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 As soon as these thoughts appeared, Morgan shuddered and then clenched his teeth. He drank two potions before casting frantically, sending a large number of Dark Arrows flying out towards the Mud Lizard before his eyes.

Morgan was a bit envious of the power of Lin Yun's subordinates. And on the other side, Arnaud was also shocked and had some admiration for Lin Yun.

Morgan hadn't noticed, but Arnaud had seen that Lin Yun and the others had a special rhythm when fighting.

The group divided into three teams to handle the three Mud Lizards, and the members of each team knew what they had to do, when they should release spells, the battle tactics, and the fight's tempo. They were proficient in everything and had a tacit understanding.

The mage army had put out some formidable pressure and approached as if they were dealing with a mad dog, attacking with no regard for consumption while facing huge dangers. The most powerful ones were only at the 2nd Rank of the Archmage realm, so even if they wouldn't die if they were hit, they would still be crippled.

But none of the fifty mages panicked in this kind of dangerous situation. They were all full of confidence and weren't anxious.

It looked like berserk casting, but now that Arnaud thought about it, this was the fighting style that would consume the least amount of mana for the most results. But it wasn't something that could be done from fighting steadily and surely.

If they fought in a measured manner, they might not consume mana as quickly, but they wouldn't be able to end the fight so decisively.

Using the defensive shields to guide and concentrate the Hellfire made that uncontrollable spell release several times its usual power, and at the critical moment, the Frost Dragon froze the Mud Lizard's head, allowing the mage army to cast their final attack.

Each step seemed calculated, and their coordination was precise to the second. From the links between each spell to the timing of the joint attacks, everything was flawless.

'It's a terrifying team, and they seemed to have already found the most effective way of fighting these Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. As long as there aren't too many of the magic beasts, they won't pose a threat.

'Especially Mafa Merlin... He is a true powerhouse. His power absolutely surpasses both Morgan and me... We clearly aren't his opponents. He definitely didn't display his full strength in the battle earlier.

'He only used his staff as a True Spirit Magic Tool without using the Magic Tool Incarnation. Furthermore, he surely has other magic tools. He is really frightening.'

Admiration could be seen in Arnaud's eyes. If they knew that fighting style specially made for these Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, they wouldn't have suffered such a huge loss.

By the time Lin Yun's forces finished fighting, the Henry Family barely managed to get rid of a Mud Lizard, but the remaining two went berserk after being seriously injured.

Arnaud wanted to study Lin Yun's group fighting style, but he couldn't learn anything. Neither Morgan nor the other powerhouses of the Henry Family were able to work together so smoothly, as no one had complete faith in their companions.

Arnaud continued controlling that surging elemental river to pressure one of the Mud Lizards, but the others couldn't take care of the second one.

Lin Yun pondered for a bit before sending the patched puppet and Enderfa to help out. After all, it would harm his reputation if some of them died. He said he would help, so he shouldn't let them come to harm.

After a few minutes, the last Mud Lizard let out an unresigned bellow. The battle was thoroughly finished.

When it died, the Henry Family let out a cheer. They had been besieged for two days and had suffered enough. They had been fighting almost constantly, and their heads felt as if they were about to explode after being pounded by a dwarf's hammer.

Not to mention the huge number of casualties, the airship was ruined, two of the True Spirit Magic Tools forming a barrier had been damaged, at least seven hundred magic scrolls had been used, and nearly three hundred potions had been drunk.

Now that the fight was over, the processing of the Mud Lizard was left to the Henry Family. No mage was willing to do that most disgusting task in Noscent, as no one wanted to come into contact with the Mud Lizards' corpse, let alone that stinky smell that could pollute one's thoughts. They could end up being poisoned when handling the entrails and blood.

Lin Yun's group didn't care about that matter. They all looked as if they had just warmed up and hadn't gone through a battle.

After half an hour, the Henry Family processed the corpse, and Morgan personally came over to hand them all over. According to the agreement, all of the materials from the six Mud Lizards belonged to Lin Yun.

After downing a few potions, the pale Morgan had slightly recovered. He walked over with a Spatial Ring and an indescribable smile on his face.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, the materials from the six Mud Lizards all belong to you as per our agreement. All the processed materials are here."

Lin Yun took out the Spatial Ring. That unimprinted Spatial Ring could be used by anyone. He checked inside it with mental power and could tell that the Mud Lizards' materials were all neatly arranged, and the six earth-brown mana crystals were also inside.

Suddenly, Lin Yun's eyes flickered and three of the mana crystals appeared in his hand.

These three mana crystals were Level 40 earth-attributed mana crystals, but they didn't have Extraordinary Aura and were the lowest among level 40 mana crystals. Most Families and forces would rarely kill a level 39 magic beasts, as they would rather wait until the beast reached level 40 to kill it, before it awakened wisdom and Extraordinary Power.

Although that kind of mana crystal didn't have Extraordinary Power, it had a trace of the Law and was far more valuable than a level 39 mana crystal. More importantly, this kind of magic beast was relatively easy to kill...

Lin Yun sensed that these three mana crystals had nothing special, and there was nothing wrong with that rich earth power. But they were missing that faint wisp of Spatial Power. Even if that wisp was faint and was hiding within, Lin Yun's Magic Array could clearly find that wisp of Spatial Power even when it wasn't emitting fluctuations.

The magic beasts they had killed before all had this characteristic, but three of the six mana crystals here didn't have that faint wisp of Spatial Power, so how could Lin Yun not understand what was going on?

"Sir Morgan, as per our agreement, the mana crystals of the six Mud Lizards should all belong to me, so what's the matter with these three mana crystals?"

Lin Yun fiddled with the three Level 40 mana crystals in his hand, frowning as he looked at Morgan.

Morgan's expression faltered.

"What do you mean by that? Mafa Merlin, we already completed our side of the deal! All the materials of those six Mud Lizards were given to you, all six Level 40 mana crystals are inside! What more do you want?"

'Damnit, how did that guy notice? There should be no difference with the Level 40 mana crystals, how could he know that I swapped three of them out?'

Morgan's face looked ashen, and it wasn't clear whether he was angry or nervous.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, don't bully us. These six mana crystals were all dug out from the heads of the Mud Lizards. You have been watching as we gathered them. If there is any problem with them, I also don't know about it. Half of the Mud Lizards are male, and the other half are female. It's normal to have some difference between the mana crystals of male and female magic beasts, so what's the problem? If you think there is an issue, I can't do anything about it. You can go and ask the six Mud Lizards..."

After saying that, Morgan pointed at the torn pile of flesh and bones with a smile.

'Right, what am I nervous for? In any case, he was watching the whole time as we gathered the materials. Even if there is a problem and he sees some difference, that can be attributed to the difference between the Mud Lizards. Even identical magic beasts have minute differences in their mana crystals, so no one could say otherwise.

'It's common sense that no two mana crystals are completely identical, so how could he notice? In any case, if I don't admit it, he won't be able to do anything...'

Morgan clenched his teeth and refused to admit it, sticking with his statement.

Lin Yun shook his head with a grin, not getting angry.

A tear casually appeared beside him as the Demiplane was opened, and a small pup that could fit in his hand jumped out.

The Three-Eyed Wolf had remained in the Demiplane for a while, worshipped as the Wolf God by the two Ancestor Souls. They also taught it all kinds of things in the process, incessantly trying to brainwash it. Unfortunately, the Three-Eyed Wolf only felt more and more annoyed at the two of them.

Now that it came out, the small Three-Eyed Wolf shook its tail as it circled around Lin Yun happily, before tightly holding onto Lin Yun's leg, afraid that it would be sent back to the Demiplane.

Lin Yun held the Three-Eyed Wolf and whispered something in its ears, and the little pup's eyes suddenly shone. After having nothing to do for a long time, now that it had the opportunity to do something, how could the Three-Eyed Wolf let go of it? It watched Morgan attentively with its green eyes, making him shiver.

"Mafa Merlin, I'm telling you, I have no idea why they are different. After all, it's common sense that no two mana crystals are the same. If you insist on saying that there is something wrong, I can't do anything."

Morgan still held firm, maintaining that even if Lin Yun found some difference, that didn't prove that the mana crystals weren't the mana crystals of the Mud Lizards.

Lin Yun didn't say anything as he patted the head of the Three-Eyed Wolf before placing it on the ground.

The little wolf ran to Morgan and circled twice around him, its green eyes staring at Morgan's heaving chest.

Morgan emitted some mana fluctuations, and he even released a Mana Shield to prevent the wolf from suddenly attacking.

After the small wolf did two laps around Morgan with a grin, it returned to Lin Yun. Lin Yun picked it up, and the wolf let out some quiet growls near Lin Yun's ears. This made Lin Yun look at Morgan with a surprised smile. This all made Morgan pale and uncomfortable.