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 The knife light charged in and the sharp energy instantly exploded, smashing Jia Mingluo's skull and soul into pieces.

Leng Daiyu was startled and knew that Jia Mingluo was originally heavily injured, now he was definitely dead. Her hand shook and she tossed off the remaining bones from the flying claw.

She was shocked, not knowing what she should do. To continue fighting with Zong Shou? But, Jia Mingluo was already dead, even if they continued this person wouldn't come back to life.

However, giving up now didn't seem right either.

Zong Shou had already kept his sword and was tens of thousands of feet out. Looking deeply at her, he nodded his head as a form of saying goodbye, "Bye!"

Although he wanted to stay, he didn't hesitate to tear open space and headed back toward Seven Cloud Mountain.

A few minutes later, he returned back to the Cloud World and stepped on the peak of the Seven Cloud Mountain.

He saw that the situation there was already settled.

A large number of the 1.8 million Night Demons were dead.

Naturally, there were some Grade-6 and Grade-7 Night Demon Experts who tossed aside the Gantian Iron Cavalry and went into the nearby mountains, fleeing toward the east.

Zong Shou didn't mind much, the battle was over. To have some of these evil people escaping was something that he expected.

It would be best if he could chase them out of Huizhou Island, but if he couldn't, then so be it.

The Cloud World was huge, but there wasn't any place for them to gain a footing. A small number of them wouldn't be able to cause many problems.

The Spiritual Wave was about to arrive and within a few years Huizhou would have thousands of Grade-7 Experts appearing.

He didn't even need to wipe them out since those Night Demons would naturally die by themselves.

At this moment, he had another more important matter to settle...

Daoling Vast Habitat!

Zong Shou's fists clenched tight, his knuckles cracked and the energy around him started surging.

Since the Daoling Vast Habitat Head had prepared such a huge gift for him, then how could he not return it.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Zong Yuan had led 5,000 Blood Cloud Cavalry over.

They had trampled over 100,000 Night Demons, absorbing abundant vital energy. The blood clouds swept and their aura was at its highest.

Kong Yao seemed to understand his thoughts, saying seriously, "The situation here is over. Ruler, you can do whatever you want without worry. The Daoling Vast Habitat was who offended us, if we don't fight back, people will look down on us..."

Zong Shou looked toward Kong Yao with a weird expression and moments later he understood.

He was ambushed in his fight against Daoling Sect so with her intelligence it wasn't tough to guess who was the cause.

Thinking about it, he could also guess who the Elite Cavalry hiding near Seven Cloud Mountain belonged to...


2,300 miles away from Seven Cloud Mountain, within a canyon, Wuji was riding on a Purple Gold Fire Qilin, anxiously waiting.

With his realm, he shouldn't have felt anxious.

However, for some reason, since the morning he felt uneasy.

At this moment, there were 7,000 cavalry behind him, waiting quietly within the canyon.

They were all dressed in Extreme Purple Mingguang Armor, a Yin and Yang picture by their stomach. They held long spears and had Xuan Flame Golden Qilin Beasts under them.

These were the Grade-6 Dao Soldiers of Daoling Vast Habitat, the Purple Qilin Flame Spear Cavalry!

There were thousands of auras but they seemed like they were combined into one. However, the Qilin beasts who seemed to have sensed the uneasiness of Wuji, were all behaving abnormally. Their hooves rose up and down as they exhaled loudly.

As time went on Wuji frowned more and more.

Minghui and those seven True Martial Swordsmen were in charge of killing Zong Shou.

He led the 7,000 cavalry here to ambush the Blood Cloud Cavalry.

At this moment, the sun was high up in the air, no matter if they succeeded or failed, news should have spread back from Seven Cloud Mountain.

However, until now there was no message talisman at all.

What should have been a definite matter made him feel really anxious.

Not far away there were also a bunch of Dao Soldiers of the same Grade who were hiding.

They tried to probe several times but were unable to find their foundations. Although they already left two hours ago, it added uncertainty to this battle.

A moment later, a golden light fell from the sky. Wuji's brow furrowed, joy appearing in his eyes.

However, the moment the talisman entered his hands, his face alternated between green and white. He felt his heart sink deep in his chest.

...Mirage countered the enemy, the Night Demon Army suffered heavy losses. Minghui fell, Jia Mingluo escaped. Xuantong and Lingming Sect leaders, along with the seven True Martial Swordsmen were all dead.

After a long while, Wuji spat out fresh blood. He was filled with rage.

"Minghui! You deserve to die, you harmed our Taoist Sect..."

If wasn't for this person being filled with hate, interrupting him, how would the Palace Head do that?

He scolded but he didn't feel any better at all.

He still continued to read the talisman, his gaze turning cold.

Hitting the snake but it didn't die, instead, you are the one injured.

Moreover, Zong Shou wasn't a snake but a tiger! After this battle, not only did his strength not decrease, but he had a huge increase in army strength...

With his personality, once he was freed, how would he not try to take revenge?

He suddenly thought about something as he rode the mount forward towards the exit of the canyon.

"Go! Leave now! If we don't it will be too late!"

The Purple Qilin Flame Spear Cavalry all exchanged glances with one another. Although they didn't understand, they rode their own mounts to follow Wuji out.

They moved swiftly forward along the stone path. Two hours later, they had covered close to 1,500 miles.

Wuji followed the path directly. When it got late in the night, they were already 7,000 miles away.

Zong Shiu ordered Zong Gang and Ren Tianxing to chase the people here to the west of Huizhou.

This was why they didn't see anyone along the way. There were only empty houses and buildings.

Only at this time did Wuji feel at ease.

Zong Shou swept out the wilderness such that the Night Demons couldn't find any grain. However, it also caused his Cavalry to not need to worry about their tracks being revealed.

Although the Blood Cloud Cavalry were Grade-5 Cavalry, they could use the Blood Cloud Secret Technique to act as consumption for the mounts. They could travel tens of thousands of miles, their speed even faster than the Grade-6 Dao Soldiers.

However, no matter how fast they were, they would probably be unable to catch up.

He still didn't dare to relax and travelled full speed ahead. If the mount was tired he would change another. He could feel that the further he was from Seven Cloud Mountain, the further he was from Zong Shou. The further, the better.

Another 2,000 miles and they would reach the plains. The area was wide and vast and there wouldn't be any area one had to pass. At that time, to spread out the 7,000 cavalry to flee in all directions, at least half of them could survive and return to the Vast Habitat.

Going around a stone city wall, when they stepped onto the stone path and were about to speed up, Wuji's face changed.

Someone had suddenly appeared. He was holding a sword, dressed in a white patterned golden robe, he looked quite weak but had a heroic aura. A vast intent suppression landed on them.

The face looked really familiar, causing Wuji's pupils to constrict.

"Zong Shou!"

He was shocked and he instinctively spread out his Spiritual Sense but couldn't find the Blood Cloud Cavalry.

He was slightly surprised but then felt at ease. Even if the Blood Cloud Cavalry had wings they wouldn't be able to chase up.

As for the person in front of him, with his Grade-9 Cultivation, it wouldn't be hard for him to chase up to them.

Wuji knew that Zong Shou had a Royal Demon God Shuttle in his hands.

In other words, Zong Shou was the only one blocking them.

He pulled back his mount as he stopped on the path.

The 7,000 Purple Qilin Flame Spear Cavalry and 20,000 Xuan Flame Golden Qilin Beasts all stopped in an orderly manner.

All of them held their Purple Long Spears and waited warily. 7,000 people worked together to counter Zong Shou's sword suppression. Their aura wasn't any weaker and even showed signs of countering him.

Looking at this person in front of him, Wuji exhaled, "Is the Ruler trying to block us from returning all by himself?"

Zong Shou laughed when he heard this. If not for clearing out this Calvary, why would he run thousands of miles over for?

He was too lazy to speak, just holding the Nameless Sword and standing there like a rock.

He was thin but he was like an impassable giant mountain blocking the stone path.

Xiaori was suddenly restless, coming out of his sleeves and jumping onto his shoulder.

It curiously looked at the golden Qilin.

It sniffed and had a weird look in its eyes.

They smelt like people of its race but their bloodline was really inferior...

It shook its head in disdain.

Those 20,000 Qilins shrunk up, trampling in a more restless manner.

Wuji didn't feel anything, he gave out a sigh.

"Everything that happened today is my Daoling Sect's fault. We can't blame Ruler for being furious. Unfortunately, my original intentions were to get close to the Ruler. Even if we can't be friends we don't want to be enemies. Who knew that today would end like this?"

When he said this, his voice paused, filled with sincerity, "Is there no room to turn back? You will definitely be enemies with our Taoist Sect?"

Zong Shou shook his head. Before today he obviously didn't want to be enemies, he had also asked Minghui about it.

However, since matters reached such a stage, it was unavoidable.

The only thing he was curious about was that why Daoling Vast Habitat would take such a risk, going against morals and even being blamed by the various Cloud World Sects to interfere in this battle?

However, there was no need to ask that. He just needed to send someone to investigate and he would know the reason.

Looking coldly at Wuji, Zong Shou's lips curled.

"From today on, all Taoists Cultivators under my rule will be wiped out, no one is to be left alive!"