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 Nova Sky Continent, Ancient Country, The Starry Sky's Mecha store second branch at the central area in the capital.

Where towering buildings surrounded the place, and countless people were going in and coming out from the store while various projection was surrounding the store showing different kinds of mechas and their detailed description with golden-colored hologram floating in the air releasing different colors of fireworks with the name of the store, along with a dark golden electronic door with the last technological security upgrades from the last D2oBarun Series.

These days were the tenth annual recruitment ceremony of the third-class Sect, with the name Starry Sky Sect's to recruit disciples from the Ancient Country at the central area in the capital.

As unbeknown to all, The Starry Sky's Mecha store belongs to the Starry Sky's Group which is also the alternative dimension of the Starry Sky Sect.

And almost any young talent that met the requirements to join the sect would all come to register his or her name in for attaining qualified resources considering the low amount of the resources in this era to maintain their cultivation levels and this of course after passing the assessment.

But this also has to be said, as not everyone has the right to sign his name to participate in, as the cultivation community has been weakened significantly those days because the massive decrease in the Spiritual qi in the world and as even opening the gate to the sects was exceedingly difficult because it depletes a huge amount of resources from the sect's treasury.

And if not for the sudden rumor that had appeared ten years ago about the returning of the Aura of the world again and the gradually increasing spiritual qi in the world, none of all of that would happen.

So now the Cultivation civilization which had been hibernating for so long began to finally awaken and show it's might.

It is widely known that once anyone enters into the Starry Sky Sect, and even if this person was only an outer sect disciple or even one of the servants or one of the company's employers, then that person would already be considered as a mid-grade civilian in the Ancient Country.

In Ancient Country civilians were grade in it as lower-grade for normal citizens and mid-grade for the sect's disciples and the members of any of the clans and then upper-grade for the elders of the clans and the richest people and the powerful experts, and lastly, superior-grade which was only for the mayor and the four supreme clans.

(PS: the grading will change in the following chapters)

And Wang Chen was of the Middle-grade civilians as he was even from the Ancient Country's Four Guardian Clans.

"So this is the entrance, so flashy! Well, it cannot be helped, as one of the top three enterprises in the whole world it sure has the capabilities.

And As Wang Chen was now standing in front of the Store.

He then sent a silk thread of his spiritual qi into the electronic door while the place around him suddenly sank into silence as he suddenly found himself in a different dimension with no sign of people around him.

"Even though it is not the first time for him to witness the dimensional technology combined the lastest research papers about the void space which was discovered in the Ruin of the great mage from the Magies Era, it sure is surprising that Imperial sky managed to deduce and build this kind of thing."

Then he walked into the already changed and cleared store while muttering under his breath to hide his amazement, with his intention to register his information and as soon as he passed through the door, a middle-aged man appeared along with his desk.


in front of him was a half black half white desk along with a sword mark between the two halves, with a middle-aged old man holding a white orb of light sitting behind the desk looking at Wang Chen indifferently.

"drib a drop of your blood into the orb and get out." The middle-aged man opened his mouth and said impatiently.

Although his job was only to simply registering the new disciples and checking their identities, it was just that after signing up a countless number of people continuously for the past few days, that he naturally had become a little impatient and even felt a little suffocated and numb as he did not even check who was in front of him as Imperial sky would tell if he is qualified or not.

"Ohh! So impatient!."

Hearing the middle-aged man's impatient tone, Wang Chen, clicked his tongue then he bit his finger and then dripped a drop of blood onto the orb as his cultivation's information, nationality, name, and most of the needed information was shown from a hologram that appeared when he dripped the blood drop.

[Qualification Confirmed To Be Positive! ]

A clear voice rang in from the imperial sky confirming his qualification to take the exam.

While reading the information which was shown in the hologram, the examiner also glanced at Wang Chen weirdly for a moment, before shaking his head inwardly and sighing gently.

Wang Chen, eighteen years old, unknown academic information, instead, it shows that he just home studied and nothing else, Lives in Wuling Mountain Village which belongs to the Wang Clan and except for his cultivation level almost all of his info is blocked or slightly weird, anyway it isn't his problem.

The number of disciples that the sect would recruit this time was not that many considering that most of the people got into the sect already in those past nine years.

Even a body refining stage third level would not necessarily be guaranteed a chance to enter the sect right now as the sect now had the quality and wants the quality.

Never mention a person who was at the body refining stage second level this guy simply has no hope of getting through the sect's assessment.'

He waved his hand and a Deep Black Token with countless stars decorating it appeared from thin air and on the other side of the token was the 900th number in Arabic numbers.

"Okay, your number is 900. In two days, come back at the Starry Sky Sect's Headquarter to participate in the sect's assessment, and take care of your token, you lost it you will lose your qualification to take part in the Sect's Assessment." Said the middle-aged man as he handed the token over to Wang Chen.

"Thank you, examiner sir." Wang Chen said politely.

The middle-aged man just waved his hand off, indicating that Wang Chen should go.

"Wang Chen, I think I heard of it from somewhere, anyway never matter maybe my memory betrayed me, as if a little country pumpkin would be someone important"

A mere body refining stage second-level child had completely failed to pique any sort of interest he had right now, he even did not study in a school, he might even have to work in the mining area that belongs to the sect though but why was that name seemed to be familiar, he just could not remember where he heard it, anyway, he ignored it.

And after receiving his qualifications number's token.

Wang Chen let out a heavy long sigh, finally, he got this thing, and thankfully that man did not know him, or else it would have been a little annoying, then turning and leaving with a numb look on his face.

After having traveling up for several hours, he had finally successfully registered in the sect's assessment but he did not feel any kind of joy or happiness as for him it was not anything special.

As for whether he will or will not he would be able to join the Spirit Sword Sect, it would be completely seen during the assessment as he has the confidence in his talent, within two days from now. thinking about it more, he couldn't help but tighten his grip on his number's token with much agitation.

This was the last chance he had to protect his family and raise their heads high for him proudly.

Wang Chen counted as a citizen of Ancient Country, but he was the only son of one of the guardian clans, the Wang Clan that lived in Wuling Mountain Village about a couple of hundred kilometers far from the Ancient Country, he did not get the basic studies in school because it was annoying and so he was his own teacher, but his dad and mother were more of a traditional couple they forcefully made him enroll into the school and so his troubles also began then.

As also before he did not have to go to school he more or less even received an education that may not have been in normal schools because of the academic resources which his mother got him from who knows where he was not behind anyone and instead he was far ahead of the current know studies in the country.

it was just that right now the Wang Clan declining for the last few decades.

In the clan, other than him, his father, and his two younger and older sisters, his mother, there were also a few servants and some young powerhouses that were left from the past huge Wang Clan and a few elders.

But because it was like this, the Wang Clan's days weren't that easy, especially in recent times.

The Lin family's third young master had taken a liking to Wang Chen's older sister and wanted to forcefully marry her regardless of anything else, he even wanted to take the little one too, but he still had some rationality so he decided on the older sister in the end.

If it was someone else than that piece of sh*t, As if a man and a woman got married, even if they were forcefully married it would be ok, as they still were married, but in all of the Wuling Mountain Village and the Ancient Country, who didn't know about the Lin family's third young master's fame for being silk pants?

Wang Chen would not watch his older sister fall into the pit of fire and do nothing about it at all.

Furthermore, Lin Tai was famous for being silked pants in the Ancient Country, and even being one of the Four Young Masters of the Ancient Country, do not get the wrong idea, Also the Wang Clan is not a thing in the eyes of others but that's only camouflage for some unspeakable secrets known only to the upper echelon in the Ancient country.

But Lin Clan is not a simple thing in the eyes only because it's position as guardian clan and the main reason is just that the Lin Clan has a connection by marriage to the young master of the second great Clan in power from the Ancient Country 's Four Supreme Clans.

It was just like that, for the declining Wang clan when placed in front of the Lin clan, they were completely unable to defend themselves.

The only chance was for Wang Chen to enter the Starry Sky Sect, and once he became a sect disciple, the Lin clan would definitely not dare to wildly touch the people of the Wang clan, and even though there existed a connection between the Wang Clan in the Central Continent and the Wuling's mountain's Wang Clan, but it seems that there was some sort of problem that happened between the two Clans, so everybody quickly forgot this sort of connection.

Thus, Wang Chen came to the Starry Sky Sect's assessment this time around, not just for himself, but also for his older sister and his family.

This was also his only last chance as he did not know if he would have another chance!