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 In other words, Lin Yun's control was raised to its limit, forcibly improving the alchemy puppet's fighting strength.

But that kind of increase couldn't possibly last long.

After all, there were 130 control runes, and in a fight where nothing was set in stone, every control rune had to be used perfectly with no room for mistakes. Even if it was Lin Yun, keeping up with such a high-intensity battle without making any mistakes couldn't go on indefinitely.

That battle did appear fierce, but the one who was enduring the most pressure was still the one controlling the alchemy puppet, Lin Yun.

Fortunately, he didn't have to wait too long for that opportunity.

After another bitter clash, the two were once again entangled. The dazzling Gold Essence Lance held a dazzling flame as it pierced through the Bone Devil's chest. The fierce fire elements burst out and caused the Bone Devil to let out a mournful yell. Filled with rage, the Bone Devil looked at the lance in its chest and pounced ferociously, making the alchemy puppet fall over.

Clashing sounds echoed out one after the other.

The sounds became fiercer as a thick, bony fist kept striking against the alchemy puppet's body. The thickest part of the Gold Essence Armor had already sunk in, and the cave shook each time the thick fist landed.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Yun would definitely order the alchemy puppet to break away from the Bone Devil because if it kept going, the puppet wouldn't be able to recover from the damage.

But this time, Lin Yun actually ordered the puppet to remain entangled with the Bone Devil.

The alchemy puppet also attacked crazily, the Gold Essence Lance piercing deeper into the Bone Devil centimeter by centimeter, continuously bursting with Fire Magic elements. It looked like fireworks were being set off within the Bone Devil's chest, each burst followed by a mournful yell.

'Now!' The long-awaited opportunity had finally appeared!

Lin Yun tightly gripped the Spiritual Magic Staff in his hands and a large amount of mana poured into his body from the Burning Spirit Wood. Lin Yun then activated the Sage Chapter in his other hand, the magic symbol of the Fire Arrow flickering on the stone tablet.

A "woosh" could be heard, but it was barely noticeable because of the Bone Devil's loud shouts.

But this Fire Arrow carried a long trail of flames as it tore through the air and exploded against the Bone Devil's skull.

In front of a Great Mage, a Bone Devil's body was almost unbreakable, as it was shockingly hard and had frightening resistances. Even if a Flame Burst exploded on the Bone Devil's body, it would only leave a burn mark behind.

But this was a Fire Arrow that had become an Ultimate Spell thanks to the Sage Chapter, and it was now bursting with the might of a High Mage spell.

Only a "bang" was heard as the first Fire Arrow exploded upon striking the Bone Devil's skull and flames spread out along with fragments of bone. A hole had been drilled by the Fire Arrow in the skull that could make a Great Mage despair.

The Bone Devil let out a painful cry due to its sudden injury and momentarily couldn't pay attention to the alchemy puppet under it, which sent it flying over to the nearby stone wall. At that moment, the Bone Devil had already turned its body, its phosphorous lights burning crazily as they stared firmly at Lin Yun. It sped up as it dashed furiously at Lin Yun.

The cave shook underneath its feet.

The part of the path that Lin Yun had taken cover in was only a bit over a meter tall while the Bone Devil's body reached several meters, so normally it wouldn't be able to rush in.

But the Bone Devil was too powerful. It wasn't completely stopped as it rushed in, and half of its body still managed to squeeze in. But the most frightening thing was that Bone Blades on both arms had already appeared. As the two arms swayed back and forth, cracking sounds could be heard from the stone walls as chunks kept falling down, and in a short time, the roughly one-meter-tall path had expanded to a height of over two meters.

At that time, the distance between Lin Yun and the Bone Devil was less than five meters.

If it kept swinging its two Bone Blades a few more times, Lin Yun would soon be at the mercy of the Bone Devil.

But Lin Yun was remaining motionless, as if he hadn't seen the crazy Bone Devil. The Spiritual Magic Staff in his hand was radiating with light as a huge amount of mana continued pouring into his body. The second magic symbol on the Sage Chapter started shining.

Afterwards, another "woosh" could be heard...

A Fire Arrow flew at the Bone Devil's skull once more, but this time, there was no bone to block its path, and the Soul Fire, the source of undead lifeforms, was completely naked, exposed in front of Lin Yun.

The might of the Ultimate Spell was displayed the moment the Fire Arrow and the Soul Fire collided. An extremely loud sound echoed as Lin Yun felt a heat wave rushing over. Soaring flames filled Lin Yun's field of view as the lively fire elements seemed to be singing at this moment.

The furiously roaring Bone Devil fell still as if someone had drained all its power. The bones fell down and the Soul Fire stopped burning. The Bone Devil's life ended there.

'Finally over.'

At the same time that the Bone Devil collapsed, Lin Yun sat on the ground, greedily absorbing some of the remaining Soul Fire. After being used twice, the mana in the Elemental Amber decorating the Spiritual Magic Staff had already been depleted.

Yet Lin Yun couldn't worry about that. He could only sit on the ground while panting.

Although he only used two spells in that fight, the pressure he endured was far greater than the use of two hundred spells. The two Ultimate Spells were Lin Yun's last card. If he hadn't been able to destroy the Bone Devil's Soul Fire with them, he would have had no hope to make a comeback.

The pressure from hovering between life and death, even Lin Yun, who had been through countless close calls at the end of the magic era, was something he was unable to endure. Now that this fight was over, Lin Yun felt like collapsing.