He hadn't paid much attention to it back then. After all, this was only a small peculiarity, but it now seemed that these mana crystals should be the key to opening the stone door.

Directly in front of the stone door was a space of the same size, 66 meters, with a circular pattern. It was divided into three parts, and each one had ten round stone platforms, for a total of thirty.

Lin Yun inwardly nodded. He had confirmed that the mana crystals were keys and that those stone platforms were the teleportation points. In other words, regardless of where this led, only thirty people could pass through when it was activated.

Each section of the stone door had thirty-six openings. In other words, one hundred and eight mana crystals were needed to activate this ancient array.

He had twenty in his pocket, which was naturally insufficient.

Lin Yun waited there, convinced that the other forces would definitely arrive quickly.

And sure enough, it didn't take long for someone to pass through the thin layer of mist and rush over.

These people apparently had no shadows. Their bodies were moving swiftly under the light, as if they themselves were illusory shadows.

Lin Yun glanced over and noticed that it was actually the Shadow Tower headed by the gloomy Dylas.

Dylas discovered Lin Yun's group and started laughing heartily.

"Mafa Merlin, I didn't expect you to be the first here! Good, very good... Your luck is really bad!

"I've been waiting for a very long time, but I didn't meet you in the Raging Flame Battlefield... Yet here we are. Although your strength is subpar, you should have hunted a lot of mana crystals. I can kill you now and snatch your mana crystals!"

Dylas appeared elated, and his mana was already silently circulating. He nastily laughed as he looked at Lin Yun like a viper staring at its prey, mocking and ridiculing him.

"You were lucky last time. You had others helping you, including the Burning Tower. That was only because you helped them decrease their losses and let them obtain more benefits, but it's different now.

"Who can save you now? I told you that I would make you die a very unsightly death if we met in the Raging Flame Battlefield. I'll refine your soul into a shadow servant.

"Damned scoundrel, you greatly decreased our harvest! If not for you, our Shadow Tower would have been the one to profit the most. We would have taken a huge leap forward and been comparable to the Burning Tower within a few years! No, we would have been able to gain even more influence than them.

"Now, everything is destroyed because of a scoundrel like you. You're doomed! I'll let you know the consequences of offending our Shadow Tower!"

Dylas had a malevolent gaze filled with killing intent.

According to his previous calculations, the Shadow Tower would have definitely gained the most. Even if their harvest was minimal, they would still have earned the most just from the extortion.

Although the human side didn't clearly know the importance of the Raging Flame Battlefield, the major forces all knew the rumors spreading among the Raging Flame Beastmen: The winner takes all.

Ever since his plan was ruined, Dylas had planned on searching for Lin Yun's tracks in the Raging Flame Battlefield. He had let out a few dozen shadow servants, but they hadn't met any success. But the reason was clear now: The Merlin Family was unexpectedly faster than the Shadow Tower and were already ahead of them. Naturally, they wouldn't be able to find them from way behind.

The shadow of a cloak appeared behind Dylas, and the powerful mana fluctuations were like a breeze blowing past. Obviously, the fluctuations weren't especially intense, but it made everyone feel a tingling feeling of danger.

Lin Yun raised his head and looked at Dylas, faintly narrowing his eyes as he conscientiously said, "Sir Dylas, you are courting death. You'll be killed."

Enderfa let out a strange laugh as he floated over, staring at Dylas' Magic Tool.

"Haha, that Magic Tool is actually a good thing, it's the best at stealing things. If I'm not wrong, that thing should have started out as a thief. This guy is quite daring. You actually dare to openly use a thieving tool, you deserve to be killed!"

Xiuban nastily laughed as he raised Carnage while studying Dylas.

"Sir Merlin, that weakling is not interesting. He would die with one slap..."

Reina didn't even bother looking at Dylas. She was minding her own business as she conscientiously comprehended the Laws within an ice sphere, completely ignoring the group from the Shadow Tower.

Jouyi was a little stunned, and seeing that they were about to fight, he promptly came over to advise Lin Yun. "Sir Merlin, this... It's better to remain calm. By all means, don't be impulsive now that we've reached this point. The gains won't make up for the losses..."

Jouyi worriedly looked at Lin Yun, and what he was trying to say was very clear.

'Six forces of the Odin Kingdom came to the Raging Flame Battlefield, while four came from our Andlusa Kingdom. They weren't occupying a dominant position... Until our Cloud Tower became half-crippled. The losses of my subordinates were disastrous, making the gap between our forces even bigger.

'Mafa naturally wouldn't lose if he fought the Shadow Tower's people, as he can already withstand a Heaven Rank powerhouse. The Shadow Tower's True Spirit Magic Tool is still in good condition, but Dylas would ultimately be killed by Mafa.

'But if the other forces of the Odin Kingdom come, they would definitely join forces and target us, and that would be too much...'

Lin Yun remained silent. He naturally knew that Jouyi was worried he would kill Dylas...

But Dylas didn't understand it that way. He proudly laughed when he heard Jouyi's words. "It looks like you have some intelligent people at your side, Mafa Merlin! Although the Cloud Tower's people are kind of rubbish, with only half of them able to reach this place, they are smart enough. They might be able to survive.

"Mafa Merlin, I'll give you one last opportunity! Cripple your magic abilities and hand over all the mana crystals you obtained, and I might reconsider turning only your soul into a shadow servant. As for your subordinates, I'll be magnanimous and let them all off. How about it?

"I'll just get rid of you all if you don't accept my good intentions. I'll make you the first Andlusan force to be wiped completely, and every one of you will die an extremely miserable death!"

Jouyi couldn't help bitterly smiling when he heard Dylas' words. He knew that he could no longer pacify the situation.

Lin Yun raised his head and sneered.

Reina and all the mages of the mage army simultaneously raised their heads and looked over. Everyone knew that the battle was about the start.

At this time, another disturbance appeared on the thin mist veil as the Henry Family passed through.

The Henry Family had just arrived and felt the clash of mana fluctuations coming from the temple ahead of them.

When they arrived, they saw the Shadow Tower and the Merlin Family standing against each other. The atmosphere was very heavy, and it looked like they were about to come to blows.

The first group Morgan saw was the Shadow Tower. He was just about to yell something when he saw Lin Yun leading the other side.

Morgan involuntarily scrunched his face as if he had seen something unlucky. He immediately hid at the back of the Henry Family's group with his head lowered as if he was hiding from the plague.

Arnaud was suddenly alarmed as he saw this situation, and his face became as white as a sheet of paper.

He unhesitantly rushed out.

"Stop! Dylas, stay your hand now."

Arnaud used Haste to rush to Dylas and blocked his path without any hesitation.

Dylas frowned as he saw Arnaud.

"Arnaud, get out of the way! I have to get rid of that b*stard!"

Arnaud clenched his teeth, his calves slightly shivering.

The Shadow Tower and the Henry Family had a decent relationship, as the former would order many items from the latter every year.

Arnaud, Morgan, and Dylas could be considered acquaintances, but Dylas' plan to extort everyone before had made Morgan uncomfortable, so he wouldn't step forward this time. He planned to just hide, and regardless of whether Dylas or Mafa Merlin died, Morgan would clap his hands.

However, Arnaud hadn't been very offended. Although his relationship with Dylas wasn't particularly good, he still didn't wish to see Dylas throwing his life away.

But now, he couldn't help bitterly smiling when hearing Dylas clamoring so loudly.

'Damnit, if not for our previous relationship, I wouldn't care if you threw away your life. Idiot, do you really think that you are very powerful because you almost extorted us all? That you can handle Mafa Merlin?

'I'm not persuading you to spare someone, I'm trying to save you!

'The Andlusa Kingdom somehow got extremely lucky... No, the Merlin Family had an extremely huge stroke of luck for them to birth a freak like Mafa Merlin.

'I heard that he was only a 7th Rank Archmage... No one would believe that this guy could directly withstand a Heaven Rank Magic Beast unless they saw it with their own eyes.

'Moreover, all of his subordinates are lunatics stronger than the members of our Henry Family, and they aren't being supported by a large number of Magic Tools.

'Even if that fool had the Shadow Tower's most formidable Magic Tools, he would definitely be killed if they fought.

'Damnit, I didn't think that guy was so stupid and arrogant. It now looks like his stupid mistake could definitely send others to their deaths. I'm only saving him to repay that favor.

'It won't be my problem if he doesn't listen and once again fights with the Merlin Family only to be killed...'

"Don't be impulsive, Dylas, have you forgotten where we are? You still don't want to preserve your strength?"

Dylas froze at Arnaud's words.

Arnaud hurriedly continued as he saw that these words were effective.

"This is the Raging Flame Battlefield. The Raging Flame Beastmen opened the Planar Path faster than us and are more powerful than us this time. Moreover, they are even more powerful here due to being enhanced by the Raging Flame Battlefield.