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 Lin Yun taught the entire battle technique to Arnaud. From how to cast at the start, to how to finish them off, he detailed the entire process, and it was very complicated. Arnaud kept nodding with admiration.

If Lin Yun had plainly told him that extreme heat and extreme cold would affect the magic beasts and that the fusion of fire and ice would display the greatest crippling power, Arnaud might not have felt convinced.

But explaining such a simple strategy in a very convoluted way made it easy for Arnaud to believe.

After Lin Yun was done speaking, Arnaud smiled and started talking about these mana crystals' secrets.

"Our Henry Family paid a huge price and bribed a traitor to obtain these secrets. We made that traitor infiltrate the Raging Flame Beastmen's upper ranks, and he only managed to get some information. Only the ones standing at the peak know of the true secrets behind those mana crystals, so even I'm not sure about it.

"I believe you should have noticed that the magic beasts of the Raging Flame Battlefield are very strange. They are Level 40 but do not possess Extraordinary Power, haven't established their Demiplanes, and haven't even awakened their own wisdom. They are definitely the weakest existences among Level 40 magic beasts.

"But based on the bloodlines of these magic beasts, they shouldn't have been able to reach Level 40 in the first place. They even still use their basic fighting style, just with the power of a Level 40.

"A long time ago, this was the Raging Flame Pasture, and the eight branches of the Raging Flame Beastmen weren't fighting here over resources; they were fighting over the mana crystals of these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

"After coming in, they wouldn't go gather resources, even though the place is extremely rich in resources and high-grade medicinal ingredients.

"They would only hunt these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts like crazy after reaching this place, continuously increasing the number of mana crystals in their hands.

"It was said that these mana crystals were the most valuable thing in the Raging Flame Plane Battlefield and were related to a secret, or some sort of competition where only the final victor could earn the reward, while the losers would get nothing.

"Before humans appeared in the Raging Flame Battlefield, each time the Raging Flame Beastmen reached a whole new level as a race was after the opening of the Raging Flame Pasture.

"The things they obtained from the Raging Flame Battlefield strengthened their entire race, and the key to that was the mana crystals of these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. In comparison, everything in the Raging Flame Battlefield has no value. All that matters are the mana crystals.

"As for what the last, biggest secret is, we aren't sure. But the Raging Flame Beastmen definitely know. This time, their peak powerhouses came to the Raging Flame Battlefield. It is even said that the royal family of the Gold Beastmen dispatched their own Tribal Chief's son. And the Tribal Chief's son inevitably carries their Ancestor Soul and leads the Golden Beastmen's strongest general.

"If we encounter the Gold Beastmen's troops on our own, we absolutely won't be their match. Even the Burning Tower, Quicksand Tower, Sky City, and the Odin Kingdom's royal family wouldn't be able to fight the Gold Beastmen on their own.

"I only know this much, nothing else. Regarding everything here, the higher-ups of the Raging Flame Beastmen said that the winner's reward would be so big that they would burst from digesting it, while the loser would get nothing. The Gold Beastmen rose from being a branch family to become the ruling family of the Raging Flame Beastmen through that. They apparently were victorious three times in a row, giving them an extremely firm foundation."

Lin Yun pensively nodded after Arnaud explained what he knew in detail.

There were too many abnormalities here. Magic beasts that should have peaked at Level 15 or Level 20 all reached Level 40 here, and although they hadn't established their Demiplanes, awakened wisdom, or gained Extraordinary Power, they weren't to be taken lightly. The strangest thing was the immense Spatial Power within their mana crystals that couldn't be used by the magic beasts.

After the transaction was over, Morgan hurriedly urged his side to leave, not even attending to their injuries, still avoiding Lin Yun like the plague.

Ever since he stole Lin Yun's Frost Ape mana crystal, he felt as if he had caught some sort of virus. Not to mention the disastrous losses, he had to spit out everything he had gained. Morgan even conjectured that Lin Yun had cast a curse of misfortune upon him, so he wanted to remain as far away as possible.

As he walked along with his team, Morgan kept trying to wash himself clean, probing whether the members of the Henry Family thought he was the Family's panty thief, and giving everyone a bit of benefits out of fear that these guys would run their mouths. If they did, he would definitely be beaten to death, and no one would be able to save him.

Not caring about Morgan escaping, Lin Yun sorted his own gains before leading the others to continue on. They amassed more and more Heaven Rank mana crystals while the unknown reaction to that place grew stronger and stronger. He originally only had a vague direction, but he could now roughly feel the distance. It wouldn't take long before they reached the destination.

Since those mana crystals were related to a big secret and were the most precious things in the Raging Flame Battlefield, Lin Yun had no reason not to go to the place resonating with the mana crystals.

On the 3rd day, Lin Yun had just killed a Steel Hog and was ready to move forward when he suddenly reacted to something.

The Magic Array caught a faint mana fluctuation. It was very weak, but it was clearly a special mana fluctuation that could be detected from a few kilometers away.

Lin Yun floated up and used Eagle Sight to look at a distant location.

He immediately saw a formidable force tearing through the clouds several kilometers away. From that distance it looked like a huge hole had appeared in the clouds.

All kinds of magic rays, flames, Aura Slashes, black clouds, and meteors could be seen, as well as a deep starry sky.

Lin Yun's expression changed. That scarlet radiance carried a wisp of golden light as it pierced through the sky and tore through the cloud. This likely involved the powerhouses of the royal Gold Beastmen.

The crimson flames were pure elemental fire, and the spells cast by the Beastman Warlocks wouldn't have this kind of color. That came from a human mage, and if Lin Yun wasn't wrong, that deep space that looked like a starry sky should belong to the Cloud Tower.

If another human force had been struggling, Lin Yun might have just watched for enjoyment. As time slowly passed, he would deal with them like he did the Henry Family, asking for a price before helping, but the Cloud Tower was different.

Ever since he awakened in this era, the Cloud Tower had always assisted him. Moreover, Jouyi had always been good to him and was a respectable elder. Under such circumstances, he couldn't just sit and watch indifferently.

More importantly, from those lights, it was very clear that the Cloud Tower was running and being chased by the Gold Beastmen.

"Get ready to fight," Lin Yun said in a deep voice before using Flight, taking the lead with his subordinates following behind him.

After three minutes, Lin Yun saw the Cloud Tower's group, but they seemed to be in a very miserable state.

The Star Sage's robe was covered with numerous holes, and its mana was dissipating as if corroded by something. It wasn't a poor magic robe, but it could only be used as an ordinary robe now.

Only ten members of the Cloud Tower remained, and everyone was injured. Two of them were missing an arm, and their magic robes had become deep red from the blood.

The Cloud Tower's people tried their best to escape while casting spells, as if they were exhausted beasts struggling for survival. The strength and frequency of their spells were far lower than usual.

And behind them, Gold Beastmen were mocking them, as if they were partaking in a traditional hunting event. They seemed relaxed as they were poking at the back of the Cloud Tower's survivors, toying with them as they moved forward.

The group of Gold Beastmen was pursuing relentlessly, with a 2.6-meter-tall Beastman at the center. He had bronze-colored skin emitting a faint golden light and covered in numerous tattoos. His hair was tied into ten braids, and he had four thick fangs covering his lips. There was also a huge scar running across his face.

Moreover, that Beastman was wearing heavy armor that seemed to weigh close to two hundred kilograms and wielding a three-meter-long sword, making him give off even more pressure.

From over a kilometer away, Lin Yun could see mana fluctuations, elemental waves, and swirling gales disappearing three meters from that Beastman. It looked like a river meeting a rock, as they all automatically parted and flowed on both sides.

Just by relying on the pressure instinctively emitted from his body, he could suppress anything within three meters of him. This absolutely wasn't something that an ordinary Beastman could accomplish.

This was something that only a terrifying existence with one foot into the Heaven Rank could accomplish, and only the most powerful ones among them.

There were no other Beastmen guarding within five meters of him. There was only a young Gold Beastman laughing heartily. That young Beastman was wearing completely golden attire made of hide, and his forehead had ancient tattoos. Those were tattoos that only the royal family of the Raging Flame Beastmen could possess.

Lin Yun had a solemn expression. That laughing youth should be the current Tribal Chief's son, Erde Kraff. That guy wasn't worth his attention.

The tall Beastman next to him was the one to look out for. That guy should be called Golden Behemoth Gallsworth. He commanded all of the Gold Beastmen's armies, led all battles against mankind, and was even leading the joint Beastman army. He was a rare battle genius among the Raging Flame Beastmen, and he was more proficient in tactics than most humans in the Raging Flame Plane.

Moreover, his bloodline was very powerful. Not only was he a 9th Rank Sword Saint, but he was also a 9th Rank Beastman Warlock. He had reached the stage of surpassing the 9th rank on both paths, but he had yet to advance to the Heaven Rank.