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 The carriage landed on the ground, and the few fighters guarding the carriage stood in place expressionlessly. A handsome elf-like man with azure eyes walked down from the carriage.

The six forces of the Odin Kingdom had all arrived, every one of them with shocking momentum. They seemed to be emitting even more imposing power than before they entered the Raging Flame Battlefield. This was especially true of the Burning Tower. Dedale's momentum was the strongest as he led his team over. His subordinate mage army felt like a group of unstoppable soldiers, and they were the most terrifying.

Apart from the unlucky Henry Family, the six forces seemed to have had no losses. Moreover, the Burning Tower didn't have a single person missing. Instead, their momentum had grown a lot more powerful.

On another side of the veil of mist, Harren led the Black Tower to walk in.

The five forces arrived almost at the same time, but when compared to the Odin Kingdom's forces, the Black Tower's people were like a group of refugees walking in.

The Burning Tower had formidable momentum; the Quicksand Tower was silent, yet appeared to be the most dangerous. Sky City was floating in the air, their fortresses showing signs of their fierce battles, yet without a single loss.

Finally, the Odin Kingdom's royal family looked like they were going on a scenic tour. It seemed that they hadn't encountered any danger on their trip. Even the Shadow Tower hadn't suffered any losses. Apart from the Henry Family losing some manpower, the Odin Kingdom's six forces were all at their peaks.

But when looking at the Black Tower that just joined in, Harren's dark robe had already disappeared and had been replaced by an ordinary black robe covering his body. Ten mages were following behind him, their auras not very stable as they were all injured. They all had heavy and exhausted expressions, while Harren was quite gloomy.

Lin Yun glanced at Harren and suddenly frowned.

He couldn't see through Harren's strength before... He could only feel a black flame calmly burning, devouring the surrounding light.

But now, a casual look was enough. He didn't have to meticulously probe Harren as the Magic Array instantly calculated his strength.

He was Peak Level 39, with a foot already in the Heaven Rank. If everything went smoothly, it wouldn't take long before he would become a Pseudo-Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Lin Yun instantly understood. The True Spirit Magic Tool that Harren had been carrying had been damaged, and even its Magic Tool Incarnation had been destroyed.

That item was called the Darkness Magic Stone, and its Incarnation was a sphere of burning black flames. It was at the peak of the True Spirit Magic Tool realm, and it was a famous darkness-attributed True Spirit Magic Tool keeping other forces in check.

But now it had been destroyed, and from the remaining people within the Black Tower's group, the losses could clearly be seen. Three of their five 9th Rank Archmages had died, and there was no need to mention the other mages.

It could be said that the Black Tower had suffered disastrous losses roughly equivalent to the Cloud Tower's. The Cloud Tower and the Black Tower's rule over the Andlusa Kingdom might be affected this time.

The two great forces of the Andlusa Kingdom simultaneously lost their most important True Spirit Magic Tools, as well as their Magic Tool Incarnations. If others learnt about this matter, it could cause problems for them.

The six forces of the Odin Kingdom were all here, while only three of the four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom had arrived, two of which were half-destroyed. This was a huge gap.

The first thing everyone saw after going through the veil of mist was Dylas and Lin Yun in the middle of a confrontation.

The Odin Kingdom's side immediately understood that a fight was about to start, as Dylas had already taken out his True Spirit Magic Tool and magic staff.

Dedale coldly walked towards Dylas and Lin Yun, his body still carrying energy from the battle he had just gone through.

He first turned towards Dylas.

"Dylas, are you planning to start a fight? Are you trying to ruin this major event for all of us?"

Dylas saw Dedale's ice-cold expression and opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he ultimately remained silent and unwillingly putting away his staff.

"Sir Dedale, I naturally don't want to, but there is someone that might-"

Dylas didn't get to finish his sentence before Dedale roared, "Why are you still standing here? Do you think you can take over the leadership of this expedition?"

Dylas' face turned white and he promptly waved his hands.

'Hell, replace you? I haven't gone insane... That rude and tyrannical thug definitely holds a grudge because of what happened earlier...

'How could I not see the Burning Soul magic robe he was wearing as he came in? Damnit, no wonder no one thinks that there is something wrong with Dedale's words.

'That guy was the strongest to begin with, already surpassing the Archmage realm, but he had yet to truly reach the Heaven Rank. It was said that this guy then personally visited the Burning Sea in order to comprehend two branches of the Law of Fire before once again advancing to the Heaven Rank.

'It looks like it really was the case. He wouldn't be able to wear the Burning Soul if not for that. Damn... With the Burning Soul on, that guy would definitely be able to display the power of a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse.

When facing someone with power at the Heaven Rank, someone that was an arrogant thug like Dedale, Dylas wisely chose to keep his mouth shut and retreat.

Dedale nodded with satisfaction as Dylas tactfully gave way, not saying a word. He then turned towards Lin Yun and burst forth with a powerful aura. The Flame Dragon within the robe also looked at Lin Yun while releasing a terrifying aura. It was definitely comparable to a true Heaven Rank powerhouse.

The pressure spread over the area, pressuring not only Lin Yun, but also the rest of the Andlusa Kingdom's side.

Lin Yun slightly frowned, but Dedale was already speaking with a cold and ruthless tone. "Mafa Merlin, I don't care about your grudges and grievances with the Shadow Tower, and I also don't care about your conflicts with other forces of the Odin Kingdom. If we were anywhere else, I wouldn't give a damn about what you want to do."

After saying that, Dedale pointed at his feet and continued with a heavy tone, "But this is the Raging Flame Battlefield. If you dare to ruin this major event, I will be the first one to break you. If you dare to make a move, you'll be turned to ashes by my flames!"

Leaving those words of warning, Dedale glanced at the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower with disdain before leaving.

Dedale forcibly stopped the battle that was about to start. Dylas sneered as he looked at Lin Yun as if he had been extremely lucky.

Lin Yun shot a glance at Dylas. He didn't answer Dedale's threat; after all, there wasn't much difference between getting rid of Dylas here and doing it somewhere else.

On the contrary, if he dealt with Dylas here, he might end up facing greater pressure from the Beastmen. The Beastmen that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield were very powerful. Just the Gold Beastmen alone weren't any weaker than the Odin Kingdom's strongest force, the Burning Tower. Moreover, the Raging Flame Battlefield buffed the Beastmen, making the Gold Beastmen even more powerful.

Lin Yun wasn't inclined to waste power here just as they were about to enter the temple. Moreover, with the arrival of all six of the Odin Kingdom's forces, he couldn't fight even if he wanted to.

Everyone had researched the door and the array by now, and they could naturally see that it was divided into three parts, with every part having ten spots. The keys to opening the temple's entrance were one hundred and eight of those Pseudo-Heaven Rank mana crystals.

Lin Yun had gotten twenty, or twenty-two with the addition of the Henry Family's tribute. He still needed fourteen if he wanted to activate one section of the door.

Jouyi and Harren gathered over and took out their mana crystals, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Jouyi possessed four... They had hurried over here and ended up being chased by the Gold Beastmen, suffering terrible losses. This had prevented them from getting any more of the mana crystals in the end.

Harren's situation was a bit better, but not by much. He only had five mana crystals, and his losses were similar to the Cloud Tower's.

With these nine mana crystals included, they still needed five more to occupy one of the three positions.

Jouyi and Harren looked like they felt very awkward. They couldn't pool together enough mana crystals and were thus unable to occupy one of the three parts.

This was immediately used as a pretext by the Odin Kingdom's people.

Dylas, who had kept glancing over, was the first to notice that problem. The Odin Kingdom had already divided the troops, and the seventy-two mana crystals had already been gathered. They were only waiting for the Andlusa side to present thirty-six mana crystals to activate the array. But they hadn't actually expected the Andlusa Kingdom to fail to gather the necessary mana crystals.

"I already said it when coming in! Andlusan insects are useless, they are just a heavy burden dragging us down. Just look, I was right! Our Odin Kingdom's six forces easily collected seventy-two mana crystals! Why can't you even come up with thirty-six mana crystals? So useless.

"I previously heard that the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower are the strongest two forces of the Andlusa Kingdom, but I hadn't expected them to be so trashy. Just by rushing here, you actually lost so many people. I truly don't know how you managed to stay alive for so long. Such pieces of garbage are actually the top two forces of the Andlusa Kingdom?

"This is really laughable! So if our Odin Kingdom casually made a move, wouldn't we sweep through the Andlusa Kingdom?

"No, no, even if you offered up your backwater place for free, we still wouldn't want it. You are just a bunch of monkeys that found an area deprived of magic beasts and proclaimed yourselves kings of that place.

"Ah, one obtained four mana crystals, and one obtained five, truly amazing. Such trash actually dared to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield. If I had known it would end up like that, I would have had another force from the Odin Kingdom come over. Your poor performance here is affecting us too.

"You are so weak! You couldn't even collect mana crystals and just wasted the quota. If you don't open the third area, let alone wasting time, we won't even be able to enter the temple! If this continues, those stupid Raging Flame Beastmen might overtake us again."

Dylas' loud voice immediately attracted the attention of the other forces of the Odin Kingdom.

They were discussing the issue of how many individuals from each force could be sent. The Odin Kingdom was occupying two areas, and thus had twenty spots, which couldn't be split among six forces evenly. Some of them would inevitably have the short end of the stick.