge against Eli for disgracing him.

In his mind, Eli was the one who paid for those assassins to beat him up helplessly.

He had been in bed for months now... and frankly speaking, he wasn't fully cured yet.

He couldn't really fight at his full capacities... hence he had brought out a large number of his men here to do the fighting for him.

He just didn't want to miss the moment when his men would pin down Eli.

In fact, he wanted to be the one to slice off Eli's head clean from his neck.

Just thinking about it made his smile blossom like a maiden in love.

So how dare his men say that he should back out now?

"Hmmp!!... if you're too scared, then say so.

Don't keep using Mr.Death as an excuse.

We will strike tonight, and that's that!"

"Yes your highness" Answered the helpless knight.


James had brought 3500 men to deal with Eli.

Presently, he and his men were stealthily closing in on the estate.

From Mr. Death's report, Eli only had 2,200 men within the estate.

So, James was sure that with 3,500 men, they could easily wipe out Eli's 2,200 just like that!

The closer they got, the louder the sounds from their enemies.

Some guards around the estate were gisting with each other.... while others were busy patrolling around the estates gates.

When everyone was in position, James' second in command quickly raised his sword in the air and yelled:


"Yahhhhh!!!!!!!" The men replied, as they swiftly ran towards the estate.

As knights, sneaky moves were seen as cowardice.

So running up ahead and letting the enemy know that they were here, was the right way to go.

They were not assassins.... they were knights.

They acted like the 'Spartans' in the movie '300:', who just ran up yelling at their enemies.

I mean, you've already set up traps and sneaked in, why yell and ruin it all?

Also... Normally, if they were here to take over a city or town, then James would've sent a messenger over.

The messenger would negotiate with those who want to be slaves and so on.

But this mission was to kill Eli, and not to take over anything..... Hence no messengers are required for this one.

As per normal code of conduct, even if they sneak attacked... they were supposed to announce their presence just before the attack.

Hence they yelled out when they were a little distance from the estate.

Anyway, they were knights with honor and pride.

Hence they ran in, like indestructible forces from hell.



The men ran towards the estate with bloodthirsty eyes, as they held their swords firmly in their hands.

Their prominent muscles and veins bulged out like balls of strength, rippling across every part of their bodies... as they charged forward like seasoned warriors.

'Splash! Splash!'

Their feet caused droplets of muddy water, to dance energetically from the ground in a haphazard manner.

Very quickly, some of the enemy guards at the gates rushed forward in attempt to counteract the men.

Others ran into the estate to alert their master, while some tried to close the estate's main gate.

But of course, it was too late.


'Cling! Cling! Cling!'

Those at the gates had been killed, and the men stormed into the place like an angry mob.

One should know that their enemies didn't expect any attacks.... so they were a little bit unprepared.

Captain Hoghins who was James' fourth in command, quickly led his own squad forward.

Instantly, he spotted an enemy running towards him.

The enemy tried to cut his left hand off with his sword.

But he quickly, blocked the enemy's attack... and kicked the enemy's knee with his right leg.


From tears, he wasted no time in swinging his sword in full force.


The enemy's right hand had been cut off.


Followed by the enemy's head.

Of course he didn't have time to celebrate his victory, as another enemy was making his way towards him.

With this one, before the enemy could even attack him... he quickly ducked and hugged the enemy's waist, forcing him to fall on his back.


His sword had once again pierced through his enemy's body... seething deep into his heart.

This was war!!!