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 Whether it was Fireballs or Ice Spikes, they would scatter into the most basic element power and dissipate. While the mud balls would explode, they would just become smaller clumps of mud.

This was the most troublesome part about Mud Lizards: They had very few spells, but those mud balls were the most disgusting. No matter what, it would be very hard to struggle free of the sticky mud. If the mud was sprayed on the ground, it would be very difficult to get through it. It would be like a swamp sucking people down.

As long as they dragged it out, the Mud Lizards would always be able to devour their prey. Even some powerful enemies could be torn apart if the Mud Lizards had such an opportunity.

Lin Yun was nimbly moving through the sky like a kingfisher, continuously evading those cannonball-like hunks of mud. It took less than three seconds for Lin Yun to arrive within a hundred meters of a Mud Lizard.

Ice runes flew out of his left hand while flame runes flew out of his right hand. The two types of runes exploded in the air and transformed into two large vortexes that sprayed out countless ice spells and fire spells.

The area on the left side of the Mud Lizard had been completely frozen, and the blizzard covered the entire area, freezing the mud solid. At the same time, the right side of the Mud Lizard was smothered in flames. The moisture was rapidly evaporating, and the mud was dying up, turning into a lump of hardened clay.

The difference in temperature between both sides immediately gave rise to a gale. The elemental convection was very intense, and the condensed power of the elements was like countless knives that were crazily cutting into the Mud Lizard's back.

The fusion of these two extreme environments unexpectedly made the Mud Lizard's mana fluctuations chaotic and reduced its casting strength while slowing its movements.

This kind of change made the Mud Lizard extremely violent. Layers upon layers of mud were moving on top of its body, constantly replenishing the armor that had been peeled off by the spells and resisting several hundred spells. But the Mud Lizard had yet to receive any actual injuries. The surface of its body was covered with a two-meter-thick layer of mud armor with terrifying defenses.

After creating the two extreme environments, a head-sized dark blue sphere was condensed in Lin Yun's left hand, while a dark red fireball was condensed in his right hand.

The ice sphere and the fireball were tossed out at the same time, and as if they had some sort of special connection, they started rotating around each other, just like the Ice-Fire Shield.

The aura of fire and ice kept surging, obviously restraining each other, but also attracting each other. The speed at which the two spheres were rotating increased until they ultimately became a hybrid fusion of red and blue.

The two could only be considered 3rd Tier spells at best, so they weren't something that the Mud Lizard would pay attention to. This attack wouldn't be able to break through the mud armor's defenses.

But as the two spheres spun rapidly to impact on the surface of the Mud Lizard, the ice and fire power started being frantically squeezed by that terrifying rotation.

The extreme cold's ice elements and the violent flames' fire elements collided. They had the same strength, so they inevitably destroyed each other.

That compression using rotational power made it so that the fire and ice simply couldn't explode during the collision, so all the elements were forcibly squeezed together.

In an instant, the ice sphere and the fireball disappeared, replaced by a pitch-black sphere. The fist-sized sphere expanded until it reached about half a meter in size.

That sphere didn't have any mana fluctuations, and in fact, it annihilated all mana fluctuations on its way, thoroughly destroying every element.

Just as the Mud Lizard's mud armor came into contact with that pitch-black sphere, layers of ripples spread out of the sphere and rapidly melted several meters of the armor.

In less than two seconds, a large hole appeared on the back of the Mud Lizard as the armor was erased. The thick hide under the mud armor also couldn't block the annihilation power, and soon, a two-meter-wide bloody hole could be seen on the back of the Mud Lizard. A large amount of blue blood sprayed out as the Mud Lizard painfully howled.

As a small Annihilation Space emerged, the Mud Lizard's mana fluctuations became even more chaotic. The power of its spells dropped by at least half, and its movements became sluggish as if a mountain was pressuring its body. From its claws to its tail, its power seemed to have been affected by a few hundred weak curses. A whip of its tail against the ground only left some cracks on the ground.

Lin Yun continued using the flame vortex and the ice vortex on both sides to create a kind of extreme environment that would weaken the Mud Lizard and impair its strength. At the same time, he was using the annihilation effect caused by the clash between the ice and fire spells to destroy the Mud Lizard's armor.

These attacks would barely tickle a normal Heaven Rank Magic Beast, but to these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, it was as terrifying as a powerful Warlock's curse. A Heaven Rank Warlock couldn't curse a Heaven Rank Magic Beast to have its strength weakened by half.

Lin Yun was fighting effortlessly, not casting any powerful spells that would waste mana, but everyone could see that this bloody Mud Lizard wouldn't be able to endure for long.

As Lin Yun's group drew two of them away, the Henry Family's people instantly relaxed, as more than half of their pressure was relieved. They could block the attacks of the four Mud Lizards.

It had been very difficult to defend against six of them. If they had slightly relaxed their efforts, they would have been stormed by those guys. Now, defending wasn't an issue, and they could even use some power to counterattack.

Morgan originally thought that if Lin Yun's group had led two away, the Andlusans might have ended up in a bitter struggle. But now, it looked like Lin Yun, at the forefront, could deal with a Mud Lizard on his own without breaking a sweat. It only took a few minutes before the Mud Lizard was riddled with scars. Morgan was a bit stunned as he looked over in disbelief, completely forgetting to cast.

'That damn b*stard is that powerful? He can easily suppress a Mud Lizard? What a joke! They might be all fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, but they are Level 40!

'Damn, I understand, that guy had really planned on letting those six Mud Lizards get rid of us before taking care of them.

'They can actually deal with six Mud Lizards, can't they?'

Morgan stiffened as he looked over, sweat trickling down his forehead. Arnaud was also pale because they could both see that Lin Yun wasn't the only one bursting with fierce power. Even those "injured and exhausted" subordinates made them speechless.

"Are those really injured and exhausted mages?" Morgan mumbled to himself, his hands slightly shaking.

Of the two Mud Lizards lured by the Merlin Family, Lin Yun was in charge of one, while the 50-mage army started attacking the second.

The mage army transformed into a fire cloud and floated in the air, converging elemental flames to cover half a kilometer around them. The group of mages using Fire Elemental Incarnation gathered together, and from time to time, a shadow could be seen flashing within the sea of flames. Golden-red shields were floating within the sea of flames, blocking the mud balls thrown by the Mud Lizards.

The extremely sticky mud wouldn't last more than a second after hitting any of those shields, as their moisture would evaporate, turning them into piles of slag.

The fifty mages looked like Gaugass Battlemages as they frantically attacked the Mud Lizards. A large number of fire spells turned into a blazing waterfall that washed down from the sky, burning away layer upon layer of mud armor.

When they were fifty meters away, the mage army stopped and scattered into five teams, which were linked together by wisps of golden-red flames.

Each team was led by a 2nd Rank Archmage, while 1st Rank Archmages and those that hadn't broken through yet were evenly distributed to the five teams.

The mages linked together, and the five teams instantly used Mass Flash. The originally big circle that they had formed had now become five layered circles.

The five small teams set up Joint Chant Arrays, with the team at the forefront chanting the fastest. In a second, the ten individuals used the Joint Chant Array to finish chanting a spell.

A golden-red shield twice the size of the others appeared directly under the team and blocked the Mud Lizards' attack. The burning flames set everything on fire, and the spheres of mud attacking the shield made the flames shimmer a bit, but they were unable to destroy the shield.

The small team then made use of the Joint Chant Array to compress their casting time further and continue casting the Gold Flame Shield.

As for the other four squadrons, they chanted their incantations like a chorus.

The Hellfire was successfully cast and shared between ten people. The spells released this time could tear through the Curtain of Darkness.

After three seconds, the earth under the Mud Lizard started shaking as golden-red mana patterns spread under its limbs. Those mana patterns seemed to burst as they instantly transformed into a huge array.


The earth started shaking as the ground temperature rapidly increased. The next moment, four pillars of golden-red flames soared out of the earth.

The aura of hell rapidly spread through the area as the surrounding space was distorted by the Hellfire. Those soaring flames attacked the mage army in the air, and the Gold Flame Shield rapidly began to thin. Those flames had turned into a shield that was set on fire by the Hellfire.

As the Hellfire was successfully cast, the four teams also kept releasing shields, and a ten-sided ten-meter-wide Gold Flame Shield appeared.