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 "Little bro...uncles..  aunties... I'm back"



'You little brat!... Can't you see that this is not the time for this?' The gang thought, as they watched the shameless Santa run towards the descending immortals.

Baron Hamilton felt like spanking this disgraceful son of his, while Olivia felt throwing their shoes at the idiot.

Carmelo and Adrian looked up to the ceiling and prayed for patience..... while the children all buried their heads in their hands in shame.

Duchess Mina, the other women, men and guards who had followed, also felt like hitting Santa for the very first time.

Hey was this punk always like this?

Since they didn't know these immortals personally, they didn't want them to be offended by Santa..... hence they were somewhat worried.

But after seeing that the immortals didn't mind, everyone sighed from relief.


It seemed like they were close after all.

After Santa freed Landon from his bear hug... Landon immediately stepped forward to greet the gang.

"Welcome to Baymard everyone.

Benjamin has told me so much about you all.

I'm Landon Barn, this is my mother Kim Obley..."

The introductions proceeded with both sides introducing themselves to each other.

And at the end, Mother Kim, Mother Winnie, Grace and Lucy took the women away for fun.

While little Momo and Linda took the kids to go pay at the indoor playroom.

As for the royal guards, they were given a day off and told to do whatever they liked around Baymard.

And finally... the only people who were left with Landon were the men.

He quickly led them to his cozy study room, as he knew that they had Private matters to discuss with him.


"On behalf of Carona, I'd like to thank you all for assistance." Carmelo said while bowing.

Immediately, all the men bowed as well.

Without Landon's help, who knows what other things Nopline would've done in future.

With his power, the man could even integrate himself into the empire... as well as take over it in the nearest future.

Landon had destroyed his main routes in Carona... and for that, they were be ever grateful to him

So bowing was the least that they could do.

Landon looked at them and smiled.

"Please... raise your heads.

Honestly, we should be the ones bowing to you instead.

I've heard a great deal about Carona and its Excellent leaders.

From your principles, acts and sense of justice.... you all are the type of people that the Pyno continent needs to look up to.

I've admired you all for a long time, as I truly feel like your earnest efforts... has turned Carona into an outstanding empire.

Benjamin is my sworn brother... so if ever he or his people were in danger, I would do my best to help at all times.

What I did was not just for Carona, but for those innocent, weak and defenseless people... who had been dragged into slavery.

So please, raise your heads .... as we did what we should've done in the first place.

If you all really want to thank us, then can we drop this whole formal way of speaking?

It makes us sound so distant." Landon said, with a warm smile on his face.

Once everyone heard him, they couldn't help but smile as well.

"Good! Good! Good!... This is how it ought to be!" Adrian exclaimed happily while patting Landon's left shoulder.

They all felt proud, as someone had finally praised their long standing efforts at changing the continent.

People laughed at them for stopping slavery, whe others treated them as weaklings.

But this immortal king also thought the same way as well.

"By the way, while we talk.. would you all like to play Chess?"

Chess?... what was that?


A while later, everyone was so into the game.

"Old man, you're cheating!"

"Puii!!... who needs to cheat when playing with you?"

"This is your 2nd loss... are you sure that you want to continue on?

Don't forget.... if you loose, then I get to keep 100 BAYs."

"Hmmp!... you talk too much, play the damn game!!"


As they played, Landon began to think about the treaty even more.

From the system's rules... he had to sign the treaty within 5 months.

But he also had to sign it after he was officially crowned.

Hence he had planned to make the Coronation day at the end of next week.

Even though they were impressed by what they saw... People like Carmelo and Adrian wouldn't sign a treaty if they didn't know how the people truly lived.

Were the people living in slavery, suffering or was all this a front to rope them in.

Hence within this time before the Coronation, Landon wanted Carmelo and the others to see how the people were living and understand Baymard better.

Partnership in itself was a business.

No one would allow to partner themselves with any brand or company, if they thought that the brand was doing some shady activities in the dark.

After the Coronation day, Landon would wait a little more before popping the question.

Within this time frame, he hoped that they would better understand what Baymard's lifestyle and promise for the future.

As the men played, they began to feel at ease with each other.

They started telling jokes, and even playfully teasing each other... and soon, they felt like old pals.

At the end, they didn't even notice that they had spent more than 4 hours in Landon's office.

They had played chess, and also fought with each other in the training room within the office.

They had bonded extremely well when fighting.

What surprised them the most was that these Baymardians were all pros in hand combat.

Even immortal Landon was as fierce as a beast when dealing with them.

Adrain couldn't help but give 2 thumbs up, when they watched Landon literally lift Santa up in the air like (King in Tekken), and slammed him hard on the foamed padded floors.


As for Lucius, he had won several times when fighting Carmelo and Baron Hamilton... but this people kept coming back for more beatings.

Especially Baron Hamilton.

"One more time!"






Baron Hamilton was confused, he had seen Lucius' hands coming for his chest... so how was it that  after blocking it, he would end up lying on the floor?"

What hand technique was that?

He found that he wasn't as flexible as he thought he was.

Lucius would bend in all kinds of positions when fighting...  sometimes he would fall to the floor in a split, and other times he would act like a crane.

It was like there was no end to his abilities.

Adrian looked at these fights... and had immediately assessed that the men here were more proficient than them.

Be it their king or soldiers, everyone of them was good at close combat.

But when the men from Carona were fighting, their fighting stance was always that of someone who was holding a sword or dagger.

He couldn't help but think about Landon and his men.

What were their training methods?

And would they be willing to teach them as well?

Landon looked at the men who were deep in thought and smiled.

This was the desired effect that he had hoped to achieve from these activities.

Be it chess or close combat...  he wanted to show them the endless possibilities within Baymard.

With this, hopefully.... they would be more willing to sign the treaty with Baymard.


--Cyline City, Arcadina----


"Is it here?"

"Yes your highness..... this is the spot!"

"Good!... lead the way, it's time to end this once and for all!!"