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 Nine lava vortexes appeared in the sky, forming a circle, and countless lava spells rained out of them.

The first Wyvern Rider to charge into the spell storm barely managed to last two seconds before he and his mount were torn apart.

Six Wyvern Riders had formed a line as they charged into the spell storms. It only took three to four seconds before four more of them disintegrated. The last one managed to grab the Crimson Firefox's head and wanted to fly away, but Lin Yun suddenly appeared above him.

A flaming radiance flashed as the nine lava vortexes surrounded him and instantly submerged him in a flood of lava spells. The boiling lava roiled in the air and burnt everything.

At that time, the remaining Raging Flame Beastmen urged their Wyverns. Large meteors fell towards Lin Yun, but they were all blocked. These Raging Flame Beastmen then circled for a few times in the sky before cursing in their own language and fleeing.

Lin Yun frowned as he watched these Raging Flame Beastmen escape.

The mages of the mage army were injured, and they were out of mana. Reina was also injured. With just him alone, he couldn't force all the Wyvern Riders to remain behind.

Moreover, everyone had injuries, and they could hardly defend themselves. Meanwhile, the weakest of that group of Raging Flame Beastmen was an 8th Rank Sword Saint. The losses from chasing down a group like that could be disastrous.

With four 8th Rank Sword Saints and two 9th Rank Sword Saints dying, the other side had actually suffered disastrous losses already.

After all, even the weakest Beastmen here were Beastmen Warlords controlling an important fort. Those two 9th Rank Sword Saints should have been influential figures in charge of a few forts. Yet they had died there.

Any other Archmage would have been unable to stop them from snatching the corpse of the Crimson Firefox.

"Damn, that group of scoundrels, they actually sneak attacked Lord Xiuban and tried to snatch the loot! They should all die!" Xiuban cursed as he kicked the corpse of a Raging Flame Beastman, sending it flying.

After using Eagle Sight and finding out that the Raging Flame Beastmen had indeed escaped, Lin Yun started collecting the Crimson Firefox's materials.

As a fire-attributed magic beast, the Crimson Firefox's fur was already more valuable than any other magic beast's fur when it was just level 10. Now that it had advanced to the Heaven Rank, that fur should be even more formidable.

Just now, it had been in the center of the battle, and even without the protection of mana, the Crimson Firefox's fur still wasn't really harmed. Lava couldn't burn the Crimson Firefox's fur.

He skinned off the usable fur. It would become a good material for robes after being processed. But it would only be suitable for mages who focused on fire magic. The best way to handle the material was to transform it into magic scrolls.

Materials that could be used to make magic scrolls were very rare, especially those that could be used for High Tier Spells. They were extremely hard to find.

Crimson Firefox fur was worth more than the materials from a magic beast of the same level because after being processed, it could be used to craft magic scrolls of the same grade!

Some good leather made from an ordinary level 15 magic beast could only make magic scrolls of 2nd Tier Spells, and even leather made from a Heaven Rank Magic Beast could make 8th Tier Spells at best. Furthermore, the spell released by the magic scroll would be inferior to the same one cast by a mage. It would barely reach the power of an 8th Tier Spell, but that would still be considered decent.

Most of the fur of that Crimson Firefox could be turned into 8th Tier Spells' magic scrolls. The belly was the best part and could even be made into 9th Tier Spells. It could even be used as the medium for Heaven Grade Arrays, being able to neatly record an array.

That thing was exceptionally precious, and Lin Yun would let no one else handle the Crimson Firefox's belly fur. He was afraid of that most valuable part being damaged.

Lin Yun rarely made magic scrolls. While those things had some use at lower ranks, it was thoroughly useless starting from the High Mage realm.

This was because the materials were too rare, and to make magic scrolls that could display the power of 5th or 6th Tier Spells, he would need a magic beast that was level 30 at the very least.

Magic scrolls weren't flexible, and their power was a bit lacking. Lin Yun would hardly do such thankless work.

But he now had the chance to successfully craft a 9th Tier Spell, and this would be very useful at his current stage. Even if the scroll didn't have Extraordinary Power, it would still be enough.

The Summon Meteorite spell from earlier needed too much mana and had a very long casting time. That kind of spell was suitable to be made into magic scrolls and used to attack fixed targets. Its power could compare to Extraordinary Spells.

After collecting the hide, he dug out the mana crystal and then let his subordinates gather the rest of the materials.

Although it was a Level 40 mana crystal, it was only an ordinary fire mana crystal and was considered the lowest among Heaven Rank mana crystals.

But fortunately, it contained Extraordinary Power within it and its mana content was very high. It could be used as a mana supply and would be enough to support a large-scale mana reactor and power up the Grey Beastman's fort.

Everyone gathered the usable materials and only left behind a few things that weren't worth much or had already been damaged.

Lin Yun looked at the remains and suddenly paid attention to the wound on the Crimson Firefox's neck and thought of a problem.

The Raging Flame Beastmen had bafflingly mounted a sneak attack to snatch the Crimson Firefox's corpse, but they had been fearless of death.

It was as if they didn't care about their own lives at all and were ready to sacrifice all their companions for the sake of that Crimson Firefox's corpse.

He thought back through the fight and remembered that none of these Raging Flame Beastmen's actions were leading to saving one of their own. Rather, they took the chance to try and plunder the Crimson Firefox's corpse every time Lin Yun thought they would try to save their companions.

These people weren't being controlled; Lin Yun was quite sure about that. These Raging Flame Beastmen were very clear-headed and knew what they were doing.

They didn't care about their companions' situations, and they didn't care about their own situation. They only cared about plundering that Crimson Firefox.

Seeing as it wasn't possible to snatch the entire Crimson Firefox, they used the lives of a few High Rank Sword Saints as a price to try snatching the Crimson Firefox's head.

This was all very abnormal...

He hadn't noticed it during the fight, but now that he'd thought about it, Lin Yun's frown intensified.

Although the Crimson Firefox was a Heaven Rank Magic Beast that had awakened Bewitching Foxfire, ordinary people had no means to exploit the Bewitching Foxfire. Apart from an Upper Rank Flame Spirit like Syudos, other races were simply unable to make use of it. Uncontrolled, Bewitching Foxfire would burn anything it came into contact with.

What else could be precious? The fur? That was a joke...

Since when could Raging Flame Beastmen make magic scrolls, and such powerful magic scrolls that would need such rare materials? Few people in Noscent had those kinds of skills, and it was even less possible for the Raging Flame Beastmen to have such a formidable alchemist.

The mana crystal was just a Level 40 mana crystal and was the least valuable kind of level 40 mana crystal. If not for the Extraordinary Power contained within, it wouldn't even be worth the effort spent fighting the Crimson Firefox.

'Would the Raging Flame Beastmen stake their lives for that?'

These Raging Flame Beastmen went absolutely crazy. According to the rumors, there were many things more valuable than a Heaven Rank Magic Beast's mana crystal, and there were many things worth more than the corpse of a Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

According to records, the value of a corpse of a Heaven Rank Magic Beast within the Raging Flame Battlefield could only be considered middling at best.

For such a thing, they spent three days in the Raging Flame Battlefield and lost several first-rate powerhouses. Was it really worth it?

The possibility that these Raging Flame Beastmen had gone totally crazy could be ignored These were powerhouses that controlled a fort in the Raging Flame Plane. They wouldn't do such a brainless thing.

There was only one possibility: There was something special about that Crimson Firefox.

Lin Yun took out all the things he'd collected from the corpse of the Crimson Firefox and started experimenting, carefully searching to see if there was something else.

After putting the fire mana crystal on an alchemy table and rousing the mana within it, Lin Yun froze.

As that Heaven Rank fire mana crystal was roused, it not only emitted formidable fire-attributed mana, but it also emitted a weak spatial power.

As it was roused, a circle of orange flames revolved around the mana crystal, and a faint ripple was continuously fluctuating in its center.

That spatial power was very weak compared to the power emitted by the mana crystal, and moreover, it was hidden in the depths of the mana crystal. If he hadn't tested it, he wouldn't have found that this huge fire power was hiding some spatial power.

As it was roused, Lin Yun saw the spatial ripples surrounding the mana crystal starting to change shape and faintly lean in a certain direction.

After a few seconds, those spatial ripples appeared to resonate with that direction, and the mana crystal started shuddering.

Lin Yun switched off the experiment, and the shivering mana crystal slowly became calm again. That spatial power disappeared within the mana crystal before being followed by the roused orange flames.

Lin Yun looked at the mana crystal with a deep frown, pondering.

The spatial power contained within wasn't small... It was actually quite powerful, but during the previous battle, that Crimson Firefox hadn't used spatial magic.

If it could use spatial spells, even just one short-distance instantaneous movement ability would have been able to get rid of half of them, and then they wouldn't have been able to kill it.

It was very abnormal for a Crimson Firefox, a race that could reach level 15 at most, to be able to advance to the Heaven Rank. Now, he had discovered a very substantial spatial power within.

And those Raging Flame Beastmen were trying to snatch it with no regard for their lives.

Lin Yun knew that there might be a big secret hidden within. That mana crystal was connected to a huge secret and a huge reward.