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 More importantly, some of the Mud Lizards' spells could already reach the valley. The pressure on those three True Spirit Magic Tools had greatly risen, and it wouldn't take long before another one of them was destroyed.

The members of the Henry Family were already pale, and they were bitterly casting while gritting their teeth. They had been casting for a very long time, and even the potions couldn't completely replenish their mana. Furthermore, the mental pressure they were enduring was quite severe.

Now, it had all gotten worse, and everyone was bitterly moaning.

Arnaud had seen Morgan's actions and had wanted to stop him, but he knew that with their current circumstances, if no one helped them, they would really be ruined.

But the Mud Lizards weren't drawn away... Instead, they were goaded into attacking even more fiercely. The gains didn't make up for the losses...

Morgan violently drank a potion, gnashing his teeth as he looked at the six Mud Lizards. He noticed that the area with the spatial trap on the right side of the mountain had recovered, and he felt like throwing up.

Morgan had used a precious spatial scroll and created a trap zone that should have lasted for half a day, stopping those Mud Lizards from going through that area.

But just now, Lin Yun's spell had spread to that area and disturbed the mana, causing the zone to start recovering. Fewer and fewer spatial cracks were appearing, and those that did appear were smaller and smaller.

Through the Spirit Snake, he could see that Lin Yun's group was still casually watching from the side, and he got even angrier. Morgan could no longer bear with it so he controlled the Spirit Snake to appear before Lin Yun.

The Spirit Snake roamed out of the woods, and its body stood up and transmitted Morgan's enraged voice.

"Mafa Merlin, what the hell are you doing? Didn't you see that we encountered some danger? You are actually just watching from the side, not helping out at all, and you even injured our people with that spell! You damned scoundrel, are you starting a war with the Henry Family?"

Lin Yun glanced at the Spirit Snake without looking surprised, and he indifferently said, "Oh? Sorry, I can't really control the power of magic scrolls, my bad."

Hearing Lin Yun's words, Morgan flew into a rage. "Mafa Merlin, you actually dare to humiliate our Henry Family like that? You're finished, just wait and see..."

Morgan originally only needed to use Mind Power to make the Spirit Snake speak, but he had flown into a rage and was loudly shouting.

Arnaud was in the middle of casting when he heard Morgan, and his brain went numb. He paled as he understood what Morgan was up to.

"Morgan, you fool! What are you doing! Shut the hell up! Are you trying to kill us?"

'Sh*t, that Morgan is an idiot, hasn't he done enough foolish things? Doesn't he see our current circumstances?

'You're the one that insisted on stealing the eggs of the Mud Lizards, and now that we are being attacked by six of them, you're still trying to provoke Mafa Merlin.

'You moron, you are the biggest fool in the history of the Henry Family! Mafa Merlin is already kind enough to only be watching the scene...

'That Mafa Merlin definitely doesn't know the secret of the mana crystals, so he could be fooled for now, but if it had been any other force, they would have definitely fought us for secretly stealing their mana crystal.

'Under such circumstances, they could have definitely added oil to the fire, but Mafa Merlin was only watching from the side instead of taking advantage of the situation to get rid of you! That's already good enough. Yet, you actually went to provoke the other side! Are you tired of living?

'There'd be no need for them to go all-out. They'd only need to use a little bit of strength. If they released just two or three more of those spells, those Mud Lizards would be able to storm in, and everyone would die. That would be a tragic sight.

'What the hell are you doing...'

Arnaud's hand was shaking from anger, and he couldn't even keep casting. He hurriedly flew to Morgan before shrieking with a pale complexion, "Morgan, give me the control over the Spirit Snake! Hurry up or I'll get rid of you first! Damnit, who asked you to provoke Mafa Merlin? If he makes a move against us in anger, we will all die because of your stupidity!"

Morgan suddenly understood his folly and went pale. The scene of Lin Yun's group giving a hand to the Mud Lizards appeared in his mind. They would only need to cast a few powerful spells, and they would end being up torn apart by the angry Mud Lizards.

Morgan quickly took out an iron tile and gave control over the Spirit Snake to Arnaud.

Arnaud took control over the Spirit Snake and when he saw through the Spirit Snake's eyes that Lin Yun still didn't seem to have any intention of making a move, he sighed in relief.

But because of that delay, their defenses had weakened, and the Mud Lizards were close to breaking through. Arnaud gritted his teeth and threw out a Water Element Essence.

This was a precious item left behind by a Level 40 Water Elemental after its death. Arnaud had always used it to comprehend the Law of Water. Almost all mages striving to comprehend the Law of Water would take the path of ice magic, while pure water mages were very rare. It was already rare for a water mage to reach the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, but Heaven Mages were even rarer.

Even if the Henry Family was extremely rich and wasn't inferior to old mage forces, they also couldn't provide Arnaud a lot to learn from.

That Water Element Essence contained some wisps of the Law of Water, making it very precious. If he managed to understand the Law within, even if Arnaud didn't advance to the Heaven Rank, he would still be only a step away from advancing to the Heaven Rank. Moreover, with a path to follow, it would be a lot easier for him to get insights.

But now, he had no choice but to use it as a support material for casting.

Arnaud rapidly chanted the incantation, causing a watery gleam to shoot out and cleanse the surrounding water elements. In an instant, the Water Element Essence burst open and transformed into a stream that filled the entire sky. It was like watery, flowing light forming a water screen at the entrance of the valley.

The 8th Tier defensive spell, Skyflower Water Screen was the most suitable spell under such circumstances. It was the most famous defensive water spell, well-known for its long-lasting power and formidable defensive ability.

By using the Water Element Essence as a power source, it would be able to hold on for some time and stop the Mud Lizards outside the valley.

Seeing that resisting was getting more and more difficult and that their cards were rapidly being used up, some of the Henrys despaired. Morgan gritted his teeth and kept casting defenses with a pale expression.

Arnaud controlled the river and had it coordinate with the water screen to block the way, resisting against those crazy Mud Lizards with difficulty.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed as the biggest red-colored barrier was reduced to a somewhat darker circle. One of the three Magic Tools forming the barrier was destroyed.

The power of the barrier had once again shrunk, and facing those crazy Mud Lizards' claws, it started fiercely fluctuating. The barrier wouldn't be able to last long now.

Arnaud winced as he saw this and couldn't help looking in Lin Yun's location. Through the Spirit Snake, he could see that Lin Yun and his subordinates were at full strength and that no one had suffered from any injuries.

If they could get Merlin's help, they would definitely be able to defeat these six Mud Lizards. Their people should be able to handle three, maybe four, but barely.

The fact that the Merlin Family was able to reach this spot meant that they weren't weak. From their appearances, it looked like they hadn't experienced any difficult fights.

There was a huge number of Heaven Rank Magic Beasts here, so it was impossible for them to not have come across any. They had been chasing a fleeing Frost Ape before, so their strength definitely wouldn't be much weaker than the Henry group's.

'If both forces cooperate, killing those six Mud Lizards definitely won't be a problem. But now, how can I make the Merlin Family move?

'Damnit, that foolish Morgan, he is the biggest idiot of the Henry Family. If not for him, we wouldn't be in such circumstances.'

Arnaud clenched his teeth and controlled the Spirit Snake's voice.

"Hello, Sir Mafa Merlin. I am one of the Commanders of the Henry Family, Arnaud Henry."

Lin Yun glanced at the Spirit Snake and greeted it like he might greet a random passerby.

"Hello, Sir Arnaud Henry."

Arnaud faintly sighed in relief. If discussion was possible, he could keep using a sincere tone.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, please forgive Morgan's offense, he is just worried about our situation. I believe you should see that we are in huge trouble and hope to obtain your assistance."

Lin Yun didn't feel surprised at the sudden politeness. He only indifferently answered, "Let that Morgan speak to me."

Arnaud almost choked. He looked at Morgan with his face scrunched up. That idiot didn't look pleasing at all.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, although we belong to different kingdoms, we are both humans. Our common enemies are the Raging Flame Beastmen.

"Moreover, this place has layers upon layers of dangers, and the Raging Flame Beastmen's understanding of this place far surpasses ours. If we don't join forces, no one will be able to get anything in the end.

"I sincerely hope to obtain your help. Otherwise, our Henry Family might be compelled to withdraw from this Raging Flame Battlefield. One less force would be deadly to everyone.

"There are six Mud Lizards here, and our Henry Family alone cannot withstand them. I hope that you could help share the burden. After the fight, the harvest of those six Mud Lizards will all belong to you, I hope Sir Mafa Merlin-"

Arnaud didn't get to finish his words before Lin Yun repeated his request.

"Call that Morgan over and have him speak with me."

Arnaud bitterly smiled.

If he let Morgan negotiate, they would be finished. Morgan couldn't wait to cast a dozen arrows at Lin Yun.

He would absolutely mess up that matter...

It certainly was possible that he would thoroughly infuriate Mafa Merlin...

Arnaud tried to make another suggestion, but just as he opened his mouth, Lin Yun said, "Get that Morgan to discuss with me, or there will be no need for a discussion."

Anrnaud sighed, no longer controlling the Spirit Snake but instead looking at Morgan.

"Morgan, I just discussed with Merlin... He didn't reject helping us, and there is still hope, but he wants you to negotiate with him."

Morgan's expression instantly became unsightly. His eyes reddened, and his stomach fiercely churned as he gasped for air with a berserk appearance.

"What? The damned scoundrel actually wants me to negotiate?"

'B*stard, scoundrel! He actually wants to negotiate? Isn't he taking the opportunity to blackmail me?'