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 Numerous golden patterns appeared on that metal magic staff, and the orange flame at its tip instantly swelled up and curled around Dedale. Terrifying flames also blossomed from Dedale's Burning Soul magic robe.

Dedale took three steps, and his body was wrapped in orange flames. The Fire Dragon roaming within the robe flew out and transformed into a shadow that entered the flames around him.

In an instant, Dedale's aura crazily rose up, and the orange flames burning on his body rapidly condensed and transformed into a fiery creature.

A layer of orange flames burned on the body of that eight-meter-tall lifeform. It had the head of a Fire Dragon, but the body of a human. It had the claws of a Dragon instead of hands or feet, and it was leaving flaming footprints on the ground.

Lin Yun was a bit surprised as he looked at Dedale. He had fused with the Magic Tool and Magic Tool Incarnation to transform into a half-dragon elemental lifeform. This greatly increased his control over fire spells while also increasing his casting speed and his spell power. Additionally, it decreased his consumption of mana. That Incarnation's power already exceeded the power of Fire Elemental Incarnation.

According to the understanding of the mages of this era, the power of Fire Elemental Incarnation was fixed, as was its growth rate. Therefore, this fusion with Magic Tool and Magic Tool Incarnation was considered very powerful.

Dedale himself had a foot in the Heaven Rank, and he was on the verge of crossing over completely. With the fusion with the Burning Soul, he could now display the power of the Heaven Rank.

That guy was definitely strong. He had the best control over fire spells that Lin Yun had encountered since transmigrating. Unfortunately, he didn't attach any importance to the Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Had he done so and kept using it in order to understand it more, he would have been able to strengthen his Fire Elemental Incarnation, that Hidden Tier spell, and the amplification would have far exceeded the Fire Elemental Incarnation's fixed amplification.

If he then fused with the Burning Soul, he would definitely be powerful enough to get rid of that Nine-Tailed Icefox before their eyes.

Lin Yun inwardly shook his head, not paying attention to that Nine-Tailed Icefox and instead observing the surroundings.

Dedale was the first to rush over, and he swung his staff, sending out several dozen Bursting Flames.

Loud explosions echoed as the Nine-Tailed Icefox flew into a rage. The ice aura in front of it condensed into a Frost Dragon's head, and it roared as it rushed to meet the flames.

The Frost Dragon's head was over twenty meters in height, and the huge Frost Dragon forcibly tore through the flames before opening its mouth to bite at Dedale.

The flames surrounding Dedale's body rapidly condensed, forming a large Fire Shield. At the same time, a fierce Flame Dragon's head was condensed from flames in front of it.

The Frost Dragon and the shield collided, creating waves of shockwaves. A second later, three Fire God Spears rushed out from the side and tore the Frost Dragon to shreds.

After one clash, Dedale kept charging into the Nine-Tailed Icefox. Orange Flame Dragons appeared beside his body and converged into a large berserk Fire Dragon that charged into the Nine-Tailed Icefox.

Dedale's berserk attack was able to temporarily pressure the Icefox, which couldn't help but draw Lin Yun's attention away from the environment.

This kind of fighting style already had a hint of the mages of Noscent's peak era. Fights were extremely berserk, especially fire mages, who had the strongest burst power. They were most suited to this kind of fighting style where they poured out their power as fast as possible to decisively destroy the opponent.

Casting spells from a distance to slowly chip at the opponent's defenses would consume a lot of mana, and the results would be far worse.

The Nine-Tailed Icefox was careless, or perhaps it had never seen this kind of battlemage, and it ended up at a disadvantage. Its nine snow-white tails were continuously swaying, sending out a large number of ice spells. From a distance, it looked like an avalanche was sweeping down with earth-shattering power to overwhelm Dedale.

Dedale let out a roar in his flaming incarnation, and a large fire vortex appeared in front of him. The vortex of orange flames emitted terrifying power, and the flames started changing color as the temperature sharply increased. The air in the surroundings was already distorting.

Endless fire spells spurted out of the fire vortex, and the shape of those fire spells had been completely altered.

The most common fireball was no longer crimson, but orange, and while the structure of the spell hadn't changed, the essence of the spell had been altered. This was no longer a 2nd Tier Fireball; it was at least at the 5th Tier!

As for the Flame Burst, Flame Spears, Flame Impacts, and Bursting Fireballs, they had all become deep orange.

Although the strongest of these spells was only at the 5th Tier usually, they were now displaying power comparable to Ultimate Spells. Even the lowest spell still exceeded the power of Ultimate Spells!

The frantic spellwave washed over and forcibly cut a fiery path through the avalanche of ice spells before reaching the Nine-Tailed Icefox, burning its snow-white fur black.

In the back, Enderfa couldn't help muttering, "That guy is a genius... He used even higher-grade elemental flames to replace fire elements, forcibly raising the tier and power of his spells. And the structures of the spells surprisingly didn't collapse, though they were all on the verge of collapsing. That way, they would become even more chaotic, creating the most destructive power while keeping the consumption at a minimum."

Lin Yun could see with a single glance that this was due to Dedale's strange magic staff. The material used was Red Flame Essence born in Fire Planes.

That was the material most likely to be fought over in Fire Planes. Even Flame Overlords would fight over a newly born Red Flame Essence vein.

Its only effect was to increase the grade of flames, and in Fire Planes, they were used by Flame Overlords to construct forts.

The material could make the most ordinary elemental flame rise in grade, from the most common crimson elemental flames to the orange elemental flames, greatly increasing its temperature and destructive power.

Magic staves made out of Red Flame Essence emphasized strengthening the power of flames, and thus, the elemental flames Dedale summoned were all orange elemental flames. With these, his casting speed and spell power would innately outdo others.

The only difficulty was that using Red Flame Essence to forge a magic staff was a very expensive venture.

Lin Yun had been thinking about this material for quite a while and was planning on trying his luck in a Fire Plane after advancing to the Heaven Rank to see if he could find some. It was quite unexpected to see some here.

Dedale had rushed first and even suppressed the Nine-Tailed Fox for a while, giving the upper hand to the human side.

If they waited until Dedale lost momentum, the Nine-Tailed Fox would regain its strength, and getting the upper hand again would be very difficult.

Within ten seconds, the team led by Dedale attacked alongside him.

The Quicksand Tower's leader was named Daggeth. Everyone originally thought that his strength would be greatly reduced in this environment; since there was not a single grain of sand or soil here. Because as the ground was made of Ash Bluestone, he should be unable to display his greatest power.

Daggeth took off his large hat, exposing his suntanned, tattoo-covered face. He chanted an incantation, making sand appear in the air. In less than four seconds, a ten-meter-wide wave of sand appeared like a yellow snake and rapidly flowed towards the Nice-Tailed Icefox from the side.

The sand seemed like living animals that rapidly spread behind the Nine-Tailed Icefox, transforming into several dozen hands that grabbed the Nine-Tailed Icefox' tails.

Those nine tails were the greatest source of the Nine-Tailed Icefox's power. By using the tails to cast, the Nine-Tailed Icefox could cast like a Nine-Headed Hydra. It was comparable to nine people casting simultaneously, which was quite formidable.

With its tails grabbed, the Nine-Tailed Icefox became angry. Its ice aura crazily rose, and the hands of sand grabbing its tails froze one after another.

But Daggeth remained expressionless, and a tattoo on his cheek shone brightly before converging onto his forehead to form an eye.

A dark yellow beam suddenly shot out from that eye and instantly hit the Nine-Tailed Icefox's tails.


As that ray of light hit the Nine-Tailed Icefox, Daggeth shouted the last two characters of the incantation.

In an instant, the originally collapsing sand stuck to the Nine-Tailed Icefox's tails once again and covered them up. Those nine nimble tails immediately stiffened, unable to maintain their shape.

By using the tattooed magic patterns with the support of the sand, that guy was actually able to copy a Medusa's Petrifaction. And although the power was far from what it was emulating, it was still much more powerful than an ordinary Petrifaction.

The nine tails were temporarily crippled, and the Nine-Tailed Icefox's casting abilities were greatly impaired.

Raphael of Sky City personally controlled a small floating fortress at that moment, and numerous rays of fire lanced down at the Nine-Tailed Icefox.

Sky City's floating fortresses were like mana amplifiers and spell amplifiers, allowing the mages using them to display several times their normal casting power when rousing their mana. The strength that the bigger floating cities could display when controlled by several hundred mages was definitely comparable to a mage army numbering in the thousands.