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 The gang excitedly proceeded to the bank..... and an hour and a half later, they had all been thoroughly briefed about their new bank accounts.

As well as the use of money here.

In essence... 1 copper coin was equivalent to 0.7 BAY.

[0.7 BAY=1 CC]

They had been told about the exchanges, as well as what the improtance of their individual account books.

Everyone above the age of 15 could open up an account..... and parents who want to plan for their children, could open things like trust funds and so on.

They were all impressed with the banking system, and felt like this sort of system should be applied in Carona as well.

"So, we can make money just by leaving our money in our accounts?... Amazing!!!"

"I like this system.... this way, no one can touch anyone's money without permission."

"Kid!... are these the royal family members on these BAY paper notes?"

Everyone's eyes twinkled, as they looked at the shinny money in their hands.

They Immediately bought some wallets from within the Bank, and placed some of their money in it, just like the workers had said.


Stepping out of the bank, they were immediately greeted by 20 men and women... who were dressed in greenish Camouflage attires.

"Salue Esteemd Guests!" Gary commanded.

And immediately, the rest of the soldiers placed their feet close together and their right hands on their heads.

They looked like an organized unit of ants performing the same actions at the same time.


Their majestic display of self-discipline and attentiveness.... had won Baron Hamilton's respect.

He was a battle fanatic, who was always crazy about training men daily and fulfilling official duties daily.

This level of self-restraint was something that wasn't easy to learn or do.

Already, he was somewhat curious about their training methods.

Not just him.... all the men, even the royal guards and young boys who were pages and squires, were amazed and curious as well.

And to their surprise, they could also spot several women amongst the group as well.

Previously, they had thought that Carona was the only place that accepted women to join the empire's forces.

But now, they were pleased to see that Baymard was quite similar to them in this aspect as well.


"Welcome to Baymard esteemed guests!!

King Landon Barn had sent for us to check on you all.

He humbly asks to know your schedules... so that he could arrange a time to meet you all.

If you all are available now, then we could lead you to his majesty.

But if it is inconvenient right now, then we will be here to know your availability on the matter.

Everyone here is his Majesty's honored guest, so whatever works for you, will work for his majesty too." Gary said with a welcoming smile on his face.

"Elder Gary... of course we'll go now.... Duhhh!" Santa said playfully while poking Gary's jaw.

Over the last mission, he and Gary had bonded as well as they sailed for a month towards Carona.

"Our schedules aren't important... we can see him now."

"Yes yes... we'll go now!"

"We want to see him too!"


"No problem esteemed guests... please follow us and board this V.I.P bus." Gary said, while pointing towards a sleek black colored bus behind him.

Right now, even though cars have been manufactured.. they wouldn't be launched till a few days from now.

Landon wanted to put on a car show for the citizens, so that they could know the cars better.

Presently, the people had been taking driving exams using some of the manufactured cars.

So once the car show ends, the car shops would be officially opened, and everyone could buy their own cars and drive around the city... provided they have their driver's liscense.

As of now... the people used the buses or trains to quickly get around Baymard.


The bus took off.... and after a while, they had finally arrived at the grandest Castle that they had ever seen.

Everyone sighed in defeat.

Forget Carona, this palace was probably the most beautiful one in the entire Pyno continent.

Scratch that!.... the best in the entire Hertfilia.

And stepping into the palace's main building, they all thought that they would faint from constantly being shocked.

A man could only take so much, alright?

Everyone became slightly nervous, as they felt like they were going to meet a living God.

Only Santa seemed normal.

Walking passed the stunning room with mirrored walls, they quickly stepped into another large hall.

"Little Bro!!!!!"

As if on queue, everyone looked up at the massive golden stairway and saw 12 figures descending.


Landon was wearing a white outfit similar to his 'prince Charming' one.. while Lucius was wearing a black colored one and Beri wore a blue colored one.

On their outfits, one could see badges on them as well.

As for little Momo, he wore a blue prince outfit.. and Linda wore a pink princess gown.

On the other hand... Mother Kim, Mother Winnie and Grace all wore simple but elegant colored clothing pieces, that made them look like Greek goddesses.

The styles were somewhat similar to Megara's outfit in Hercules.... but more covered up around the chest region.

And finally, Lucy wore a white Aurora outfit that made her look like she was a beautiful fairy queen from a mythical realm.

Major General Josh, Mike and Captain Trey, were also there.... and they wore their military uniforms as well.

For Landon, all these people were his family members, so it was best for them to meet these esteemed guests.

Of course Gary was also present, as he had brought in the guests from the bank.


'Tip! Tip! Tip!

As the immortals descended, everyone below almost forgot to breath.

In their eyes, these beings were definitely immortals.

Just like the sun, they gave off a feeling of having people orbiting around them as they shone brightly.

The bright sunny smile from these immortals, warmed up... as they watched them inch closer and closer towards them.

Just when they were basking in the glory of these stunning beings... someone just had to ruin their glorious vision.


"Little bro...uncles..  aunties... I'm back"