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 Arnaud inwardly sighed, 'I shouldn't have betrayed my conscience and helped Morgan back then. Although that mana crystal was very important, that Frost Ape was the Merlin Family's prey after all. Stealing it and being discovered thoroughly offended the Merlin Family, now we really ran out of luck...

'If we hadn't been greedy back then and returned the mana crystal to Sir Merlin, the Merlin Family wouldn't be watching from the side now. If this continues, the losses will far outweigh the value of that mana crystal. Not only has the airship been destroyed, but several hundred of our magic scrolls have been used.

'These magic scrolls are the supplies of the Henry Family, but they aren't for use, and over two hundred potions had been used, the losses are far too great.

'Damnit, I should have stopped that fool, stealing eggs? Are six Mud Lizards that easy to handle? Who knew that those guys would go crazy for their eggs? It's over now that their eggs are smashed, they'll never leave until they kill us.

Arnaud felt helpless. He wanted to ask Lin Yun for help, but he was hesitating. At the same time, his huge river was continuously attacking the entrance of the valley, stopping the Mud Lizards from expanding the entrance.

After five minutes, Morgan's expression suddenly changed, the Curtain of Darkness was torn to pieces once again and the Mud Lizards got rid of the Rotten Flower they hated, but Morgan had run out of Rotten Flower Seeds...

He noticed the rightmost Mud Lizard was already crawling towards the mountain peak. As long as that Mud Lizard reached the top of the mountain, it would be able to storm the valley from the side. At that time, they wouldn't be able to resist so easily.

Morgan ground his teeth, looking as if someone had cut a piece of his flesh.

"Morgan, what are you doing? Hurry up and stop it!" Arnaud loudly shouted.

Morgan closed his eyes and took out a black scroll. The scroll was over a meter in length and emitted spatial fluctuations.

It was an 8th-grade magic scroll, and a rarely seen spatial magic scroll! It could only be made by a Heaven Mage with a deep understanding of the Law of Space!

That was a good thing that couldn't be bought, it was worth more than a Level 40 mana crystal. Even as an internal sale of the Henry Family, it would be worth at least five Level 40 mana crystals, and it couldn't be sold to outsiders.

Morgan tore the scroll, and a spatial fluctuation instantly flashed and flew to the mountain on the right side of the valley. Fierce spatial fluctuations had now appeared on the right side of the valley and spatial tears started appearing in the unstable space.

Small spatial tears were tearing open and closing down one after another as the mountain peak turned into a spatial tear trap.

That Mud Lizard suddenly stopped and slowly returned to the entrance of the valley. In a dangerous place like the Raging Flame Battlefield, all magic beasts would avoid these kinds of dangerous spots, even if this unstable space wasn't very threatening...

That was a Spatial Shake magic scroll. A true Spatial Shake was a 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell, but that scroll didn't have Extraordinary Power, it was only an 8th Tier Spell.

Spatial Shake could shake a stable space and render useless all instantaneous movement abilities and teleportation abilities, while also jolting out the people hidden behind space. Moreover, due to the spatial shake's displacement, everything within the space could be shattered and powerhouses under the Heaven Rank could hardly resist.

Naturally, this scroll wasn't that powerful, but it could create a spatial tear trap in an unstable place like the Raging Flame Battlefield, and that was enough to stop the Mud Lizards.

After losing a rare spatial magic scroll, Morgan felt as if he was bleeding. When added to the previously lost True Spirit Magic Tool, he felt that the losses were too great.

At that time, he looked at Lin Yun's group enjoying the show and evil thoughts appeared in his mind.

His eyes turned as he chanted a brief incantation and summoned a Dark Guard. Morgan tore three scrolls towards the Dark Guard, buffing him with Haste, Flight, and Hidden Aura...

The Dark Guard entered the Curtain of Darkness and sneakily approached the side of the valley entrance.

The Dark Guard, who had been hidden in the black smoke, suddenly rushed out of the protection of the Curtain of Darkness and rapidly charged into a pile of rocks at the entrance of the valley. From the pile of rocks, it found some eggshells still carrying some bloody liquid and rapidly flew towards Lin Yun's group while carrying those eggshells.

The Dark Guard was very good at concealment to begin with, and with the addition of Hidden Aura, it frantically flew over two hundred meters before being discovered by a Mud Lizard.

The Mud Lizard's tongue lashed like a whip as it sharply whipped the air twice, emitting two sharp noises, before it rushed towards the Dark Guard.

The Mud Lizard angrily roared, its thick limbs bumping into everything on its way. The earth seemed to be rapidly melting as it transformed into a quagmire while thick Earth Spikes shot out of the ground. Over a hundred meters of the ground was destroyed in an instant, ruined beyond recognition.

Lin Yun looked at the Mud Lizard angrily rushing over and sneered. A rune came out of his mouth and a fire vortex instantly appeared in front of that Dark Guard.

The fire vortex rapidly expanded to be eight-meter-big and several dozen fire spells turned into a fire spellwave that instantly submerged that Dark Guard.

Then, the crazily charging Mud Lizard was also washed over by the spellwave. Mud bubbled and a wave of mud clashed with the wave of fire.


A deafening thunderous sound echoed as the Mud Lizard's footsteps were obstructed.

Lin Yun turned towards Reina and said, "Tell that guy that this is your territory and make him f*ck off..."

Reina opened her mouth to let out an angry Dragon roar, just like a Dragon issuing a warning to a trespasser.

The Mud Lizard seemed to hesitate as it heard that Dragon roar, but it was still thinking of attacking.

The notion of territory was very serious to magic beasts, and trespassing in another's territory was the same as starting a fight. Looking at the environment, it was clear that the Mud Lizards had chased the Henry Family and this wasn't their territory.

Seeing that this Mud Lizard still thought of attacking, Lin Yun immediately raised his power and the fire vortex instantly expanded to 18 meters. Moreover, two more fire vortexes condensed, and the fire spells rushing out of the fire vortexes were pressuring that Mud Lizard.

The fire vortexes floated in the air and kept forcing the hesitating Mud Lizard back.

The other Mud Lizards were attracted to the commotion after that one Mud Lizard was pushed back to the entrance of the valley, it looked as if they were thinking about attacking that side.

A happy expression appeared on Morgan's face.

'Great, those damn guys actually dared to stand and watch, how could there be such a nice thing? As if I would let you watch the show. As long as you draw three of them over, no, two, as long as you draw two over, we can break away from these ordinary lizards.

'Although dealing with four might still be difficult, we should still be able to escape. As long as we escape, these stupid Mud Lizards would never let the Merlin Family go. I stole your mana crystal so you want to watch us suffer without helping? A bunch of Andlusan insects, that's what you are. You actually dare to make fun of our Henry Family!'

Morgan smiled as he looked at Lin Yun tearing open a scroll in the distance. A light charged into the sky and disappeared, and one second later, a radiant light appeared in the sky.

Three seconds later, Morgan watched as a meteorite wrapped in fire rapidly fell towards the entrance of the valley.


The meteorite crossed over a kilometer in an instant and fell onto the entrance of the valley. A pitch-black mushroom cloud rose up as two Mud Lizards were sent flying by the explosion. Those huge bodies over a hundred-meter-long couldn't resist that terrifying power.

The sweeping shockwave instantly tore open some small barriers at the entrance of the valley, apart from the barrier using the three True Spirit Magic Tools, the barriers made from magic scrolls were all torn apart.

The shockwave spread in a huge circle around the entrance of the valley and instantly tore apart the Curtains of Darkness on both sides. A few of the Henry Family's mages hovering in midair ran out of luck and were hit by the shockwave, their shields were torn apart and they suffered some injuries. A very unlucky one was swept by the shockwave and was sent flying over several hundred meters away, as if he had been slapped by a huge creature.

After the attack, a Dragon's roar echoed in the distance. Morgan couldn't make sense of it, but the Mud Lizards understood its meaning.

This was a warning not to approach its territory.

Although these Mud Lizards hadn't awakened wisdom, they weren't stupid. The rules among magic beasts were merged within their bloodline's instincts.

There was a Dragon's territory over there, and that Dragon wasn't to be trifled with. Moreover, it didn't really care about them, so why should they provoke it? The right thing was to do was to get rid of those daring guys first.

Those few Mud Lizards continued their attacks on the Henry Family's people. The Mud Lizards smashed by the meteorite completely ignored Lin Yun's group and focused their anger on the Henry Family.

Even with these Mud Lizards' inferior wisdom, this was clear to them, on one side were the ones that stole their eggs, the foes that killed their children, while on the other side was a Dragon that was not to be trifled with. Moreover, the Dragon didn't care about them, so why would they choose to trouble it?

Thus, the Henry Family ran out of luck.

Not to mention having some injured clansmen, the valley entrance had become even bigger, and defending it became even harder. They would have to use even more magic scrolls and potions, and pour more mana into their spells.