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 'That Andlusan b*stard! What is he planning? Does he want me to apologize? Does he want to step over me and make me yield?

'Impossible, absolutely impossible, I can't bow my head to him, this is definitely impossible!

'I would rather die than apologize!

'Damnit, he has been watching the show and made us suffer so much losses, yet he wants me to apologize? Dream on.' Morgan gritted his teeth, seething and bursting with rage.

Arnaud's expression turned unsightly as he noticed Morgan's reaction, he then warned Morgan with a heavy tone, "Morgan, are you still not clear about our circumstances? Are you going to kill us all? You should think carefully, do you want our Henry Family's forces to die here?"

Morgan opened his mouth, but didn't say anything.

His expression changed multiple times before he finally bit his lips, held back his anger, and said with a red complexion, "Okay, I got it, give me control of the Spirit Snake."

Arnaud sighed, "Morgan, I hope you won't do something stupid. No matter what Mafa Merlin says, don't clash with him. You have to agree to his conditions. Don't haggle, we no longer have time to haggle...

"If this situation persists, even if we miraculously manage to survive, we will no longer have the power to compete in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"You should understand what that means.

"Remember, don't anger him and agree to his conditions."

Morgan had a sullen expression as he took deep breaths. He then took the iron tile, shaking as he once again controlled the Spirit Snake's voice before saying with a trembling voice, "I am Morgan Henry, one of the commanders of the Henry Family."

"Haha, hello, Sir Morgan Henry."

Lin Yun indifferently answered, as if the two of them were just meeting for a cup of coffee and didn't have anything urgent planned.

Morgan watched through the Spirit Snake as Lin Yun casually answered while lazily closing his book. That kind of indifference drove Morgan crazy.

'Damn, that f*cking guy, what the hell is he thinking? I personally came to negotiate, to admit my mistakes, yet he still has that attitude? Does he really want to see us dying to those brainless magic beasts?

'He wants me to negotiate, but does he really plan to help us with that attitude? Is it just to humiliate me?'

Morgan was shaking from anger, his mana chaotically fluctuating, but he only gritted his teeth and stopped himself from saying anything excessive and endured.

Arnaud was somewhat worried as he looked at the situation. Although they were negotiating through the Spirit Snake and Lin Yun couldn't see their expressions, what he said would be perfectly expressed through the Spirit Snake, there wouldn't be the slightest difference in tone.

"Morgan, don't enrage him, just agree to his conditions, hurry up, time is running out..."

Morgan took a deep breath and suppressed his anger and sullen mood before calmly proceeding with the negotiations through the Spirit Snake.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, I apologize for being impulsive earlier, our Henry Family has encountered a crisis. We hope to obtain your help, and once we settled those six stupid and filthy Mud Lizards, half of the harvest would go to you."

Lin Yun sneered, "Sir Morgan, I believe you are misunderstanding something, I'm not angry. My subordinates and I just went through a huge battle and we are now very exhausted, thus we can only take a break before killing these six Mud Lizards."

Morgan glared, inwardly cursing.

'Damn guy, greedy maggot, he is actually unhappy with half of the harvest. He wants to see us dead and is now humiliating me? He wants to see how I hold back my anger...'

After inwardly cursing at Lin Yun for a few seconds, Morgan could only keep it bottled inside before continuing the negotiations.

"Okay, Sir Mafa Merlin, you win, as long as you help us kill these six Mud Lizards, all of their harvest would belong to you."

Lin Yun put on a fake smile as he laughed insincerely.

"Sir Morgan, I think you misunderstood something, it's not impossible for us to help, but you see, my subordinates are extremely tired, and we are all lacking potions for our injuries. Forcibly casting at such a time would create a huge pressure that might influence their future prospects. With the wealth of the Henry Family, providing two bottles of Health Potion and Magic Spring Potion per person should be pretty easy."

Lin Yun didn't finish his words before Morgan shrieked, "Two bottles of Health Potion and Magic Spring Potion per person?!"

Morgan gnashed his teeth, his eyes wide open.

Two Health Potions by person didn't seem much, but they had over fifty people, the Henry Family's side would have to invest 110 bottles of Health Potions. Those were low grade healing medicines, they had to be crafted by a Master Alchemist or the success rate would be too low to be worth the effort.

If an alchemist under the Master realm crafted Health Potions, managing to craft one out of twenty would be considered pretty good. However, the cost of the materials was far greater than the worth of the potion.

A Master Alchemist expert at refining these potions could guarantee at least a 30% success rate. But a hundred potions would take a Master Alchemist over two months of sleepless refining. But where would they find a Master Alchemist that desperate? It was simply impossible. It would take at least three months to compound a hundred potions.

The Henry Family was rich, but few people could take out 150 Health Potions, most people only had a few of them to safeguard their lives. However, the people that could enter the Raging Flame Battlefield were the most precious members of the Henry Family, and it would hurt the Family if they died there.

As for the Magic Spring Potion, just like the Health Potion, it had to be refined by an extremely powerful Master Alchemist, and the materials were even more expensive than the Health Potion. One of the materials was very rare and grew at the source of a Magic Spring, and breeding it wasn't worth the effort.

The huge amount of potions was enough to make Morgan shudder.

'That damned guy, I don't know how he brought that mage army in. Although we also used some special methods to carry in some people, we couldn't bring that many...'

The Planar Path to the Raging Flame Battlefield could only support a limited number of people, only a few could be brought in, but smuggling some wouldn't increase the pressure of the Planar Path

The people smuggled by the Henry Family had been frozen ahead of time, their mana and vitality sealed. They were like corpses smuggled through some spatial equipment. But this also had a limit. Even the rich Henry Family could only use five spatial equipment to bring thirty people in.

"Sir Morgan, are two bottles of potions by person a bit too much?" Lin Yun's gentle voice floated over at this moment.

Morgan's eyelids twitched. He calmed himself down before letting out, "No, two bottles by person is fair, this is what we should provide..."

'Damn Mafa Merlin, you f*cking leech! No, no leech would be that greedy. That's why he didn't want to speak with Arnaud and insisted on discussing with me...

'He gave out such harsh conditions just in order to watch me being humiliated?'

"Oh, I nearly forgot, Sir Morgan, my subordinates aren't in a very good state, so when we are dealing with the six Mud Lizards, I'll trouble you to help out..."

Morgan already gave up arguing and weakly agreed.

Dealing with Mud Lizards was extremely troublesome, the layers of mud on their bodies were congealed into multiple solid layers which were just as hard as Steel Essence. Moreover, their flesh was rotten and their blood was extremely corrosive. If it came in contact with someone's body, they wouldn't be able to get rid of it for a very long time, and that bad smell would influence their mind.

There was a kind of poison that used the blood and internal organs of Mud Lizards and was very effective against mages or magic beasts with casting abilities.

These materials were worth a lot, but it was largely due to the fact that not many people were willing to handle the materials, not many people were willing to risk being infected by that hard to cleanse smell.

"Oh, right, Sir Morgan..."

Just as Lin Yun opened his mouth, Morgan shrieked, just like a debtor being chased by loan sharks.

"Mafa Merlin, what are your conditions, just list them all, we will agree to everything, will that satisfy you? I would rather fight to death than to be humiliated again!"

Lin Yun's eyes opened wide, he was stunned and puzzled.

'When have I humiliated him?'

"Sir Morgan is truly generous. Since you are agreeing, then hand over the Spirit Snake, I'm very interested in that Magic Tool."

"What... Spirit Snake? When have I agreed?"

Morgan was a bit incoherent, but just as he was thinking, the Curtains of Darkness were torn apart once again and the barrier fluctuated even more fiercely. That big barrier was almost torn open...

"Okay, I agree, I agree to everything. Hurry up and come over, these stupid magic beasts are already attacking..."

As the life and death crisis descended, Morgan could no longer care about a somewhat special Magic Tool with no fighting power, he would readily give it over.

Lin Yun spat out a rune and sealed the Spirit Snake before storing it into his Spatial Ring.

Since the conditions had been discussed, he couldn't let his employer die, could he?

Lin Yun instantly used the Ice Fire Elemental Incarnation and flew towards the valley, his subordinates also battle ready.

The group flew over, casting waves of fire and ice spells and immediately attracting the attention of the Mud Lizards. Two of the Mud Lizards changed direction and bellowed at Lin Yun's group, throwing cannonball-like mudballs towards them.

Those two to three-meter-big mudballs didn't seem very powerful, but something happened as they came in contact with the spells, they seemed to come alive and rapidly wrapped around the spells.