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 "You iron can! Damnit, what about your cannon? Hurry up and fire it, quickly! Your body's foundation might be good enough to not be cut, but I don't have a body!" Enderfa loudly roared, with one face cursing at the patched puppet while the two other faces firmly watched the Moonlight Deer and the Moonlight Blades.

Enderfa and the patched puppet were barely dodging. The patched puppet had been waiting to shoot its new weapon. Two pitch-black cannons rapidly appeared from its legs, and two glaring rays of light rapidly shot out of them.

Two glaring lasers followed the patched puppet's spells and instantly crossed several hundred meters, piercing through the Elemental Storm and hitting the center of the Moonlight Deer's body.

The layer of light on the surface of the Moonlight Deer rapidly flickered brightly before darkening under the impact of the lasers.

The Moonlight Deer let out an angry roar as one of the light spheres hanging down from its antlers suddenly dissipated. A layer of light ripples instantly flashed on the surface of its body, and a layer of crystal-like light barrier stuck close to it. Even the extreme piercing power of the lasers couldn't penetrate that layer of defenses.

"I knew an iron can like you would be a fool! Shoot its eyes! Shoot those energy spheres hanging at its antlers! Shoot its balls! Why are you shooting at its body?"

One of Enderfa's faces kept verbally abusing the patched puppet while gnashing its teeth and crazily casting. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was already rapidly spinning like a pinwheel. Its mana core was rapidly flickering as mana was frantically being consumed.

"Damned Xiuban, that fool, can he beat that Moonlight Deer just by relying on brute force? That's a level 40 magic beast, it is far more powerful than him..."

The left face scolded the patched puppet, the middle face was fumingly looking at the Moonlight Deer, while the right face was looking at Xiuban and scolding him.

Xiuban raised Carnage and charged at the Moonlight Deer, his body flying like a cannonball, but every time he jumped forward to pound at the Moonlight Deer, he would meet its huge hoof.

Carnage would smash against the bottom of the hoof, and its terrifying upward force could shake the Moonlight Deer, but that hoof wasn't harmed. On the contrary, Xiuban was always turned into a shadow as he was sent flying out.

All the Iron Trees he hit on the way snapped one after another. He crashed through a dozen Iron Trees before he managed to regain his footing.

After crawling up from the ground, Xiuban wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, and steam started surging around him. His skin turned boiling red, and even cracks started appearing on his skin.

Xiuban looked at the Moonlight Deer with red eyes before once again rushing over. He glared at the hoof of the Moonlight Deer as he angrily mumbled, "Faster, faster and I won't be kicked away, power is also important, I can break that thing's leg and smash its hoof before smashing its bones..."

After being sent flying several times, Xiuban seemed possessed. After being kicked for the 4th time, the surface of Xiuban's outrageously powerful body was already covered in cracks, and blood was gushing out of his skin. He was completely covered in blood.

He rushed over once again, and seeing that hoof bigger than himself, Xiuban let out a stubborn roar. His skin flickered with light as his body unexpectedly slightly readjusted itself in midair, just enough for the hoof to miss.

A cool breeze curled up around his limbs and body, allowing him to suddenly dodge the impact.

After dodging the hoof, Xiuban cursed and angrily glared as he grasped Carnage with both hands, sharply striking the Moonlight Deer's leg.

A faint light flashed under Xiuban's blood-covered skin and a yellow halo covered the surface of Carnage.

Air blasts covering the surface of Carnage instantly exploded due to the extreme strength.

Ripples spread out from the center of the massive hammer, and the terrifying power even made the space slightly distort.

This was the result of increasing his strength by a new layer. The air didn't even have the opportunity to burst as it was instantly compressed by the slam to the point where no air pressure could be seen.

Carnage ruthlessly slammed onto the Moonlight Deer, letting out a loud explosion that echoed in everyone's ears. The terrifying recoil shook Xiuban and sent him flying yet again, while the radiance on the Moonlight Deer's leg exploded.

After crawling up from the ground once again, Xiuban's aura was slightly different. A wisp of magic aura emerged... The aura of a caster was now present on Xiuban's body.

The blood covering him scattered and his cracked skin recovered, but profound blood-colored magic patterns also appeared on his skin.

That was the innate talent of Draconic Beastmen, but after Xiuban bathed in God Blood, his body had become unimaginably powerful at the cost of his magic abilities. These innate magic patterns had completely disappeared, only to now somehow reappear once again.

With the power of wind strengthening his body's flexibility, Xiuban was no longer just charging in a straight line, and the amplified weight of Carnage could improve on the original few layers of Gravity, doubling Carnage's weight. The power displayed would naturally double.

"Truly a fool's luck! Xiuban's innate magic patterns unexpectedly reappeared. Damned Draconic Beastmen, damned Bloodthirst..."

Enderfa's right face was raging at Xiuban as it watched the Beastman's shocking changes.

He had used the wind's Nimbleness and the earth's Extreme Heaviness spells, and he had now unexpectedly used Bloodthirst.

These spells were instinctive to Draconic Beastmen. The moment his magic patterns reappeared, Xiuban appeared to be proficient with these spells, as if he understood them already.

A bloody light appeared on Xiuban's body as he suddenly swelled up. His eyes started to glow and he expelled white gas as he breathed out. His speed sharply increased by 50%.

Just by relying on physical strength, he was already so fast that his shadow couldn't be seen. He crossed several dozen meters with one step and the earth exploded under his feet.

He rushed towards the Moonlight Deer once again, hiding under its hoof like a flea before slamming the enhanced Carnage into its leg.

The white crystalline light shattered from the hit. The Moonlight Deer was startled, and both of its hooves crisscrossed towards Xiuban, it even sent some of the Moonlight Blades it had been using against Enderfa and the patched puppets to handle Xiuban.

The Moonlight Blades slashed over, but they couldn't slice Xiuban, who used the power of the wind to nimbly move in the air and change his position unpredictably.

As for the layer of light crystal covering the body of the Moonlight Deer, it was continuously shattering from the blows.

With Xiuban taking on some of the pressure, Enderfa and the patched puppet's difficulty was greatly alleviated, and the power of the Elemental Storm grew stronger and stronger.

The layer of light crystal covering the Moonlight Deer was also shattering more and more, and without the protection of the light crystal, the lasers started causing black burns on the body of the Moonlight Deer.

The Moonlight Deer neighed, and one more light sphere dissipated, causing another wave of light ripples to spread out. This instantly restored the layer of light crystal on the body of the Moonlight Deer, and even its injuries recovered.

In the distance, Enderfa, who had been casting, couldn't help watching with a stunned expression. He then looked at the dozen light spheres, as well as the small ones slowly recovering where the consumed ones had been, and he immediately started cursing, "Hell, this is f*cking cheating!!!"

Now, everyone knew what was different about these three Moonlight Deer and why, after fighting for so long, these three Moonlight Deer had never released destructive Energy Spheres.

It was because those white light energy spheres hanging down from the antlers weren't what the others had expected. They had treated them as large-scale Energy Spheres, but they were only pure magic supplements...

But just the magic supplements were extremely annoying...

Each sphere of energy could let the Moonlight Deer release a formidable defensive spell or a fierce recovery spell.

And after being consumed, it would continue to grow from the antler, slowly becoming bigger and bigger. At the speed that it was growing, the energy spheres would regrow within half an hour at most.

And the Moonlight Deer had a dozen of these spheres hanging from its antlers!

Unless they were completely used up, effectively injuring the Moonlight Deer would be out of the question. If the attack power of their opponents was inferior to their own recovery time, these three Moonlight Deer would basically be immortal.

This was the most annoying part about casters of the light element. Early on, the power of light spells was very bad, only slightly better than water spells. They usually served as priests, aides, or healers.

But at higher ranks, especially after advancing to the Heaven Rank and after having established their foundation upon a Light Law, regardless of the Law, they would all be very troublesome.

Unless they were completely overpowered by an opponent, they wouldn't die. Their copious healing spells, recovery spells, and support spells would make their opponents feel disgusted.

The Black Tower's Dubois and the Cloud Tower's Butler had been opponents for several dozen years. Before advancing to the Heaven Rank, Dubois had been completely suppressing Butler. But after advancing to the Heaven Rank, the roles reversed. Butler's attacks might not be as sharp as Dubois' and his burst was less impressive, but his defensive abilities and endurance through extended battle far outshined Dubois.

In a true fight, Butler definitely wouldn't lose.