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 "Our enemies are the Raging Flame Beastmen. Internal strife between us only benefits the Raging Flame Beastmen. Regardless of who wins between your two forces, it would be a huge loss to the human alliance.

"It would put us at even more of a disadvantage when fighting the Raging Flame Beastmen. This doesn't just involve you, it affects all of us.

"Whatever the issue is, wait until the Raging Flame Battlefield is over. We definitely cannot afford to have infighting right now.

"I previously heard that the royal Gold Beastmen dispatched that general this time. Moreover, the Burning Tower encountered them and none of them could do anything. Don't you know how proud Dedale is?

"If he had a chance, would he let those Gold Beastmen get away with it?

"But ultimately, the Gold Beastmen didn't suffer any losses, while the Burning Tower had some severely wounded mages on the verge of death.

"Dedale personally fought against the Gold Beastmen's general, but not a single hair fell off the general's head.

"Thus, the Raging Flame Beastmen are our only enemies right now. By all means, don't fight here..."

Arnaud rapidly shared the information he had gained.

Dylas bit his lips. He knew that fighting here wasn't smart, but he still angrily glanced at Lin Yun, disdain visible in his eyes.

"With their strength, how helpful would they be in battle? They would be nothing more than cannon fodder in the end. It would be beyond expectations if they didn't piss their pants and run when meeting the Gold Beastmen..."

Arnaud lowered his head with a bitter smile.

"Dylas, you need to understand-"

But Arnaud didn't get to finish his words because Dylas interrupted him with a wave of his hand.

"I get it, I get it, I'm not clueless about the big picture. They can be considered lucky today. That damned guy shall keep his neck for the time being. Once this matter is over, I'll personally take off his head. If they can't wait, I'll personally get rid of them."

Arnaud couldn't help sighing in relief when he heard that Dylas had given up on fighting, but his impression of Dylas just kept worsening.

'Hell, if you had not helped us back then, I absolutely wouldn't have saved you. Don't you see Morgan hiding, unwilling to appear?

'You still want to buzz around Mafa Merlin? That guy doesn't even care about you. But you wouldn't last more than five minutes... Actually, you wouldn't last three minutes if you attacked him. And the rest of your group would be wiped within ten minutes at most.

'Whatever, I paid back the favor. That idiot can do whatever he wants now, it has nothing to do with me. I just hope he isn't stupid enough to keep provoking Mafa Merlin.'

Dylas wore a disdainful expression as he led the Shadow Tower to rest on the side while Arnaud led the Henry Family to a resting spot that he chose.

Seeing that there wouldn't be any fighting, Enderfa mumbled with a disappointed expression, "No fight? Boring! Let's kill that guy, we might get some mana crystals, and that magic tool is very interesting..."

Xiuban looked at Carnage with disappointment before lying down on the ground to rest. Even the mage army seemed somewhat disappointed

Cold sweat started trickling down Arnaud's forehead as he saw this. The scenes of the three Mud Lizards being quickly dispatched like ordinary magic beasts started appearing in his mind.

After some hesitation, Arnaud slowly walked towards Lin Yun and muttered in a low voice, "Sir Merlin, I'm really sorry, Dylas' brain is a bit weird. Please don't lower yourself to his level. Now that we've reached this place, we might fight with the Raging Flame Beastmen soon. Fighting among ourselves would be a huge loss to everyone.

"The Raging Flame Beastmen are very powerful this time, so we have to cooperate to handle them. You should understand that..."

Arnaud sighed in relief when he saw Lin Yun's indifferent nod.

"Hey, what about Sir Morgan? How come I don't see Sir Morgan?"

Morgan's expression changed and he immediately put on a hat and lowered his head as Lin Yun looked at the Henry Family's group.

"Sir Morgan, what about our previous agreement? You didn't forget, did you?" Lin Yun's voice echoed beside Morgan's ear.

Morgan could only stand up with a bitter and resigned expression as he walked towards Lin Yun like he was walking to his death.

Morgan slowly walked over and greeted Lin Yun with an expressionless face. "Hello, Sir Mafa Merlin."

Lin Yun sized up Morgan before directly extending a hand.

"Sir Morgan, you used my method to kill magic beasts, so what about my mana crystals? Shouldn't you give me my remuneration according to our contract?"

Arnaud let out two forced chuckles as he pulled the unwilling Morgan's arm.

"Morgan, hurry and hand over the mana crystals. This is what we agreed upon with Sir Merlin. We can't harm the prestige of the Henry Family."

Morgan slowly took out two Level 40 mana crystals. He didn't play any tricks this time, and he truly took out two.

"Sir Merlin, we killed nine fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. According to our agreement, these two should belong to you."

Morgan handed over two mana crystals and immediately turned to leave, apparently not wanting to remain near Lin Yun.

Arnaud awkwardly smiled and made an excuse for Morgan.

"Err... Sir Merlin, Morgan has been quite exhausted in the past few days... I ask for your understanding."

Arnaud chatted with Lin Yun, their relationship seeming pretty good. This put Dylas in a bad mood, especially when he heard Arnaud tell Lin Yun to not lower himself to Dylas' level. Those words in particular enraged him.

"Arnaud, what are you saying? You are saying that this weakling shouldn't lower himself to my level? Are you saying that he should be sparing me?"

Dylas had been unable to resist using a buff spell, just in time to hear those few sentences. This made his recently suppressed anger surge once again.

Dylas took out his own magic staff, which looked more like a slightly longer dagger. The short, gray staff was made of Heroic Soul Tree and was most suitable for shadow spells. It was rumored that it absorbed the power of the heroic souls of ancient times to grow, and it usually grew within large tombs without a single bit of light.

Arnaud could only bitterly smile as he noticed the infuriated Dylas. No one thought that Dylas would actually fall so low as to eavesdrop. It was no longer a matter of strength, as he didn't have the most basic manners as a mage. Even an evil mage wouldn't casually do this.

Arnaud promptly obstructed Dylas' aggressive outburst.

"Dylas, don't be impulsive! By all means, don't be impulsive. If there is anything, you can discuss it, but don't attack. This would be bad for everyone..."

Dylas angrily pushed Arnaud aside.

"Arnaud, f*ck off! Don't get involved in this matter! I have to tear that Andlusan insect to pieces and splatter his blood in front of the entrance..."

Lin Yun sneered and slowly took out the Draconic Staff.

"Since you are courting death so urgently, allow me to help you, Dylas."

Seeing that the battle was about to and that he couldn't convince Dylas, Arnaud really didn't know what to do.

'Damnit, that fool, haven't we been acquainted for a very long time? How could that guy be so stupid? Would I harm him? He'll die for sure if he starts the battle. Mafa Merlin definitely isn't the kind of guy who would spare his life. Dylas' uncle might have a high position in the Shadow Tower, but it is useless here.

"Arnaud, get out of the way. I'll show you how I'll tear that Andlusan bug to shreds! I'll make you experience first-hand the strength of our Shadow Tower..."

Arnaud didn't dare to use spells, so he could only use his body's power to block Dylas. But Arnaud simply could no longer stop the enraged Dylas.

At this time, fierce fluctuations came from the thin veil of mist as men and horses passed through it from several directions.

On one side, they were all wearing blazing robes, which seemed to be burning from a distance These were the members of the Burning Tower, and walking at the forefront was a tall man wearing a dark red robe with a vivid Flame Dragon imprinted on it. As he walked, that Flame Dragon would slowly move within the robe as if it was alive.

Moreover, with the appearance of the Burning Tower, everyone felt the temperature rise in the surroundings.

On another side, a group wearing ash-brown robes and big hats that covered almost all of their faces silently came in. Sand was floating in their surroundings, and the ground started turning into fine sand under their feet, just like the dunes of a desert. They were moving silently but emitted a deadly sensation of danger. This was the Quicksand Tower's group.

And following a huge explosion, fortresses of the Sky City rushed through the mist one after another. The biggest floating fortresses were ten meters in size, while the smallest spanned seven meters. They were all emitting a deadly aura, and their weapon systems were all activated. The mages standing atop the fortresses were all emitting tides of mana fluctuations, ready to burst at any time.

Finally, a five-meter-tall carriage dragged by four horses passed through the mist.

The purple and gold carriage looked very gorgeous. It didn't have wheels but was floating in the air, driven by the power of an array. On its surface was embedded eighteen valuable magic gems, which raised the defense of the carriage to a frightening level.

As for those four green mountain-like warhorses, they were treading on four whirlwinds, and they each had a long horn on their head. They were hairless, as their entire bodies were covered with Dragon-like scales.

It was rumored that Tempest Horses were the descendants of Wind Dragons and Pegasi, inheriting the power of the former and the unsurpassed speed of the latter. Tempest Horses could walk on air. They were extremely quick, able to move several times faster than a mage using Flight.

That kind of Tempest Horse was said to have gone extinct during the 3rd Dynasty, yet the Odin Kingdom's royal family unexpectedly possessed four Level 38 Tempest Horses pulling this carriage. With this carriage, most flying magic beasts wouldn't want to chase after the Odin Kingdom's royal family.