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 Stepping through the magical doors, everyone was taken aback at the massive interior.

The floor was all layered with grey marbles tiles... with some black marble tiles forming distinctive lines across certain sections within the vicinity.

Just up front, the was a massive board that said: 'Welcome to Baymard'.

And apart from that, there were also several other sign boards with arrows.... that said things like: Station 1, Station 2, Restrooms, V.I.Ps, Help Desk, Workers only, and so on.

Of course there was security around as well, should in case someone was here to cause any troubles.

There were several 'waiting-in-line' retractable rope dividers up ahead... as well as several 35 wide spaced reception stations at the front.

Amongst these stations, 15 were for Visa approval, 10 were for Check-in, 2 were for Lost & Found/ help services ... and finally, 8 were for docking fees & reschedules.

When people get their Visas approved, they would go over to the stations that registered and paid for docking fees.

The ships were like cargo, hence they had to be treated as such.

Previously when these ships got docked, the guides would give the visitors a card which had a number on it.

It could say: A1 or B6 and so on.

So when the visitors got to these stations within the coastal port, they would give these number card to the workers here.

And from there.... Based on their Visas, the workers would come up with the exact time for when their ships needed to leave Baymard.

Usually, the visitors would have the option of choosing any time within the day given to them.... provided it was between 8 A.M and 9 P.M.

The Baymard Coastal Port closed at 10 P.M, hence, they needed to leave before then.

And if they miss the leaving time, then they would have to wait till the next day and pay an extra fee for lateness.

One should know that these ships needed to leave on time, so as to make room for new ships as well.

There would always be a schedule for leaving and incoming ships.

Also, Landon wanted them to pay for docking after they got their visas... so that if they were rejected, they could just sail away without the whole refund situation happening.


Anyway, after they've paid for their dock spaces..... they would then line up at any of the Check-in sections for identification verification.

And from there, they would pass through the narrow hallways by each check-in station.. and proceed onwards.

Dividing the Visa and Check-in stations up was a must.... so that if someone already had their Visa, then they just needed to Check-in without any interruptions.

Of course for V.I.Ps... they had their own separate hallway just between the 14th and 15th Check-in stations as well

As V.I.Ps, they would be led to a comfortable room that had stood and drinks.

And from there, they would be taken care of all through the way.


Walking into the astonishing building, Adrain felt like an explosion had just occurred within his brain!

It was the good sort... the type that carried an air of amazement within it.

Instantly, he felt like he was 10 years old again.

He felt like running around the massive room and kissing the floor from sheer excitement.

But of course, he couldn't.

He used to be a king after all.... So doing so would be most disgraceful.

As for Carmelo, the word amazement didn't quite cover it... he felt like someone just took his spark of wonder and poured kerosene all over it.

"May I know which one of you are V.I.ps?" Asked their guide.

Instantly, everyone looked at those 10 passes in Santa's hands... as if they were precious rare artifacts.

Previously, even though they felt like those passes were well made... they didn't think anything of it.

But now... it seemed like 'V.I.P' got some sort of golden treatment here.

"Son.... Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?"

"Boy, aren't I your father-in-law?.... Are you trying to cheat me out of this after stealing my daughter away?"

"Uncle, have I ever told you that you're my hero?"


A few minutes later, all the passes had landed in the hands of most of the adults.

There were only 10 passes, so the unfortunate adults and the children all went to line up for Visa approval.... While the V.I.Ps went to their cozy lounge.

In there, the staffs would take care of everything for them in V.I.P style.


After everyone had checked in, they passed through a screening & Baggage storage section.

Of course back at the harbor.... they had been given several airport baggage trolleys, for placing their bags and metal trunks.

All this time, their royal guards have been pushing the trolleys behind them.

The baggage trolleys came in all sizes from small to large... and was very effective for those with too much cargo.

When they first say the wheeled trolleys, they felt a little embarrassed for using trunks.

The trunks were extremely heavy, and had to be carried by several people on hand... or carried on someone's head.

But this trolley thing just rolled their trunks away as if it was nothing.

They couldn't help but shake their heads wryly, at Baymard's thoughtfulness.

Once within the screening & baggage storage section, they immediately placed their weapons on several trays at the sides as per the guards instructions..... and passed through large metal detector doors.


The conveyor belt began to move, and the tray moved towards the guards ahead.

Once again, they had found another magical item.

As for the metal detecting door... it generally followed the theory of electromagnetic waves and magnetism.

All one needs is a battery, control box, transmitter circuit and a transmitter coil.... place those up together, and one could even make those tiny metal detectors used for looking for treasures around the beaches.

Anyway since swords and weapons weren't allowed within Baymard... the men had to register their weapons and store them within the coastal port.

At the end of it all, they were given receipts and a card that had a number on it.

Of course this number showed what locker their items were locked in.

And while that was going on, their luggages were thoroughly checked for any other weapons as well.


Leaving this section, they were immediately sent to the Booking section... where they could book and pay for bus services to Baymard.

But what exactly was a bus?