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 Moving on from the Culinary Side of the academy....  those who choose to focus on Bartending, would learn:

•Code of ethics and conducts, as a bartender.

•Alcohol Nutrition contributions and effects on customers with certain allergies.

•Time management skills, leadership skills, Communication skills, and the laws & etiquettes partaking to alcohols.

•How to cut fruit and decorate tropical and other specialty cocktails.

•Basic & Fancy recipes

•How to understand wine service and tasting.

•Bartending Serving & Shaking skills

•knowledge on how to use all glassware and Bartending tools.

•Safety and Sanitation.

•Customer service & Socialization.

•Bar Management, set up and daily activities.

•Bar Cost regulators & Control.


For bartending, the students would only study for a maximum of 3 years ....where 5 semesters will be spent studying, and the last one will be spent on an internship.

And after their 1st year of taking general courses.... the students could major or minor in any of the specialities below:

•Bar preparations




•Cocktails, Mixology & Recipes

•Safety & Sanitation

•Alcohol & Fruit Servings

With all this in mind, those who successfully graduated could work anywhere with a bar within its vicinity.

Be it hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, parties, nightclubs, cruise ships and so on.

Anyway, be it Bartending or Culinary work... once the students graduate, they would be given their liscenses for their individual professions.

Of course these liscenses would expire every 4 years.... and after that period of time, the owners of these liscenses would need to retake another exam again and renew them as well.


Moving on to the Academy's entrance examination..... Landon wanted it to be somewhat special.

I'm truth, his fantasies were running a little but wild....because he wanted the same awe-inspiring exam like the one in 'Hunter x Hunter'.

He just wanted it to seem like a big deal to everyone around the world.

Of course in the Academy's case, rather than fighting... they would cook, show their knife skills, pick out the right ingredients used to create certain dishes.. and so on.

There would be 8 exams in total.... all done within 4 days.

For example, when they first arrived... the instructor might ask them to make a dish that would please him with the main ingredient being an egg.

They could use any other ingredients, but the egg's overall richness shouldn't be drowned out in any of their dishes.

For the next exam, the instructor might allow them to taste different dishes... and their only goal would be to identify the ingredients used for making the dishes.

They could also be asked to spot bad ingredients, or cut tomatoes, greens or onions... so as to show their knife techniques.

Of course for this first year, Landon wasn't going to go hard on those who came to study.

He would set exams which was 60% passable based on this era's cooking knowledge.

But as years go by, the entrance examination was going to be legendary.

He wanted the school to be an elite school for cooking.... were one would feel like they had made it just from passing the examinations.

Also, since proper Bartending wasn't that well respected and common, Landon felt like he should add it ad part of the entrance exams.

The students would have fruits, alcohols, ice, a blow torch, and several tools in front of them.

Their main goal would be to create new cocktail recipes and serve their instructors.

Even if the taste of their cocktail was somewhat bad, the instructor would also check several other things... like customer service, serving skills and so on.

In general, everyone within the academy would learn about Culinary and Bartending during their 1st school year.... and after that, they could specialize in whaever they wanted.

This was a great way for Landon to introduce them to Bartending.


As for living quarters, Landon wanted the Academy to have dormitories or residences, that would be assigned to the students based on their results.

Landon wanted the whole dormitory situation, to be like how normal universities have their own residences for their students.

But now... Landon wanted to expand that idea and build the residences to be extremely huge like apartment complexes in large cities.

These residences were all going to be 14 extremely wide 6-story buildings, that could house over hundreds of people in it.

And since this was a cooking and bartending school, competition was definitely important in motivating the students.

So the first 4 floors of each residence would have a total of 52 apartments... with each apartment having 4 students in it.

At the 5th floor up, only 2 students would be in the apartment.

And finally, the 6th floor would have students in massive studio apartments.

This was the deal, those who came in now would all fit into the first 4 floors.

Each floor would have a massive kitchen within it.... and at the start and the middle of the semester, each floor would have its residences compete with each other.

From there, only the top 30 from each floor would be considered as winners... making a total of 120 winners from all 4 floors.


Again, these winners would compete against each other..... and the Top 15 would go to the 6 floor where the massive studio apartments were.

As for those within the 16th to 40th positions, they would go to the 5th floor... which were the 2 room apartment complexes.

One should know that Landon had planned to make the 6th and 5th floors luxurious.... which were all the perks of being the best.

But how could Landon stop there?

Once all the 6th floor top students in all the residences were chosen, they would then compete with each other again.

And from there, the school's elite top 10 team would be chosen as well.

As elites, how could they share their residences with others, Landon had decided to specifically build another massive 6-storey building for them.

Of course he wouldn't build the same sized building just for 10 elites... as he felt like that would be too much.

The normal residences could house at least 200 people on one floor.. as each apartment had 4 rooms in it.

So how could he construct the buildings for elites to be that huge?

He chose to build a thin 6-story building that could take 2 mazzive studio suite apartments on each floor.

The ground floor would have a massive kitchen, dining region and so on.

But from the 2nd floor... the 10th and 9th elite students would have their apartments there.

While the 8th and 7th will have theirs on the 3rd floor.... ... And this would continue until the the 1st and 2nd elite students resided on the 6th floor.

Even though the building was a lot thinner than the other residences.... each elite suite would have massive space, walk in closets and other top-notch facilities around their apartments.

And apart from this, the elites would get 30% off all food items in Baymard, and many other perks.

Of course if the other students wanted such privileges, then they needed to work twice as hard to reach their goals.

And once they felt comfortable enough, they could issue out challenges to the top 15 or 40 within their respective buildings.... or even to the elites.

If they won, they would sit on the losers position as the new top 14th or whatever seat position they went for.

Back on earth, Landon loved watching 'Shogun Food Wars' with Yukihira Soma.

Forget it... .. Food wars were a must!

How could he miss such a grand opportunity?

Never!... they were going to compete, and that was that!

Anyway, the culinary sector would have it's own top 10 elites.. and the Bartending sector would have it's own as well.

Let the Academy War Begin!