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 As for the V.I.P members, they had the option of using a V.I.P bus or getting individual Car rides.

But since they came with their family at the 'ordinary' section... they chose to forgo these options and join the rest of their family members.

So far, they had been extremely pleased with their preferential treatment here.

They had eaten the chicken wings, pizza, ice cream and other heavenly food items....as well as drank some of the awesome beverages around, like Champagne.

They were also given little bags that had a welcome message from the king, free pens, and many more goods.

This V.I.P sure was something!

After meeting up with the rest of the gang, everyone immediately began shopping to their heart's content.


"I'm getting this one!!"

"Honey.... do you think that this hat looks good on me?"

"This lip gloss thing is really amazing!"

"Mummy mummy.... can I have this pink bag please?"

"Look!... this is used for writing... they call it a pen!!"

"Look at this one!... they said it's a watch, and it tells the time?"



The gang felt like these items were the best that they had ever seen.... even the guards couldn't help but agree as well.

If they had known that Baymard was like this, then they would've tried to bring their wives as cooks for the trip or something.

The children were excited as well, as they could also see pens, books, and cool bags of all colors... with the words 'Baymard' on them.

15 minutes passed by in a blink of an eye.... and soon, they could see a magnificent giant carriage driving towards them.

Where were the horses?

What was happening here?

Everyone quickly went out like mindless zombies... who were stuck in stupor at the sight before them.

The glorious red colored carriage stood firm and tall, like a warrior on the battlefield.

At least in their eyes, this carriage was way sturdier than those wooden carriages that they were used to.

Santa looked at their expressions and smiles.

'Been there, done that', he thought.


Once everyone got on and sat on the soft cushions, they all looked over at Santa again.

If eyes could kill, he would be dead by now.

How dare he come h6er multiple times and not even bother to take them as well?

Wasn't this guy just stingy?

Would it kill him to just bring them along too?

Even Santa's father and mother, Baron Hamilton and Olivia... were somewhat dissatisfied with this son of theirs.

But they had all forgotten that not long ago, most of them had wanted to kill Santa.... for dragging them all the way from Carona to Baymard.

As the bus proceeded, the bus guide began talking to them with the help of the buses radio speaker facilities.

"Once again, I would like to welcome you all to Baymard.

As per your bookings, you will be making a stop at the 4-star Winnie Hotel.

And while we make our way there, I will give you all a brief tour of Baymard."


How.... how come the guide's voice was that loud?

And how...Forget it!!!

At this point, they had decided to accept the fact that Baymard was in another world other than Hertfilia.

Sitting on the bus, their expressions were filled with infinite impatience.... as they passed through the numerous towering buildings.

Some areas had 2 story buildings, others had 3 or 4 story buildings .... and so on.

The ride was smooth and the passengers had no uncomfortable experience with it.

One should know that in a regular carriage that was pulled by horses, one could be jolted more than 15 times within a single trip.

But this one could even make them feel sleepy, if they weren't filled with so much excitement right now.

They stretched their necks to like chickens, as they constantly looked from left to right... and front to back.


"Dear passengers.... just in front of each seat, are 4 main documents.

A bus schedule, Train schedule, booklet and what we call a Brochure or pamphlet.

These 2 items show all activities that are available for you all within Baymard."

Everyone quickly took out the map and opened it.

Damn!!... how could it be so detailed?

The booklet had several pages that went into detail on all hotels, library, police stations, public school, and entertainment activities.

As well as what these places offer, their adresses (street name and number) and a map that showed one it's exact location around Baymard.

With this small booklet, if someone wanted to report a crime, they could just look at the address and map.... and head on towards the station.

Likewise, if they wanted to go to the park, to the hospital, register as international students at the public school, or extend their stay at the government offices.... this booklet would lead them on the right path.

Of course only the things accessible to guests were placed within the booklet.

As for the foldable brochure, it gave a welcome speech from the king... and also spoke about the most important things to do when one came into Baymard.

"It says that we have to open something called a 'bank account'.... it seems that it has something to do with their money."

"It also says that we can pay the hotel deposit with coins ..... and from there, we only have 24-36 hours to get paper money and complete the entire fee."

"Also... only by getting this 'bank account', will we be able to shop and really enjoy ourselves in Baymard."


As they read through the brochure, they immediately set their plan into motion.

And doon, they had finally arrived at their 4-star Winnie Hotel.


Stepping out, they were once again blown away by the professionalism and well tailored outfits of the hotel employees.

Once everyone was given the keys to their rooms, and shown how to use these keys... they couldn't help but sigh.

This key thing was really genius.

No one could enter unless they had them as well.

Adrian placed his hand on his chest, as he felt like this Baymard had shocked his heart too many times.

Anyway, since Santa was funding the entire trip, he placed the guards and his crewmen in double bedded rooms... as well as the children.

Of course the couples had their own suites as well.

"Look!... water is coming out on it's own?"

"What sort of torch is this?"

"How can this bed be so soft?"

"Goodness!... is this table top is made of glass as well?"

"Honey, this metal box is producing cold air!"


After everyone was done jumping on their beds, and showing appreciation to all the fixtures in their rooms.... they immediately regrouped and headed towards the bank.

And from there, they had planned to see this almighty King.

Did he have 2 heads?

Was he even human?

As they stepped out of the hotel, they couldn't help but smile broadly.

Soon... They would finally get the chance to see King Landon Barn.