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 This could explain why those Raging Flame Beastmen were going all-out for the sake of that mana crystal.

Moreover, the spatial power within the mana crystal resonated with a certain area. With this, how could Lin Yun not understand?

After putting away the mana crystal, Lin Yun tried to follow the resonance and led his subordinates in that direction.

The next day, Lin Yun and the others once again encountered a Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

Lin Yun frowned as he saw that nearly seventy-meter-tall giant creature crouched in the distance.

This was a Frost Ape... No matter how he looked at it, all of its features were those of a Frost Ape.

It had completely white fur, deep blue eyes, pitch-black claws, and blue hair seemingly condensed from ice. When breathing, its nostrils would keep spouting out white air that would condense large numbers of ice fragments.

The Frost Ape's Heaven Rank aura was silently pressuring a very large area, which was covered in ice. There were no clouds in the sky, but snow kept sprinkling down.

What made Lin Yun frown was that Frost Apes were magic beasts with a lesser bloodline, just like the Crimson Firefox. An ordinary Frost Ape would only be Level 10 once it reached adulthood, and their leaders would reach Level 15 at most.

Frost Ape Rulers were characterized by their blue hair, just like the one before them.

The only way for these magic beasts to advance was to strengthen their own bloodline and replace their original bloodline with another, ultimately evolving into another magic beast. After their level increased, they would no longer be considered a Frost Ape.

To evolve to the Heaven Rank, one would need such a huge amount of luck that even a God would be envious, and it would no longer be considered a Frost Ape afterward. It could become a Three-Headed Frost Ape proficient in magic, or a huge, several-hundred-meter-tall Frozen Giant Ape.

Regardless of the outcome, it would no longer retain the characteristics of a Frost Ape. Strictly speaking, whether it was a Three-Headed Frost Ape or a Frozen Giant Ape, it would no longer belong to the same race as a Frost Ape. Those were completely different races, albeit a bit similar.

Lin Yun thought of the Crimson Firefox before looking at that Frost Ape and making some guesses. That big Frost Ape might be the same as the Crimson Fox, and its mana crystal might contain very powerful spatial power that it wasn't able to use.

Just as Lin Yun was thinking about it, the Frost Ape discovered them. It bared its fangs as it got up, casually grabbing a huge chunk of ice next to it and throwing it at Lin Yun's group.

The eight-meter-wide ball of ice was like a small rock in the hands of that enormous Frost Ape. it emitted a terrifying boom as it instantly broke through the sound barrier, crossing over a kilometer before reaching Lin Yun's group.


A loud sound echoed as the small hill they had been standing on exploded.

Seeing that it missed, the Frost Ape fiercely hammered its own chest, emitting thunderous thumping, before opening its mouth to shoot a deep blue destructive Energy Sphere.

That Energy Sphere rapidly expanded and grew to eight meters in size. Its dark blue energies were roaming within as it flew out and pressured even the air. It was as if the air and magic elements were taking the initiative to give way for the Energy Sphere.

The space shuddered before that destructive Energy Sphere exploded on a small hill, causing a dark blue mushroom cloud to rise from the ground as the earth wildly shook.

A blue shockwave swept out from there and froze everything it went through. The shattered trees, the flying rocks... Everything was frozen.

In less than a second, everything within three hundred meters was thoroughly frozen, and the frightening wave of cold continued to spread out, causing the temperature to drop precipitously. Snowflakes started floating down, and in less than a second, they completely covered the ground.

Lin Yun carried the patched puppet and Xiuban and dodged into the air, while the rest flew on their own to evade that Energy Sphere.

"Damn, these Heaven Rank Magic Beasts don't have any skill at all, they are only causing destruction. How many good areas have been thoroughly destroyed because of these fools?" Enderfa scolded.

Those Energy Spheres required no skill, but they were effective... The destructive power was terrifying. A mage wouldn't be able to do something like that, but a Heaven Mage spending the same amount of mana would cause even more destruction.

What made those Heaven Rank Magic Beasts terrifying was their outstanding mana reserves. These kinds of brute-force attacks could even kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse...

During a battle between Extraordinary Magic Beasts, the terrain would undergo a complete change. And that wasn't unreasonable yet, because if it was a battle of Level 49 magic beasts, everything within a dozen kilometers would be altered and destroyed. The same spot would even be destroyed several times...

Lin Yun frowned and rushed out first. His body increased in size as he took three steps, turning into a Lava Giant.

The Book of Death suddenly appeared in his left hand, and the shackles filled with ancient aura automatically unbound themselves. The Book of Death's pages kept flipping.

Numerous lava runes suddenly appeared on Lin Yun's Lava Giant body and kept roaming within the cracks on its surface. The Lava Giant grew in size again, reaching seventeen meters in height.

The clearer wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun, and the Purple Dragon Incarnation also transformed into a shadow.

Lin Yun's aura frantically grew in an instant. Gales rose as the earth around the Lava Giant started cracking frantically. Lava kept spurting from the ground, quickly forming a lava pond around Lin Yun.

Waves of lava dragged Lin Yun along and rapidly approached the Frost Ape. That formidable aura was no worse than the Frost Ape's.

The Frost Ape let out an angry shout before making a grabbing motion. At that time, countless fragments of ice appeared in its palm before it swung its hand at the distant Lin Yun, creating a rain of over a hundred 8-meter-long ice spikes.

Lin Yun flashed three times, his speed not decreasing in the slightest as he was now three hundred meters away from the Frost Ape, and a bright red light started blossoming from his Draconic Staff. The light transformed into a Dragon's shadow that noiselessly roared.

Suddenly, the lava within the lava pond transformed into several dozen Lava Dragons that roared as they charged at the Frost Ape's body. The red-hot lava hitting the Frost Ape was like an ember falling into cold water, and it created a huge wave of steam.

The Frost Ape roared in anger, preparing to spout out another Energy Sphere, but it had barely opened its mouth when a huge hand fell from the sky, ruthlessly slamming its forehead and forcibly detonating the embryonic Energy Sphere.

The mage army had transformed into a fire cloud, and countless fire elements kept roaming within the cloud as golden-red flames formed a Fire God Hand that the mage army sent out.

The Energy Sphere had yet to take shape before it completely exploded, instantly turning causing blood to flow out of the Frost Ape's mouth. The blue blood leaked out and dripped into the lava, freezing an area of a dozen meters. That blood contained terrifying power.

The Frost Ape covered its mouth as it let out a miserable shriek. At that time, Enderfa and the patched puppet started casting together, sending a storm of fire spells towards the left leg of the Frost Ape. The burning power and the force of the impact made the Frost Ape unable to raise its left leg.

On the other side, Xiuban was crazily charging, every single of his steps crossing over ten meters and leaving a huge crater in the ground.

When he was ten meters away from the Frost Ape, Xiuban roared and jumped, the air visibly blasting away in his path. The pitch-black Carnage was sticking out of the air blast and ruthlessly hit the right knee of the Frost Ape.

The shock of air spread over the Frost Ape's knee as a deep Dragon Roar echoed, accompanied by the sharp sound of metal being smashed.

That was Xiuban's all-out leaping attack, which directly shattered the Frost Ape's leg.

As its legs suffered these blows, the Frost Ape fell backward under the gaze of a frowning Lin Yun.

Before, when he battled the Crimson Firefox, he had discovered some problems, but he hadn't been able to make sure at the time. But now that he could see this Frost Ape, he was more or less certain.

The Crimson Firefox was a fox-type magic beast, innately very smart. A Level 15 Crimson Firefox was more intelligent than many Level 35 magic beasts.

It would be even more intelligent when awakening wisdom at the Heaven Rank. That Heaven Rank Crimson Firefox had known how to lure its prey into a trap and sneak attack. And it also had the Bewitching Foxfire, making it a very troublesome foe. It had forced Lin Yun's group to pay a huge price to defeat it. Almost everyone had been wounded by the time the Crimson Firefox had been killed.

At that time, Lin Yun had vaguely felt that the Crimson Firefox had been weaker than expected, but he hadn't had time to think about it.

Now, Lin Yun felt somewhat stunned as he saw this Frost Ape getting knocked down by everyone's teamwork, even if it had yet to be critically injured.

Even if the spells from Lin Yun and the mage army were the most effective against that Frost Ape, a Heaven Rank Frost Ape shouldn't be so weak.

More importantly, that Frost Ape hadn't awakened wisdom at all!

Lin Yun had discovered that grave matter at the start of the fight. How could it not have awakened wisdom as a Heaven Rank Magic Beast? And as Lin Yun recalled the fight with the Crimson Firefox, he discovered something else.

Whether it was the Crimson Firefox or this Frost Ape, neither had established a Demiplane!

Every sentient race would be able to establish their own Demiplane upon reaching the Heaven Rank. And magic beasts would inevitably awaken wisdom upon reaching the Heaven Rank.

If they had some special bloodline, they could even awaken their ancestors' inheritance that was hidden within it.

After advancing to the Heaven Rank, establishing a Demiplane should have happened instinctively.